helicopter mixer box


  • No complete MIX box!  

    Quest Nutrition Protein Bar Mix Box 12 x 60g, 1er Pack (1 x 720 g) (Health and Beauty)
    Unfortunately, we had two double Questbar in our Mix-Box (2x Cookies & Cream and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 2x). But we have it - get reimbursed by the provider 4 - after contact. Delivery was quick. Now we try us first through the different flavors
  • Good product, but the mix-box should be better mixed  

    ELF Energy Cake - nutrient bomb with more than 500 kcal - Mix Box 24x125g, 1er Pack (1 x 3 kg) (Health and Beauty)
    In the Mix-Box were only 4 different varieties. If I find something bad "mixed", since there are 14 different varieties. A better mix would be even better. Otherwise a great product Greeting
  • Mix Box disappointing  

    Body Attack Carb Control Protein Bar Mix Box 15x100g (Personal Care)
    Have for the first time the Mix Box of Body Attack ordered and am really greatly disappointed because I have a mixture of all varieties under MIX expected. Instead, My Stuff looked as follows: 4 x Lemon curd 4 x Blueberry Yoghurt 4 x Crispy Caramel 2
  • A-ONE instant noodles mixed box  

    A-ONE instant noodles mixed box, 10 x Chicken, 10 x Duck 10 x beef, 30 Pack (30 x 85 g) (Food & Beverage)
    Sharp thing, boy oh boy. Different they taste already. But if I did not know by the imprint, which I have not touched me since I could not tell if I eat just chicken, beef or duck. Nonetheless, the chemical mace in between for a snack. I know that it
  • Facom BS.T20CM1PG textile Box + 28 Probag Tools  

    Facom textile PROBAG Box + 27 BS.T20CM1PG Tools (Tools & Accessories)
    The person receiving this object is very satisfied. A product worthy of the name. As against the picture of the item is not contractual. This is not a game of nine mixed box contains the key, but rather "one Facom ratchet 14/19 mm + a game of 9 rings
  • Delicate melting,  

    Hello Lindt Mini Mix Box, 1-pack (1 x 800g) (Food & Beverage)
    the Lindt Mini Mix Box was appointed by me for the second time. Just try ...... delicious. It tastes like more! Can only recommend buying.
  • CHOCOLATE is missing ...  

    Weider Low Carb 40 percent, Riegel Mix Box, 1-pack (1 x 1.2 kg) (Health and Beauty)
    I ordered the Mix-Box to get an overview of the flavors. Unfortunately Geschmachsrichtung "chocolate", which I of course very interested in is missing. Maybe someone with chocolate-knowledge even append a comment. My hit list: 1) Red Fruits
  • Very good product in 2479  

    Satya Sai Baba real - Nag Champa variety MIX 12 X 15G boxes of incense, Nag Champa contains heavenly MIDNIGHT, patchouli, sandalwood, SUNRISE, romance, blessings, property, jasmine flowers and rainforest (Kitchen)
    All varieties of incense mix box are of good quality and give off a good scent. I recommend.
  • correct product for the price: ok for livebox  

    65521 Infosec Z1 Zenergy Cube 600 Inverter 3 outlet EN 600 VA (Personal Computers)
    bought to ensure a current not too entanglements at my LiveBox 2 in a VDI case (mixing box - so far from pc); This is the smallest with this autonomy that I have found. in line with my expectations for now -ras
  • BEST liquid detergent EVER! EVER! EVER! LOVE IT !!!  

    Coral Color Sensitive, 1.4 l for 20 WL (Personal Care)
    The first liquid detergent is not what überparfümiert and pleasantly subtle smells! Yes, it even has a unisex scent even the men are allowed to use without having to be mixed up with a woman getting dressed; ) It smells of something delicious fruity
  • Mostly good with a few very bad tasting case  

    Quest Bar Mix Box, Protein Bar, 12 Bars 60g x 1 bolt per taste (Personal Care)
    The different varieties cover pretty much the entire spectrum - some I could hardly eat at the end, at others I was wondering if there really is a protein bar and not a candy. It is I think something for everyone. Nutritional values ​​vary with the b
  • Does what it says - easy to process  

    Ponal 1297846 repair PUR putty 177 g (tool)
    I have this repair putty used for stripped box doors in the kitchen and to fill large scratches in doors and door frame (old building). PRO: + Easy Instructions + Fast Mix + Simple processing + Good maintenance + Clearly marked caps and tubes, to avo
  • taste really good (except strawberry)  

    Weider 32% bar 24 Mix Pack (Health and Beauty)
    Consistency is really great - reminds iwie to Twix / snickers etc ... Taste is great too (not as strawberry) ... chocolate, vanilla and cookies and cream is a dream come true :) take the mixed box - is something for everyone here :)
  • Came today, tastes good!  

    Fresubin ENERGY Fibre drink mixed box Bottle, 6X4X20 (Food & Beverage)
    Hello everyone. Have ordered the 24-packs mixed box yesterday and today he came even to. I have of course not let me rags and tried directly by the first bottle of strawberry and caramel. What can I say? I have been drinking any protein shakes etc, b
  • Ingredients & tastes ok  

    Body Attack Carb Control Protein Bar Mix Box 15x100g (Personal Care)
    I can only agree with the general opinion of the Body Attack Carb Control Protein Bar. The protein content is pretty high with 45g, latches fill the stomach pretty good (but not as good as for example a Caseinshake ..) and taste. The only thing that
  • Are immediately laid to  

    Body Attack Carb Control Protein Bar 15x 100g (box), Crunchy Chocolate, 15x100 g (Health and Beauty)
    I have tried some protein bars and find them here from Body Attack so far best. Especially when I look at the price and the ingredients me. Many of the putative protein bar that you get to buy anywhere, contain protein only marginally and for a bunch
  • 10 Retro Men's Boxer Shorts mixed Remixx  

    Remixx 10 Retro Men's Boxer Shorts mixed size ML XL XXL (Textiles)
    I was fortunate were the no duplicate it. Up to 1/2 parts attractive appearance. At first glance, good quality. If that remains after repeated wearing and washing so, there also the 5 star Can recommend
  • Boxer dreams came true ...  

    Animonda GranCarno Trial Pack 6 x 800 g cans Adult Mix 2 dogs, 1-Pack (1 x 4.8 kg) (Misc.)
    My little great Mongrel was "blessed" since he was born with a very sensitive stomach. Unfortunately, the previous owner has taken no great regard for and fed him since puppyhood with dry food (adult dogs) ... The stomach getting used to (t
  • This mixer crushed everything!  

    JOLTA® Shepherd Smoothie Makers including cups Mini-Blender Icecrusher Blenders Mixer Juicer (household goods)
    Because of the good reviews I decided to buy this blender and I'm begeistrert! Even the box did a very classy look and I enjoy when unpacking. I have now sent back already two mixer and of Jolta is the first of the totally convinced me! The smoothies
  • Not great vanilla taste at least at Mix in water  

    BB Genics Ultimate Whey II - our best protein from 100% whey protein, Strawberry, 1000g box, SP-EW0313 (Personal Care)
    Of the ingredients ago nothing is wrong with it, but contains aspartame as a sweetener if someone wants to avoid. I've tried the version with vanilla flavor, and can it at least if you want to take it in the morning with water rather advise. Tastes a