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  • Not for audio books on the USB flash drive  

    Philips MCM233 / 12 compact system (CD / MP3 / WMA player, FM tuner, USB 2.0) (Electronics)
    Why I ordered the facility: * Audiobooks (MP3) from USB flash drive * Wake up with music Why the system goes without further testing back at Amazon: 1. The mp3 files of audio books are sorted from USB flash drive in random order. Ordnerstrucktur Test
  • Completely disappointed unsuitable for audio books  

    SanDisk SDMX24-004G-G46K Clip 4GB Sport MP3 Player Black (Electronics)
    Unfortunately, he reads the title only on day-basis, which means that he likes alphabetically assigns the title and not by title sequence, which is an absurdity in audiobooks. He ignores the file name and insists on proper tags. Here you have to crea
  • Useless for audio books and music  

    Philips SA3RGA04KN / 02 GoGear RaGa 4GB MP3 player, 2.5 cm (1.0 inch) LCD screen (electronics)
    So I can not understand the many positive Rezesionen. Perhaps the player is to use if you just want to listen to music with it, or has entered into a subscription at Audible. Only these audio books can be separate from the listening to music. Normal
  • The Bonehunters in AUDIO-BOOK  

    The Bonehunters (MP3 CD)
    I just buy the audiobook of Bonehunters And I'm really happy to have this version that will complement my paper. The files are in 96kbps, c is to say that the sound is excellent, no noise, c net is clear and precise The 3 CD chapters are about 40 cha
  • Best for audio books from the library  

    SanDisk SDMX18-008G-E46K Sansa Clip + 8GB MP3 Player Black (Electronics)
    I have long been looking for a MP3 player which is able to able to play the audio books of a library. The SanDisk is capable, has a reasonable quality and is easy to handle.
  • only partially suitable for audio books - would not buy it  

    ARCHOS 2 Vision MP3 / Video Player 16GB (5.1 cm (2 inch) LCD screen, FM radio, MicroSD slot, USB 2.0) chocolate (Electronics)
    First of all: This is my first MP3 player, apart from my old Sony Ericsson music phone. I actually bought the device exclusively for audio books, because that is the housework much easier faster of hand and the daily subway rides over. My criteria we
  • The practical test of audio book listeners view  

    Creative Zen X-FI3 MP3 player 8GB (5.1 cm (2 inches) TFT display, USB 2.0, Bluetooth) (Electronics)
    I use the MP3 player ZEN X-FI3 of Creative to 99% in order to hear my audio books in mp3 format. This review is therefore intended especially for customers who also intend that, because the problems are not necessarily the same as when listening to m
  • Not suitable for audio books!  

    Portable Stereo CD / MP3 player and radio with USB / SD card playback (Electronics)
    Although this CD player made a very good impression at first glance. Confident but only for music CDs / -MP3s! But not while listening to audio books! This bothered a never-ending sound of the player reload! Therefore for audiobooks really not recomm
  • very good part for audio books  

    Complexion Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headset Earphone For Mobile Phone Smartphone Tablet Laptop Apple iPhone 5, 4S Samsung Galaxy S4, S4 (Electronics)
    the part lasts about 4 hours and does its job. I use it only for audio books and have even become a second to change. for music certainly only partially suitable and I have a Aneres larger silicone partial plan made since the original is very small a
  • only partially suitable for audio books  

    Intenso Music Walker MP3 player 4GB (USB 2.0) (Electronics)
    My main goal is to listen to long walks audiobooks. Advantages and disadvantages: (+) AAA battery. In many cabins namely is no outlet. (+) Resume works well, even in the middle of piece. Actually, of course, but I once had a GoGear as the bitrate VBR
  • My first English audio book - certainly not my last!  

    Outlander (Audio CD)
    Honestly - the voice of Julia Roberts or Ally McBeal, I could not really imagine as the embodiment of Claire me, so I grabbed the curious American original version. And was not disappointed, I can understand everything and can gain an interesting ins
  • Great to transform audio into mp3 K7, and cheap!  

    Audio capture key · Digitize LPs, cassettes, audio streaming, etc.
    I finally found the solution to transform the good old K7 audio to mp3, via the computer, and from a type K7 reader pm (good old channel stereo / K7). You must have either the new version of Audacity (free on the net) or Audacity / Blade via the site
  • 22/11/63: Audio book (read by François Montagut)  

    22/11/63: Audiobook MP3 3 - 655 MB + 662 MB + 666 MB (CD)
    For the record, I started my reading on 23 May and only just finish on June 5 In print, the book boasts 930 pages. (Huge!) Imagine that audio book, it represents not less than 36 hours of listening !!! Downright daunting. Also, I had the sensation of
  • A great audio book  

    If it again: Audiobook MP3 CD 1 - 563 MB (CD)
    Andrew Stillman, a journalist at the New York Times, has just suffered a fatal attack. The fate allows him to relive his last moments by returning two months earlier. From then on, he never stopped to figure out who killed him and especially why ...
  • Best price / quality for audio books!  

    My first songs (Board)
    My son collects audio books where one uses a chip by page to trigger the music. So I have in different collections and those in Grund are the best. This book therefore has excellent qualities pages, songs are melodious voices sing well (unlike those
  • Perfect for audio books  

    Top Power - Blister 10 LR1130 Alkaline Button Battery - AG10 - 389 to 1.5 V (Electronics)
    Batteries used for now only in two audio books for children. Batteries fitted in April 2014, in August the books always work. I read a comment of a person in whom these batteries did not work in the audiobook. Perhaps defective batteries? At least fo
  • Class Audio Books  

    Follow Hörbox 01-03 (Audio CD)
    My daughter has Sternenschweif met through Pixi books and finds the stories absolutely class. At Easter, there was the audio books and it is very excited about it. Also I find the stories really good. My daughter is almost 5 and also for the age stor
  • Audio book fans  

    Follow Hörbox 01-03 (Audio CD)
    The Sternenschweif stories are very exciting, not just for horse / unicorn friends recommended. It is the audiobook to the books available from these series. The narrator's voice is super comfortable and also for me as a mother does not interfere whe
  • A wonderful audio book with songs CD and children's book  

    Schandmäulchens Adventure (Limited Deluxe Edition) children's book with radio play, songs CD and sheet music (Audio CD)
    The audio book is narrated by Thomas Lindner wonderful. The story contains everything want to hear small children - magicians, fairies, witches, knights, pirates and of course fools. The children's book is beautifully illustrated and the songs are ju
  • There is an audio book.  

    Tangled - (Audio CD)
    So what I've heard so far, I like it very much the audiobook. The film I've watched. He was great! There is a whole fun for the family. Well how to read an opinion here is mostly about the songs that will play in the film. Not all audiobooks or Speak