• Arcam IRDAC - comparison test and reasons for the "For"  

    Arcam IRDAC DA Converter (Electronics)
    Since I was 15 years I have been fascinated the subject HiFi. However, this always also rationally and (hopefully) far from the Voodos, albeit diverse HiFi magazines frequently suggest cable sounds that I hardly perceive even after over 35 years. So
  • DAC with nervigem problem  

    Arcam IRDAC DA Converter (Electronics)
    Yesterday I received my new Arcam IRDAC and unpacked with much anticipation: The unit makes a solid and high quality impression. After connecting (via USB to the PC), however, makes sobering wide: Each manual advance or go back in the playlist or a t
  • unconvinced for the price  

    Arcam IRDAC DA Converter (Electronics)
    I have bought myself the Arcam IRDAC after studying a number of reviews (in particular in the audio). It is particularly disturbing that in each manual Song change firstonce lit the red light, then a self at a distance of 5 m audible click in the rel
  • Outstanding value for money  

    Arcam IRDAC DA Converter (Electronics)
    Have hesitated longer, the IRDAC to buy, because I had found a headphone jack and a volume control may not helpful. But since I'm mainly a DAC which supplies possible quality system with my music from my MacBook Pro, I have ordered the IRDAC. I have