frit vegetables cutting


  • Now makes vegetable cutting fun again!  

    Culinario 0/50673 antibacterial cutting board (Home)
    The board Complies accurately describe the product and has a good price-performance ratio. It also looks after frequent use of still good. Had previously a white board on which you could not remove the discoloration caused by cutting carrots, peppers
  • Nicer vegetable cutting  

    Nicer dicer cuts more green vegetables (Kitchen)
    I do not recommend this article, I had ordered two, I offered one and mine is already gone in the garbage and I had not kept the box for return. At first use piece of cucumber on the grid erupted in 1000 with metal slats broken !!!! I understood that
  • For fast and simple decoration of your dishes with thin strips of vegetables  

    Spiral Vegetable Slicer AGPtek-Julienne Carrot Cup Twister Inox
    This little vegetables cut does not look like much but it is robust. It looks like a big hourglass. Tough as it is both in steel and in a very strong plastic. I tried with a carrot and cucumber. So I have not had too much difficulty understanding how
  • Vegetable scraps instead of wok vegetables  

    Bosch MUZ45AG1 asia vegetable disc stainless steel / for the food processor for Bosch food processors MUM4 ... MUM5 ... (housewares)
    First the positive things: the delivery arrived quickly, the goods were packaged well. Works in principle, that is the disc fits into the vegetable cutter my MUM5 and vegetables are crushed. BUT (and thus to the negative points): The first test with
  • Beautiful handy grated vegetables  

    Moulinex Affetta-Grattugia Dj755G 5 Rulli Intercambiabili (household goods)
    After a long time but products have looked to buy a vegetable cutting machine, I opted for this product. I'm very satisfied. Carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, cheese all crushed in no time. Only with carbon, it is not so good, the leaves get stuck. The d
  • Vegetables and meat  

    WMF 1895526031 Chinese chef's knife 16 cm top class Plus (household goods)
    We cook often Asian, I wanted to try this knife necessarily. I often use it to meat or vegetables cut into fine strips. Since works especially when meat wonderfully because it was honed very sharp. Of course you have it in time sometimes reground aga
  • optimal Help  

    Westmark 11802260 French Schneider (Home)
    Cuts very well and is perfectly easily and quickly crush in handling without electricity !!! We are excited because we eat mostly Vietnamese and is a lot of vegetables cut in this cooking variant in pens is the French Schneider a very good maid servi
  • Mediocrity 3  

    WMF 1886879990 cutting board, wood 38 x 25 cm (household goods)
    A board on which you do not immediately see any cut, was my expectation. This was bitterly disappointed. I use it every day, but after the first vegetable cutting saw all sections on. Cleaning and care instructions to convince them. Rub the board wit
  • Quickly ready for use and easy to clean  

    Philips HR7762 / 90 Food processor (28 functions, Blenders, 750W) black (household goods)
    You know what I mean: Huge kitchen appliances are convenient, but they are never used. Finally, they sought only because the bisserl vegetables cut not separately from the closet out. This one is small enough to have them constantly standing on the w
  • Super knife at unbeatable price  

    Fiskars Gemüsemesserset consisting of 3 different diameters (household goods)
    Does this sound familiar? Vegetables cut and the knives are dull? I've been looking specifically for small knives that are sharp and make the household chores. These knives really hold what they promise. Here is my review at a glance +++ Sharp blade
  • Does its work, but the instructions for summary summary !!!  

    Spyder4 Pro - screen calibrator - S4P100 (Electronics)
    I had some difficulties that my graphics card saves the have resorted to photographer friends to solve the problem. Question notice .... worth buying a vegetable cut is richer in information! Do not count on it ... Since this installation d
  • how I did before without it  

    KitchenAid KSM150PSEOB + + MVSA EMVSC 5KSM150PSEOB KitchenAid Artisan Food Processor with Accessories trencher / cylinder rasp + set of three cylinders (Black) (Import Germany) (Kitchen)
    super robot for those who like to make pastries. I do: all my pasta, cake, pizza, bread my macaroons my cakes my vegetables cuts (which are just perfectly cut, sliced, chopped, Julian) pure happiness bar A buy without hesitation
  • Yeah ... August 1  

    Jamie in 15 minutes: Delicious, generous, super fast (Paperback)
    I ordered this book saw the excellent evaluations. Result: a big blah, I do not deserve so much praise. It is true that it is impossible to make these recipes in 15 minutes. This should be called "Jamie, cooking in 15 minutes" because everything
  • Fully useful in the kitchen.  

    Kenwood AT340 Grater Slicer Brushed stainless steel discs for 7 robot and Major Chef (Kitchen)
    In addition to the robot Kenwood, I took this accessory in order to speed up the vegetables cuts compared to conventional cutting knife. Since I usually use, especially for home fries. I do not even peeling potatoes, a simple washing and brushing and
  • Not good 74  

    Kitchen Basics Cooking Utensil Spirale- Slicer Cutting vegetables ultra resistant Three Blades / slicer-spiral zucchini, Potato, Pumpkin, Carrots, Cucumbers etc ./ Invent Sautéed vegetables and pasta dishes design / serving dishes Decoration / Slicers and vegetable cutter to prepare Sains Dishes Zucchini Fresh Pasta; Substitutes of Noodles and Pasta Recipes Gluten-Free and Easy Meal Ideas Based Noodles Plant (Kitchen)
    A fun tool but of very poor quality not strong enough, it is a poor little purchase resistant vegetable cutting

    I owned the previous model that was larger and round like a salad spinner but it gave me good results on vegetables cuts since the arrival of "NICER" I basically used me because of it smaller and easy to store in a refrigerator. Be careful when
  • it's perfect 103  

    Pradel Excellence SC007 Box Ceramic Box Showcase: 6 Knives Kitchen / Ceramic Blade / Blade Ceramic Peeler Black + Black (Kitchen)
    Cook by profession I buy these delicate certainly expensive but once having broken 2 I took the hand, and I actually hyper attentive to edges of salmon to chicken bones etc .... its remaining ceramic and not of el'acier! but for the vegetable cutting
  • I advise :-) 10  

    Bigjigs Toys Food cutting (Toy)
    Product according to the description. Fast delivery. Wooden box with transparent plexiglass lid handy for storing vegetables, cutting board and knife. Vegetables and well done in bright colors.
  • good and not so good ... 20  

    Mandoline Slicer Multifunction BAUMALU 450,174 (Kitchen)
    the +: the whole is robust and well cutting accessories attach and remove easily and quickly be easily cleaned under running water and with the scraper provided (just after use, do not wait for it to dry) the box is tilted, it is easier to grate grea
  • happy with my purchase 24  

    Kenwood Food processors MGX 400 gray / Acryl (Kitchen)
    super convenient and fast for soups vegetables cut the same size cooks faster and for other preparations also well designed