merrell made in china


  • Merrell: "Made in China" hurts the feet  

    Merrell Intercept, hiking shoes men (Shoes)
    Based on a purchase Merrell there a few years ago that I was satisfied, I invested in 2 pairs of Intercept (thereof and Intercept Ventilator Blue), not bought on Amazon (I have therefore tried it right), and bought several less interval. I am disappo
  • Inadequate labeling + Made in China + expensive than Varta  

    AmazonBasics Alkaline Batteries, AAA, 20 (Health and Beauty)
    Most customers are probably of the opinion is battery. But this is not so. There are long-life batteries for devices with low power consumption, such as remote controls. There are high-energy batteries for power guzzlers such as cameras and flashes.
  • Made in China  

    Crocs Classic unisex Children Clogs (Textiles)
    Unfortunately, I had the same problem, like many others before me: The product is made in China - very chemical, toxic smell! Since I got the same anxiety about the health of my child! Therefore, the shoe immediately went back. Too bad, because other
  • Made in China stink, incredible and are slippery  

    Crocs Crocband K Cntn / GGw C8 / 9 unisex children clogs (shoes)
    I bought this as Crocs Zweitcrocs for the garden and happy that I have discovered a great offer price. I already have a pair at home (Made in Bosnia) and am very happy with it, because they are very comfortable and have a good footbed and stink at al
  • Unfortunately, "Made in China" going back !!!  

    Crocs Baya 10126 Unisex - Clogs (Textiles)
    Did the Crocs directly ordered from Unfortunately, "Made in China" as soon as the bag acts open reichts already as in ner chemical factory ... The original good is "Made in Italy" Go back to Amazon !!!
  • Old rubber Made in China  

    36 Durex condoms feeling True (3 x 12 pieces) (Health and Beauty)
    There were two packs of 6 hat-tricks. They were made in July 2012. They are therefore already more than 2 years old. I actually went on the assumption that it is fresh goods. So would rather buy at the store where fresh gums are having. Made in China
  • despite "Made in China" good quality and according to traders free of BPA and PVC - unfortunately missing seal ...  

    Oball 28112 10 cm, colorful, 4 assorted (Toys)
    We got the Oball for Christmas gift. At first I had major concerns: Plasticizer, made in China ... and looked right first time for information about this ball. When "Guide for PVC-free kindergartens and children" by the federal government f
  • Made in China !!!! 3  

    Bosch 2607010544 straight shank drill bits 7 pcs. Blue Granite Drill Set Robu (tool)
    I have this article ordered on Sunday and on Wednesday has come (super I thought) Problem is that I got wrong drill !!!! So I Bosch blue granite besttelt not robust line 5Y !!!!! I needed the drill immediately so lucky for the seller that I have not
  • UK import made in China  

    Thumbs Up CAMCUP Camera Lens Cup Camera Lens cups (household goods)
    So the cup / pot looks deceptively real. But unfortunately, this smells very strongly of plastic, and this is a UK import made in China ...
  • not made in China!  

    Leatherman Leather Holster II (tool)
    Now that's a miracle! The holster is made in Mexico.Da know each other with leather aus.Das Charge TTI fits well inside. Leather, seams and workmanship are good. I wear the holster daily in the summer where you sweat a lot times. Therefore, I plan to
  • Made in China! 4  

    Sevi 82095 - Happy Splash bar (Baby Product)
    Hello! We bought the bar for our daughter. Fortunately that is not thought to play, otherwise I would have returned it. Is like saying "Made in China", which can be seen here as well to all the details. Packaging, quality .... Strong plasti
  • Top Device Made in China to Top  

    Foscam FI9828W Wireless IP camera for outdoor use (3x zoom lines, 1.3 Megapixel, 21 Night Vision IR LED, pan, tilt, HD) white (accessory)
    I did this in good conscience recommend this Cam now since about 1 week in use and am just thrilled and can. Made in China is not necessarily bad !!! (PS: misspellings simply not aware just read about it.) Description: Enclosed QuickStart description
  • "Made in China" and chemical odor: Black Crocs  

    Crocs Classic, Unisex Clogs (Shoes)
    A little disappointed to have received Crocs (Black) "made in China" with a very strong chemical smell. Some German articles associate that smell with carcinogenic products. If the model is consistent. It would be nice that Amazon precise place
  • attention to "made in China"  

    Transmitter Transmitter Polar T31 + elastic (Sport)
    It is certain that the product coming from China has a battery or circuit at a discount (I will look instead to the circuit). I have a 2 transmitters that I bought in 2000 and that is stamped "Made in Finland" and still works today, 18 January 2
  • Good product for the made in china; quality does still not equal the true product paid 100th  

    Trio 4329029-07-Leuchten Halogen Lamp with Reading Lamp 230 Watts Included (Kitchen)
    I had already a lamppost almost identical to this one and I wanted to buy the same to have a pair; it costs only 50th but the light is a little less hot (can be subjective and dependent bulb ... currently I use the bulb supplied with the product) and
  • Flat Cap patchwork pattern made in China!  

    Flat Cap patchwork pattern - Men (Clothing)
    Beautiful patchwork cap! Average quality and finishes (made in China). I am glad not to have paid dearly. I got in at -50% coupon. Good value for money.
  • It's not brand LACROSSE TECNOLOGY but a brand made in china TECHNOLINE.  

    La Crosse Technoline dcf wall clock with calendar and temperature display (Kitchen)
    I received my wall clock that is not a brand LACROSSE TECNOLOGY which is guarantee of quality but a brand made in china TECHNOLINE. Exchange Request received today still dissatisfied because the same clock made in China. Refund request.
  • made in china 7  

    SAMSUNG - ORIGINAL BATTERY for SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 S4 & Advance 2600 MAH B600 BE / BC / BU (Electronics)
    I just read a comment that reports made in china but too late I got mine this morning And surprise mine is also made in China and assembled in china I hope not to encounter surprises use
  • Made in China! 8  

    SAMSUNG - ORIGINAL BATTERY for SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 S4 & Advance 2600 MAH B600 BE / BC / BU (Electronics)
    Bad surprise! Contrary to what is marked on the photo, it is a battery made in China and not in Korea !!!

    Volcom Frickin Modern - Pants - Right - Men (Clothing)
    CAUTION item made in China, well known country for various serious allergies attributed to production, it whatsoever. However, Article size too small and it is quite wide at the leg, not cut any "slim". It would be nice if the editors of AMAZON,