hudora skateboards good


  • normally Hudora is good  

    Hudora Fitness Trampoline with safety net (equipment)
    Construction and quality is ok. Problem at 4 meters - jumping mat has no voltage Problem is apparently known .... but not resolved! I have it returned because Hudora Customer I was no help.
  • Hudora Skateboard Instinct ABEC 1 2.0 Maple, assorted colors, 12160  

    HUDORA Skateboard Instinct ABEC 1 2.0 Maple, assorted colors, 12160 (Equipment)
    In and of itself not a bad product. The processing of the wheels is not bad either. A big problem, however, is the real focal point of the skateboard, ie the underside of the printed film. The standing is high immediately after the first use at the e
  • Very Good !!! 1734  

    Globe Tilt, skateboard man shoes (Shoes)
    Globe Tilt These are very fine, extremely comfortable and stable for me who have a hard market I bought on the advice of a friend who practices his young Skateboard Good Job guys !!!
  • mini ramp  

    Osprey Mini skateboard ramp Black 126 x 30.5 x 17 cm (Sports)
    This mini ramp is great for skateboarding, good quality, it will see in use. Product comply with the order
  • Fast, good quality skateboard  

    Ridge Skateboard Mini Cruiser Complete Board Fully assembled (equipment)
    My kids wanted a penny board, but I did Looked for a cheaper alternative. I do not know how good penny boards are, but this one is excellent. This is the second one we've bought, and the first one is still going strong. Pretty solid and will last for
  • good value for money Hudora scooter, great service  

    HUDORA Big Wheel PC 205, 205 mm roll (Art. 14709) (Toy)
    Our first order with Amazon, has worked out well! Roller was delivered punctually and reliably When unpacking the scooter, however, we realized that the folding mechanism for the retaining bar is not functioning properly, bolts was crooked handlebar
  • Hudora Roller  

    HUDORA 14005 - Big Wheel Air 205 (Toys)
    To be honest, I did not have good memories of Hudora. All products that I was allowed to test so far of them I considered 'attempted, but failed'. Especially in the area skateboard and inline skates, I prefer to experience similar to brands like K2 r
  • Top Skateboard  

    Ridge Skateboard Mini Cruiser Complete Board Fully assembled (equipment)
    Fast delivery, very good skateboard. My nephew is excited and wants to have another one. Maybe he gets another one for Christmas from me. I would not hesitate to order again.
  • good skate  

    Streetsurfing Fizz Skateboard (Sports)
    skateboarding is just like in the photo, but there is no age registered and I bought it for me as an adult. I have not tried on the road, but on the floor it rolls already good, but not super fast. But nice, and send prompt and accurate.
  • Very good helmet 21  

    Giro Reverb - City Bike Helmet - black Head circumference 51-55 cm 2014 City helmet (Sport)
    Lightweight headphones, very good quality, especially urban style I was looking for, without going in helmets skateboarding / rollerblading which are heavier and less airy. Very good aeration of the head by cons I was expecting that either binds Visi
  • Very good product. 1715  

    Nine 4x 59mm / 78a wheels Retro Cruiser skateboard with bearings (Suitable Penny, Nickel, Globe) (Others)
    Very good product purchased to replace wheels on a skateboard: the result is very convincing, it runs great! Thank you.
  • A good update to repeat the experience Balance Board  

    Wii Fit Plus (game only) (DVD-ROM)
    Nintendo offers a low-cost content rich version of his classic Wii Fit. On the agenda: new exercises Fitness and yoga more intense physically, and new tonics and fun mini-games such as Flight of chicken, segway, skateboarding and a platform game insp
  • Very good! 1 6662  

    Hudora - 12135 - Bike and Vehicle for Children - Retro Skateboard - Pink (Sports)
    Very happy with my purchase. Good value for money. Runs great. Pretty flashy color and design. Fast shipping. My daughter wanted a skateboard, she is delighted of this one.
  • But good pump ATTENTION when buying replacement needles  

    Uhlsport Ballpumpe big, black / white, 1001188 (equipment)
    The pump seems to be very good, properly processed, reduces the risk of hose break the needle, and the. At a very reasonable price But be careful when buying replacement needles: The standard ball pump replacement needles of Hudora any case do not fi
  • Good Trampoline  

    BEST FOR SPORTS trampoline 65550 with TÜV and Intertek GS Certificate green 366 cm with safety net, ladder, Anchor and rain cover up to 180 kg! Model 2015 (Equipment)
    After our Hudora trampoline was destroyed by a storm, we decided for this because no other provider this size anbot.Der shipping was very quick, but lacked half of the tension springs and the spring compressor. Call the supplier was not to reach the
  • Unfortunately, the safety net is no good  

    HUDORA children trampoline safety trampoline Joey Jump 3.0, 140 cm, 65596 (Equipment)
    I bought the trampoline for my 5 year old daughter for her birthday. First, I must add my voice to the previous reviews and say that there is a lot of work to wrap the poles with the foam. After my husband had toiled so, the safety construct kept smo
  • Suuper good  

    XINTE Tripod Holder clip for Smart Mobile Mini mobile phone -Stativ (Electronics)
    I think it's really good but unfortunately I had to buy another one, as I am pulled up with a skateboard and it is then broken. However, I think it's super good and it fulfills its purpose and, I am convinced. I'm going to order me about it more sinc
  • Good protection 169  

    Bullet Knee / elbow pads and wrist guards bike Black (Sports)
    If your child has reached 1.50 m and has made decisions about the evolution of skateboarding or rollerblading .. Do not hesitate! These protections are effective covering and with shock-absorbing foams. Then add to this variety a good quality helmet
  • Balls Hudora 100% Satisfied!  

    Hudora 2 massage balls 75 mm and 90 mm (Sport)
    Achievement of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome for years, the proposed aid and many useful for pain involves weekly physiotherapy sessions. The daily stretching I also do at home, but not enough help (the meds either). This is my physio tol
  • good rope to play  

    German Trendseller® - Universal Rope 2,5m - color selection - (30% higher breaking strength) (Toy)
    Our children take advantage of this since to pull her skateboard. Sometimes they pull with it the Bobbycar with the little sister on it; -) ... or play horse. Good Value. We have already bought 2 x. Once in red and once in blue.