gorenje refrigiator aluminium


  • Gorenje DU 6111 W Cooker hood  

    Gorenje DU 6111 W Cooker hood / 59.9 cm Width (Misc.)
    Gorenje DU 6111 W Cooker hood / 59.9 cm Width Have ordered the unit on January 02, 2014 and received on 04 January 2014 - without any express orders. Fabulous! That is in itself great ... The article itself: 1999 I (the older ones among us will remem
  • The difference between Gorenje and Gorenje  

    Enamelled baking tray 56mm high, to various Gorenje appliances. Original 274663 (household goods)
    The drip pan itself is well made (price / performance!) And would serve its purpose if the difference between Gorenje and Gorenje would not be 2cm .....
  • Askoll pump Gorenje washer  

    Askoll pump - replaced former model of Plaset / drain pump / pump - screwed
    Do these pumps purchased for our washing machine Gorenje. According to Internet research and retailers, this pump will replace the predecessor of Plaset because it is simply a corporate takeover and thus a product name nines. We can fully confirm the

    Serve heavy - Support (shares are all aluminum) flash and umbrella to umbrella Kaavie studio, external flashes and studio lights claw - Tilt Support (Electronics)
    HERE IS A HEAD DESIGNED ALUMINIUM SOLID !!! I was very pleasantly surprised by the excellent quality of this product because its photo presentation leave hastily assume that this would be a product made from a black plastic, enjoying a relative quali
  • Doubler Hama 3.5mm jack range Aluminium  

    Doubler Hama 3.5mm jack range Aluminium (Accessory)
    The decision doubler 3.5mm Aluminium range proposed by Hama is impeccable quality. It is in an aluminum material that provides strength and therefore a remarkable reliability. A winner purchase!
  • Gorenje built-in refrigerator RI 4158 W / HI 1526  

    Gorenje built-in refrigerator RI 4158 W / HI 1526 (Misc.)
    Since our old refrigerator, after more than 20 years, the opinion was to leave us, he says goodbye to by quite simply abschaltete itself, therefore, a new was needed. Whether his successor holds now so long has yet to show in any case it cools've bee
  • Gorenje RK6285 OR  

    Gorenje fridge-freezer RK 6285 OAL Pearl Aluminium (Misc.)
    At first glance, we liked it. The data fit and the price was reasonable. Since Gorenje is also offered by brands of kitchen manufacturers, we have assumed it must be a good product. We ourselves had to date no experience with Gorenje. So off to the b
  • Gorenje  

    Gorenje RI 4092 AW built-in refrigerator / A ++ / 87.5 cm height / 12:27 kWh / 150 L refrigerator / defrost, automatic / towing Türtechnik / white (Misc.)
    After 17 years of the predecessor of Gorenje had to go. Availability upon agreement but only up to the front door and not through the front door (in my 1st floor). This was read nowhere, so a small defect. Otherwise all is well, little packaging, and
  • Gorenje RK 61821 X refrigerator-freezer combination  

    Gorenje RK 61821 X cooling-freezer / A ++ / 0.6 kWh / 230 liter refrigerator / freezer 92 liters / Cool`n` Fresh drawer / refrigerator / defrost, automatic / Eco Top Ten / stainless steel (Misc.)
    Have we the refrigerator-freezer Gorenje about 8 months ago bought to also make sure that the purchase is not the same flop as its predecessor, but this unit was from a different manufacturer. After a rather quiet start, the rich freezer has become s
  • Aluminium neurotoxin.  

    Küchenprofi 1001472423 Lunch Box, large, silver (household goods)
    This box is better than plastikdose.aber: This box is made of aluminum! Aluminium is not good for our bodies. Harmful! !!!
  • Gorenje WA 50129S - a super washing machine  

    Gorenje washing machine front loader WA50129S / A + / 5 kg / Eco 15 ° C / 17 'Quick / 15 programs (Misc.)
    The washing machine was delivered quickly and was as described. After the first few washes I am very satisfied with the Gorenje. On the one hand, the laundry is clean and dry enough. Furthermore, the volume in the washing mode is very low, although s
  • Aluminium wall is quite hot  

    WMF 0413020012 Stelio kettle 1.7 L (household goods)
    Actually this kettle has earned 5 stars. If it were not for the fact that the outer wall but is quite hot. In my kettle before this was not the case, despite Aluminium wall. Otherwise, a top device plus look stylish
  • Aluminium free and keeps the day fresh!  

    Nivea Deo Spray Fresh Ocean 150 ml, 4-pack (4 x 12:15 l) (Health and Beauty)
    Also Nivea relies on a deodorant without the addition of aluminum (salt). I find that very gratifying and shows so that you can easy create a deodorant that even without aluminum has a good effect against perspiration and underarm wetness. The effect
  • Even without Aluminium good  

    8x4 Deo Spray Play to Game (1 x 150 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    So far I have always had my problems with deodorants or spray without aluminum. Because just the smell can be really eliminated by aluminum is most effective. Unfortunately, however, aluminum has a drawback. How can so yes currently read in the media
  • Gorenje Hot Set (BC 6306ZX + ECD 620BSC) stainless steel / black  

    Gorenje Hot Set (BC 6306ZX + ECD 620BSC) stainless steel / black (Misc.)
    This device complies with the manufacturer's product description. After 4 weeks of testing I'm quite happy. The glass ceramic field, as described, without frame, thus can not be the built-in hob right screw to the worktop. There are only a few termin
  • Who is fooled here by the Aluminium Bling Bling loses out  

    Hama headphone adapter "AluLine" (3.5mm plug - 2 x 3.5mm jack) Stereo, length 15cm, gold plated connectors, silver (Accessories)
    something often move back and forth and it turns out a channel. Very unfortunate. The two cables are not good enough introduced in the metal part reworked belongs here!
  • Aluminium Devil green  

    Tuga 5712088 rim cleaner Aluminium Devil special 1 liter (Automotive)
    I have the "green hell" ordered and tried yesterday. Yes What can I say, the result is simply stunning. So a wheel cleaner I have ever experienced. Extreme branded brake dust I had indeed treat with a sponge, but otherwise the cleaner is wo
  • Gorenje D7465  

    Gorenje D7465A ++ heat pump dryer / A ++ / 1.6 kWh / 7 kg / Knitterschut / 15 programs / white (Misc.)
    We are very satisfied with this tumble dryer. We were looking for a favorable model that is good from the energy efficiency ago. And have chosen this model. We do not regret the purchase after half a year. The dryer is much quieter than our old and d
  • Aluminium Bumper  

    AVANTO BLADE Aluminum Bumper Case Case Case Back Cover for Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 / GT-I9305 LTE - brown (Electronics)
    Improper processing of the surface (very large pores); Gaps too big and very sharp. In addition, the reception capability of the mobile phone is suffering. In summary, not recommended.