lattissima vs umilk


  • What else ?! (Umilk vs. Lattissima +)  

    DeLonghi Nespresso EN 210.BAE Kapselmaschine Umilk (household goods)
    Earlier this year, I began to think whether I buy my first coffee or not. Since I am not a pure coffee drinkers and therefore no need whole pot every day, so came to me because of the overhead not perfectly ordinary coffee maker in question. When Fin
  • Lattissima EN680 vs. EN520  

    DeLonghi Nespresso EN 520.S Lattissima + / milk foam system / Ice Silver (household goods)
    I switched to the new Lattissima because I feel like had it. That the rather small changes would possibly justify any new purchase, I was aware. But as I said I had just the mood for something new and the old one is now 4.5 years old. No sooner said
  • The Lattissima leaves little to be desired coffee  

    DeLonghi Nespresso EN 520.S Lattissima + / milk foam system / Ice Silver (household goods)
    After I've already tried some coffee machines, I'm finally arrived at the Nespresso system. My choice was the Lattissima because I like to drink cappuccino and it seemed to me the most appropriate for this purpose. It is pretty close to a fully autom
  • Nespresso Lattissima + vs. Senseo Latte Select  

    DeLonghi Nespresso EN 520.S Lattissima + / milk foam system / Ice Silver (household goods)
    One thing, since I use more than one year a Senseo Latte Select and had until now also one of those advocates of the significantly more economical coffee pod machines, and went through the Senseo in the first latte macchiato and cappuccino become lov
  • Toll! Goes perfectly with my Nespresso Lattissima  

    Capsule holder, capsule dispenser in the form of a drawer with two inserts for Nespresso, Dolce Gusto and Lavazza capsules! Also suitable as a base for coffee! High quality optics and workmanship!
    Good products should also praiseworthy times! This here is perfect. It looks classy and my Nespresso Lattissima fits well on it. The delivery was super fast, top product, absolute buy recommendation!
  • DeLonghi EN 520 Lattissima - Bellissima!  

    DeLonghi Nespresso EN 520.BL Lattissima + / milk foam system / Midnight Blue (Kitchen)
    Our EN 520 Lattissima He succeeded two KRUPS machines whose last for 10 years gave up the ghost. Due to a time longer delivery time at AMAZON, we bought it -ausnahmsweise- elsewhere. I hope our review helps those who still have doubts before purchasi
  • Excellent for DeLonghi Nespresso EN 520.S Lattissima +  

    DeLonghi SER 3013 milk foam nozzle cleaner (Office supplies & stationery)
    I use my DeLonghi Nespresso EN 520.S Lattissima + very often and this leads quickly to deposits on the die. Neither enkalken with diverse means, still soaking the milk foams purity in water with detergent brought an improvement. Now I have bought DeL
  • Lattissima ... the PLUS makes it :)  

    DeLonghi Nespresso EN 520.W Lattissima + / milk foam system / Silky White (Kitchen)
    I had a 680.M to date and was very pleased. However, I had an additional Aeroccino 3 Milchaufschäumer in use because of my fixed froth tasted much better than the. From the machine Well, I came across the new Lattissima Plus and have equal slammed be
  • DeL onghi Nespresso EN 750.MB Lattissima Pro  

    DeLonghi Nespresso EN 750.MB Lattissima Pro (household goods)
    As my DeL onghi EN had 680 after 7 1/2 years ihrenGeist abandoned, it was necessary to purchase a new machine. As the successor to the EN 750.MB Lattissima Pro offered. The machine has the purge function of the milk frother as a new function in the m
  • Unfortunately, too large for the Nespresso Lattissima  

    Scanpart 2790000077 Double-walled thermal glass Latte Macchiato Set of 2 (household goods)
    I ordered the glasses for my Nespresso Lattissima, but unfortunately they do not fit under it. Still 5 stars, the price-performance ratio!
  • delonghi Lattissima in 680  

    De'Longhi Nespresso Coffee Lattissima EN 680 (Kitchen)
    This machine is excellent. For coffee ammateurs, there is nothing better. You will find the taste and the foam in your cup as coffee. In addition, you can make cappuccinos and many recipes milk. It is very easy to use and maintain. I recommend this p
  • Highly recommended, the Lattissima +  

    DeLonghi Nespresso EN 520.PW Lattissima + Pearl white (household goods)
    Since then 2 years tinkers the DeLonghi latissima + perfectly. One must say that I would recommend this machine alone capsule used thus a far more expensive fully automatic system make me simply does not make sense. Also because of the comfortable by
  • Its OK, but good!  

    Tavola Swiss 2790000038 capsule dispenser for Nespresso (household goods)
    Video at See Brief Summary: + Good workmanship / stable material + Rubber dots on the bottom + Simple filling and remove + Space for 40 coffee capsules + Small but adequate partition between capsule series + - Dimensions not suitable for a
  • super Part 2  

    Tavola Swiss 2790000038 capsule dispenser for Nespresso (household goods)
    I got my lattissima it asked. fits perfectly and are well stored capsules. the dispenser is super processed and looks quality. material is metal
  • Outrageous!  

    Tavola Swiss 2790000038 capsule dispenser for Nespresso (household goods)
    Video at View The idea of ​​the drawer is actually awesome as it is very space-saving (the same width as our Lattissima +, and only a bit longer) and the capsules are not dirty like a capsule stand (dust, mist, etc.). Sorry, we are but the
  • Very good device / 9-month break  

    DeLonghi Nespresso EN 520.S Lattissima + / milk foam system / Ice Silver (household goods)
    we are fully convinced of the + Lattissima. So far we had a pad machine and have this finally disposed of. The Lattissima + is with us daily in use. Mainly for Capu and bar. It is easy to use and also quickly cleaned. The result convinced us fully. S
  • Inexpensive top device  

    DeLonghi Nespresso EN 520.S Lattissima + / milk foam system / Ice Silver (household goods)
    I can only report positive things about the machine briefly summarized. The reason why I've taken from milk-assisted machines distance, was the fiddly handling and especially the elaborate purification. All these problems are + no longer exists in th
  • Highly recommended 3 6  

    DeLonghi Nespresso EN 520.S Lattissima + / milk foam system / Ice Silver (household goods)
    Until recently, I had a Jura fully automatic coffee machines and a Tassimo machine with the T-disc system. Really happy I was not. After the fully automatic machine has started, has not done some running and more problems than good coffee, I have dea
  • Incredible coffee but tricky cleaning ;-)  

    DeLonghi Nespresso EN 266.BAE Citiz Capsule Machine (Household Goods)
    First, I'm not a coffee drinker. From time to time a cappuccino or a latte macchiato and I am satisfied. So far I had for a Tassimo and was actually quite happy. Then have a cappuccino from a Nespresso machine was handed to me by my boss. So I was ho
  • High price, high cost  

    Krups XN8105 Nespresso Gran Maestria, titanium (household goods)
    Machine made of metal, takes in the kitchen a lot of space, but also looks fancier than in the pictures might come off. The function of Aeroccino is fine, but you should wash it after each use, otherwise the foam can be hung. This is a little awkward