microwave with grill function


  • Microwave with grill & cooking function  

    Klarstein "Stella Prima" Stainless steel microwave with grill microwave oven (1800 W, 20 liters, with cooking thaw and grill function, time display, incl. Glass turntable and grill) silver (household goods)
    The Klarstein "Stella Prima" Microwave was delivered very quickly. She makes a very robust impression unpacked and is made of brushed stainless steel. The manual is among others in the German language. The buttons on the microwave have a go
  • Severin MW 7848 microwave with grill and convection function, stainless steel brushed / 900 watts / 1400 watts grill / oven 25 L  

    Severin MW 7848 microwave with grill and convection function, stainless steel brushed / 900 watts / 1400 watts grill / oven 25 L (Misc.)
  • Microwave with grill and hot air  

    Bomann MWG 2216 H EB built-in microwave with grill and hot air, 25 liters (Misc.)
    Prompt delivery and packed solid. Super value for money. Decisive were the Measurements indicated that met the cabinet opening from the old device and thus the installation with the very good and simple installation instructions (template) was not a
  • Bomann MWG 2281 H CB microwave with grill and hot air  

    Bomann MWG 2281 H CB Microwave with grill and convection (Misc.)
    As far as the microwave makes a good figure. Now have already tested some programs. Bin not only peace with the hot air mode. Goods burns too fast, because the heating elements are too hot and I do not exactly know how the hot air works because I can
  • Microwave with a short shelf life  

    Severin MW 7803 Microwave / 30 liters / defrost / grill (Misc.)
    Bought and approved but defective after 4 weeks. This shows again that one should take seriously Reviews to devices. Other reports had also been talk of early defects. We should have taken seriously. With us, MW no longer beep stopped just 4 weeks af
  • Combination of microwave and grill with many useful functions and automatic programs  

    20 liter microwave with grill & defrost 1200 watt Microwave / Microwave
    This microwave has a 20 liter capacity and can, for example, a pizza take up to a diameter of 24cm. The device has a housing made of metal. The door and panel frame is made of silver plastic. The door handle and the panel itself is made of stainless
  • Convenient for microwaves with convection / hot air function  

    WHAT 2290260 Pizza plate 26 cm, super heavyweight (household goods)
    I myself, unfortunately, have only a microwave with convection / hot air function and does not provide full oven, so the pizza tray used comes in a wide variety of dishes. For finished pizzas it's almost a little too small (rather choose the 28cm ver
  • Compact microwave with lots of features  

    Klarstein Stella Prima stainless steel microwave with grill microwave oven (1800 W, 20 liters, with cooking thaw and grill function, time display, incl. Glass turntable and grill) silver (household goods)
    The Klarstein "Stella Prima" is a really nice microwave, with all the features you need at a microwave. It is delivered well packed in a styrofoam box with ausgepolstertem, this still in a shipping carton. With its exterior dimensions of 44
  • Microwave and grill in a  

    MW 802G Colour: White
    Microwave and grill in a carry out its activities as expected and properly. Thawing and combined functions are available. Price / performance ratio is very good.
  • HooToo 4 Port USB Charger with OTG function  

    HooToo® 39W 5V / 7.8A 4-Port USB Travel Charger Adapter with OTG function (2 Smart charging tips for both tablets and mobile phones, 2 universal charging terminals for mobile phones) can iPhone 5s / 5c / 5; iPad Air / 4/3 / Mini; Samsung Galaxy S5 / S4 / S3; Samsung grade 3/2; Motorola; HTC; Samsung Tabs; Nexus 10/7/5 and other smart phones and tablets Charging (Electronics)
    With the "HooToo 4 Port USB Charger with OTG function" Up to 4 devices can be charged simultaneously. Thus, now wanders my PSU collection in the drawer and I can charge all from one device. I tested it with the following devices:. Nexus 7,
  • Original product idea with useful functions with good value for money.  

    Real Power 3-in-1 Power Tube, creative, innovative and practical: 3500mAh Power Bank & mini mobile speaker and phone stand for iPhone, iPod, Android smartphones, PSP / NDS, MP3, MP4 and so on (electronic)
    Is the 3 in 1 Power Bank safe upholstered and packaged without prejudice in a simple but functional cardboard with use instructions in English to. Attached is a brief user manual in English and Chinese, and a dual USB charging cable and an AUX cable.
  • Hammer sound and the second order with a functioning remote control  

    Sennheiser IE 8i In-Ear Headphones (125 dB) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    After the effusive reviews about the IE8 I ordered this headset. The sound is really bombastic and the headphones makes a very robust impression. Unfortunately, the remote control does not work reliably on my iPhone 3GS compatible. Sometimes a double
  • Very good charger lined with OTG function  

    Aukey® Multiport Power adapter, USB charger, universal charger 39W 5V / 7.8A with USB 5-Port with OTG function (USB On-The-Go) for charging your iPhone 6/6 more / 5s / 5c / 5 / Smartphone Apple & Android, Tablets and Other Devices is charging via USB 5V (Electronics)
    The product is almost practically complies with pictures. Of these, it is clear that on the 5th USB OTG is registered while it is white for good differentiate it from other non-OTG ports. On my model, the small OTG logo is nonexistent but it is by ag
  • Foot massage with heating function ...  

    Beurer FWM 50 Shiatsu foot warmer (Personal Care)
    I am writing this review with my feet toasty warm in droning Beurer FWM 50 packed ... which is pleasant but could be better. But I'd better start at the beginning: The FWM 50 is basically a fine accessory for those who freeze fast on your feet. Wheth
  • Beautiful watch with many functions  

    UPHase watch analog to digital, Quartz Chronograph, UP702-200-1 (clock)
    This men's watch is presented in a beautiful sporty design, with black plastic strap and metal housing. The hands are kept in bronze and white. The glass is scratch resistant. The bracelet is easy to open and close and is suitable for differently str
  • Leather carrying case to pull out vs. Bag with folding function  

    Original Suncase genuine leather bag (flap with retreat function) for Samsung Galaxy S Plus i9001 in black (Accessories)
    The bag is very good with a perfect finish. The phone fits in tight and well stowed. However, it really bothered me that you always have to keep the empty bag in his hand when phoning outdoors. Therefore, I ordered a new leather case with folding fun
  • Super DVBT DVD combo with PVR function  

    DVD Player & DVB-T Receiver USB Multimedia Player Video Recorder Timeshift (Electronics)
    Exactly the device, which I've been looking for, and that does not exist in the German market from the usual manufacturers so! After our previous DVBT receiver with PVR function (King DTT FTA 19N) for more than 2 years gave up the ghost, and no longe
  • yayago Tablet Book-Style Case with Stand Function - Ultra Slim  

    yayago Tablet Book-Style Case with Stand Function - Ultra flat - for Medion E7312 Lifetab (MD 98488) / Medion Lifetab E7316 (MD 98282) / Medion MD 98625 Lifetab S7852 / S7852 Medion Lifetab (Electronics)
    Have at Hofer (in German "Aldi") bought a Lifetab plus this yayago Tablet Book-Style Case with Stand Function - ordered Ultra flat, and I must say, quite mad, can be placed well with the self-adjustable corner brackets and is really flat and com
  • Camcorder with Projector Function  

    Sony HDR-PJ650VE HD Flash Camcorder (1920 x 1080 pixels, G-lens with 12x zoom, projector with 20 Lumens, HDMI, 32GB memory) (Electronics)
    Besides the many possibilities the own experiences on video capture (mobile phone, iPad, camera), there are still people (like me) because the place a very high standard of the day. If you already At length be a camcorder in this price range, you wou