deh-x5600bt remote control


  • remote control for Pioneer DEH-X5600BT  

    Pioneer DEH-200 W X5600BT Dash Bluetooth, In Front (Electronics)
    unlike information there is no possible control (shame otherwise I would have spent another product). fortunately not buy the tied product remote control Pioneer CD-SR110
  • Exciting point & click adventure - playable with remote control  

    The Lost Temple - Fire TV Edition (App)
    "The Lost Temple" is a classic point & click adventure, which can be controlled easily with the remote control on the TV Fire. It's quite exciting (unless you do not mind the sci-fi elements) and the puzzles are very logical. You will f
  • Good DAB radio with preset buttons on the remote control  

    Grundig Ovation BT 2000 (DAB +, FM RDS, Bluetooth, CD, USB, AUX) MP3 and WMA playback Silver (Electronics)
    This system I noticed the red giant. Since they had exactly the right dimensions and otherwise made a good impression, I bought it for 320 Euro. Here is a brief overview of my impressions: Appearance: + Compact and elegant + In my opinion more beauti
  • Works ... finally less remote controls  

    One For All URC 7140 Essence 4 universal remote control (accessory)
    this remote control replaced at the same time with us 4 single. It is used as a remote for your TV, receiver, DVD player and amplifier. Nicely, the codes are in the known company where the remote control 1: 1 which functions takes over the original.
  • Remote-controlled cars were yesterday, today is Ollie. And Sphero  

    Orbotix 1B01ROW Ollie - Robotic Gaming System (Accessories)
    Ollie is a reasonably meaningful free, but very Distractions toys. It comes in a pretty package and should definitely be charged before the first use; In addition, its tires and the two wheel covers have to be mounted. When then is a compatible smart
  • Great Universal remote control, however, caution at CEC  

    Logitech Harmony SmartControl Hub + Remote Control Black (Accessories)
    The Logitech Harmony SmartControl I choose because I wanted to have a cheap and above all truly universal (Wii, XBOX) remote control. So I did the hub placed directly under my TV and started to set up a smartphone, which is by the way very intuitive.
  • Player super, remote control to get used to  

    LG BP740 3D Blu-ray Player (WLAN, Smart TV, DLNA, HDMI, Ultra HD upscaling, LAN, USB) Black / Silver (Electronics)
    Have the new LG BP740 3D ordered Blue-ray player to me last week. Since my Philips 7700 but was highly susceptible to freeze for the software and then also the drawer was broken, I wanted a player with min. The same features, but no longer of Philips
  • Super Remote Control  

    One For All URC 7140 Essence 4 universal remote control (accessory)
    The remote control is really good. I use them only in respect of the television on and the satellite receiver, but they dominated virtually all functions of the originals.
  • Best PC remote control on the market  

    GMYLE (R) Windows 7 Vista XP Media Center PC MCE remote control and infrared receiver for home, Premium and Ultimate Edition (Electronics)
    Needed a new remote control for my HTPC. Preferably with mouse function. So I came across this one. Am just thrilled. Use XBMC / Kodi and the interaction works without problems. In the living room also comes after 5 meters to connect the remote contr
  • Color change via remote control  

    XQ-lite XQ1382 LED reflector with color changer [3.5 Watt] GU10 50 lumens (household goods)
    The XQ1382 LED reflector with color changes and additional remote control to drive is a practical solution to immerse a room in atmospheric light. The reflector has a GU10 connector for LED bulbs, I myself have a LED floor lamp where I've replaced th
  • The only universal remote control!  

    Logitech Harmony Touch remote control (optional)
    I was never a friend of universal remote controls. Have many tried, from cheap from the supermarket to Philips Pronto for a few hundred euros. None was able to really convince and replace the original FBs completely. Above all, I was looking for a re
  • Expensive (but quality) Replacement remote control for Dreambox 8000  

    Dream Multimedia DM 7020 HD Drea RC 10 (Electronics)
    I bought this remote control as a replacement for the old remote control my Dreambox 8000. In the old remote control both the Power and two number of keys did not more. This remote control responds better and right from the start (and how old after a
  • Recommended (Multi) Remote Control  

    Dream Multimedia DM 7020 HD Drea RC 10 (Electronics)
    simple handy device, Programming for Multi remote control is easy and works well in older unbranded devices. The only drawback is the speed for switching from box TV.
  • Very good remote control. Compared to my previous FB a total improvement.  

    Dream Multimedia DM 7020 HD Drea RC 10 (Electronics)
    The original remote control of my Dreambox HD DM800se was unfortunately broke during a fall. Daraufhn I had ordered a new remote control on the Internet, that looked exactly like the originals FB, but unfortunately it was a lot worse as the original,
  • Top Remote Control  

    Dream Multimedia DM 7020 HD Drea RC 10 (Electronics)
    This new remote control will work with the Dreambox 8000. With the two buttons and Dream TV can either use the Dreambox or the TV button, for example, the television. But not only the, but you just learn on the buttons of other remotes. I have five o
  • Good Replacement remote control  

    Philips 29PT8001-12 Replacement remote control (electronics)
    While the remote control is completely different than the original, but it works perfectly! I was glad not to have to buy a universal remote control for more than 10 years. So at this point: just buy it !!
  • All top auser the remote control  

    LG BP240 Blu-ray player (HDMI, 1080p upscaling, USB) (Electronics)
    For Ca. 50 you can not expect the miracle machine. The picture quality is really great. One star less for the bes *********** remote control. You have good toward the player targets.
  • Problems with the keystroke recognition of remote control of DigitRadio 100 IR  

    TechniSat Digit Radio 100 IR (DAB + / FM & Internet Radio - adapters for hi-fi systems and AV receivers / UPnP & Bluetooth) (Electronics)
    In a first in January 2015 acquired at and exchanged in February 2015 because of the described below malfunction with a replacement device DigitRadio 100 IR continues to show unchanged after a certain period of operation of the effect that
  • Perfect remote control  

    Logitech K400 Wireless Touch Keyboard (QWERTZ, german keyboard layout) Black (Personal Computers)
    For all want something more / need as supplying the traditional remote control. I use the keyboard to the couch from the next movie to start, surf the Internet, and of course change little things like volume also work perfectly. All in all, the perfe
  • Neat sound, ill-conceived wired remote control  

    deleyCON SOUND TERS S6-M - Headset Earphones - In-ear design headset with microphone and control function for phone / listening to music - Blue (Electronics)
    The deleyCON SOUND TERS S6-M - headset earphones I have bought myself mainly in-ears with headset function. Exactly this feature will not be sufficiently satisfied. Positives: - The sound is felt good and strong ('m not a specialist) - The cable is t