levis shirt made in pakistan


  • Made in Pakistan vs Made in Bangladesh  

    Levi's® Jeans Men's 751 Standard Fit / Regular Fit, 00751 (Textiles)
    The information provided by Amazon Levi's 751 blue (Stonebleach) is made in Bangladesh and so different from a 1,5 years ago in Levi's Store purchases, sizes identical, Made in Pakistan Blue (Stonebleach) that you only with enough imagination can spe
  • well-made men's t-shirts made in Bangladesh  

    TOM TAILOR Denim Mens Tee slub tee with chest pocket / 412, Monochrome (Textiles)
    The Tom Tailor Men's T-shirt was delivered in red. However, these are a beautiful red-brown and not a flashy red! The material consists of 100% cotton and the size M fits snugly to the body. The cutout has rolled edges, which is of the optics somethi
  • Super T-shirt made of Nike Dri-Fit Collection  

    NIKE men's short sleeve jersey Park V (Sports Apparel)
    For the summer I was looking again for a new running / workout shirt and am once again become able to find on Amazon. I am almost 1.80 meters tall and weigh 78 kg. Chest, upper arms and shoulders are with me a little stronger and wider and in size L
  • T-Shirts Made in high quality in Germany  

    4er - Pack Tom Tailor Men's T-shirt undershirt, crew neck, black, white, Shirts (Textiles)
    Beautiful classic white T-shirts 100% cotton, made on the label of the CECEBA GmbH in 72336 Balingen. Good workmanship. Very comfortable to wear.
  • There is still a high-quality single-lever mixer "Made in Germany" for an acceptable price  

    Hansgrohe Focus E Single Lever Kitchen Mixer with 360 ° swivel range, chromium (tool)
    After several mixers from hardware stores and tolerable defects now so this mixer. Even during installation, we were pleased with how this product is easy to assemble. It should be noted that the sink must have an opening of about 34 mm only, should
  • T-shirt made with feet  

    T-shirt 'Diablo III' - Size L (Accessory)
    The sleeves of the shirt are poorly mounted, making it unwearable. The cut is bad. Too bad, I like the logo, but it will just decorate the bottom of my pile of dud waiting to be cut to end up like rags in my garage.
  • Round t-shirt made of merino  

    Icebreaker Men Vest T-shirt Everyday Short Sleeve Crewe (Sports Apparel)
    Merino wool is functional and comfortable to the touch, the processing is like Icebreaker used very carefully and very durable. The price may seem high (and clear - in New Zealand, they cost half, the road is long) but he is compared with similar pro
  • Schade: Levis changed pattern very disadvantageous!  

    Levi's® Jeans Men's 751 Standard Fit / Regular Fit, 00751 (Textiles)
    For decades I buy Levis Jeans. In the future, no more likely or just with easy return option. Why? Previously you got when you stated size Wxx / Lxx type and number, always the same cut and could be sure that the pants fit. This time is over! Presuma
  • Levis discount or "under Levis"?  

    Levi's 501 Original Fit - Jeans - Right - Men (Clothing)
    I was surprised by the mountain of negative comments from customers unhappy and pretend all unpleasantly surprised by the product. Now I know why I ordered 2 Levis that one and one black. So first the sizes do not match / more when I wear for 20 year
  • Keeps shirts wrinkle free as it should.  

    Shirts bag neat and wrinkle-free shirts while traveling (Misc.)
    I am satisfied with the pocket, keeps shirts wrinkle free as it should and at a good price. The bag is sturdy and well-made, the floor does not bend under normal load in a bag and not bowing to pressure. It summarizes three shirts made of thick fabri
  • a stylish shirt  

    Grin & Bear Slim Fit 3 Button Contrast Cardigan, BH123 (Textiles)
    My son wanted to have a slim fit shirt which fits tightly to the muscles and I have to say in a single gram of fat on the ribs, so looks a shirt made of real stylish. Who can bear. So my son gefällts. He has size S taken at a size of 175 and super sl
  • Simple functional shirt with a good fit  

    Gregster Ladies T-Shirt Sport Running and functional shirt with V-neck (Sports Apparel)
    When Sport good functional clothing is irreplaceable for me. Especially when you sweat you will notice the difference to a simple T-shirt made of cotton but very. That's why I was curious how the quality of the new Amazon store brand "Gregster"
  • Puma T-Shirt  

    PUMA Men's T-Shirt Fun S. Casual Logo Tee (Sports Apparel)
    Comfortable to wear and look beautiful. In particular, the color of the T-shirts made me to buy it. Top!
  • According to quality - product for the market russichen  

    Levi's Men's 501 Original Fit Jeans (Textiles)
    Basically: Ordered, attracted attention. Unchanged Levi in ​​detail throughout. BUT: If one pays attention to the label in the pants, as you can see right away that the pants were made in Pakistan and since everything is at Kyrilisch, one can assume
  • Familiar Schiesser quality  

    Schiesser Men Vest Shirt 1/1 sleeve (Textiles)
    The men's long sleeve undershirt - shirt made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane with round neck is in the normal Schiesser quality! Since one can only say very good! You can wear it as a vest, and a shirt. Makes both a great look. The color in a black
  • Great plasters for sensitive skin super useful!  

    Hansaplast Fixation Sensitive 5m x 2.5cm (Personal Care)
    My father swears by this patch, since it is one of the few patches on which it is not an allergic reaction. With him it is rather the "normal medical" use, for which he used the patch. I use it as a protection ... In the summer and at norma
  • Comfort improvement, for favorable price  

    Head Men's Boxer Boxers underpants 8 Pack in many colors (Misc.)
    I see here the HEAD Boxer Short with partly. Even Amazon offer the same sellers PUMA boxer shorts. As the price of HEAD-Boxer is still around 25% below that of the PUMA, it itched me and I looked at the HEAD ordered to compare. On paper, both boxers
  • Manufacturing base dependent variable variance?  

    Levi's® Jeans Men's 751 Standard Fit / Regular Fit, 00751 (Textiles)
    The 751 I wear for years in the same size and had the purchase in the fashion business never problems. After I had here for 20 euros less discovered the jeans and anyway still be used a coupon, I decided to buy it. As ordered, I received a stonewash
  • very chic, great fit, comfort 1A  

    Schiesser Men Vest Tank Top (Textiles)
    Vests one can look completely different. For one thing, they are forced under the dress shirt. Prollen around for other stylish clothing for hypermasculine performances in the outdoor pool, incl. In the parking lot. The next she wears just in the win
  • Fits well and is comfortable .... 1  

    Bruno Banani Men's Boxer Briefs Short Micro Coloured, 2-pack (Textiles)
    The Bruno Banani Men's Boxer Briefs are made of microfiber (90% polyamide, 10% elastane) and can be washed well with 40 ° C in the washing machine. The very fine and soft fiber shorts dry quickly and provide a high wearing comfort as long as one is c