mobail cabinet


  • also at cabinet base if room door must be stopped  

    Doorstop Cyrus 75 solid stainless steel V2A Ø 29 mm
    We had a weighty doorstops to keep the room door does not hit with rubber edging to a cabinet. Unfortunately, the stopper was too high for the cabinet door and had to be moved again. This doorstop fitted with max. 30mm under the cabinet door to the c
  • Finally order the spice cabinet  

    Swivel Store Spice rack (household goods)
    I had all the "spice jars" are in nem basket in the closet ..... and if you take something else as pepper and salt needed, it was necessary to clear up and browse all the crap: - (( I then met by chance on this system ..... thought for the
  • Sturdy and sophisticated antenna cabinet  

    Antenna cabinet / cabinet assembly / amplifier cabinet / distribution cabinet, light gray, 40x40x15 cm (Electronics)
    Antenna cabinets are not available on every corner, so this antenna cabinet is a welcome and well thought-out offer. The attachment to the wall, the passages and the grid perforated plate are well thought out and allow to self-tapping screws, a very
  • Without drilling Super Bright cabinet luminaire - just awesome!  

    LE LED recessed lamp, display case lighting with motion detector, battery-powered, 10 super bright LEDs, everywhere with magnetic stripe Aufklebar, warm white, LED light strip, strip lights, LED Night Light (tool)
    That was a stroke of luck! After moving and installing a new kitchen I had simply not taken to ensure that in the U-shaped kitchen, the right half is illuminated only by the ceiling spotlights. This is impractical in the evening, if you just want to
  • Combined cabinet luminaire for the workshop  

    LE Dimmable LED Recessed lamp display case lighting, Total 12 Watt, 12VDC, 900lm, Warm White, Equivalent to a 24W fluorescent tube, All Accessories, LED light strip, strip lights, 3 pieces in that package
    The Lighting Ever cabinet luminaire for me is perfect for the workshop in the basement. With the included clip being attached underneath the wooden cabinet with the included screws. It draws on the best before the places where to be drilled, and then
  • Jewelry cabinet Songmics  

    Songmics® 120cm jewelry cabinet mirror cabinet mirror wall hanging cabinet jewelry box (White) JBC24W (jewelry)
    Beautiful, simple and spacious jewelry armoire with plenty of storage space for earrings, necklaces, rings, etc. Small drawback: despite repeated and long airing "exhales" the cabinet a quite unpleasant smell of paint or similar from .....
  • Class cabinet with super quality  

    Wimex 119453 Skate wardrobe with 4 doors with two drawers and two mirrored doors, front body exterior doors oak saw-cut imitation, 180 x 198 x 58 cm (household goods)
    After really long search for a wardrobe, we have these discovered here. Something we were skeptical because yet no reviews give. Well, take it or leave. Cabinet was appointed. Delivery arrived promptly and quickly. We were informed by telephone when
  • Cabinet to look beautiful, confusing / insufficient instruction  

    ROLLER wardrobe TWIN bedroom closet wardrobe
    We have this cabinet ordered, because it looks very nice. But if anyone who is thinking about buying it yourself, construction etc has with difficulty, then I would say: Stay away! The instruction takes nothing, since it is intended for the same 4 (!
  • Came back rest in a server cabinet!  

    HP Micro G7 N54L Server (AMD Turion II Neo, 2.2GHz, 4GB RAM, no HDD, 4-bay, USB 2.0) (Accessories)
    Have the HP server as a replacement for my two NAS systems and a Linux machine bought. It will be powered by Debian Weezy and an additional KVM card. This part is just great. I have the server in a locked glass door rack stand - up there where previo
  • Neat cabinet  

    15U 19 inch - 19 "wall cabinet with glass door (WxDxH) 600x450x820mm - NEW 19Power GmbH (Personal Computers)
    Everything is OK Solid processed and stable. Clear recommendation. Befestigunf works very well. Practical: cabinet door can be removed through a small spring-loaded lever. Have the used in a normal family house and in all "electronic" housed = P
  • A workbench with cabinet.  

    Sjöbergs Elite 1500 -. Hobelbank including SM03 - cabinet (tool)
    The only complaint I can think of at this workbench or the cabinet, is the different screw heads that are used here. From the cross, slotted, Torx and long hex everything is represented here, which makes the structure a bit cumbersome. But they are s
  • Sturdy cabinet with good price-performance ratio  

    Songmics® United XXL wardrobe Cupboard linen cupboard with 2 hooks rod beige 175 x 150 x 45cm Three roll-up doors RYG12M (household goods)
    The cabinet and is remarkably stable and can be set up very well. The good guide and the proper description and sorting of items helps. But you should take your time and to proceed carefully. Make absolutely sure that the parts do not tilt. Then ever
  • Aquarium cabinet  

    Juwel Aquarium Cabinet 66440 80 SB for Rio 125 / record 800, white (Misc.)
    The cabinet fits perfectly into the room and the aquarium. nice classification inside and you can get everything under super.
  • Practical, stable and with an appealing design - recommended cabinet accessory!  

    Black-Line tie clips belt holder extensible, suitable for left and right, WxDxH 450x78x81 mm =
    Although I have not bought the tie clips on Amazon, but I want to set a review in order perhaps to help one or the other in making decisions. Reason for my purchase was the fact that our new bedroom closet a factory supplied tie would extract about t
  • Good cabinet solution in bathroom  

    Pharao24 bathroom wall cabinet white glossy Lidio
    The cabinet we have placed our daughter. You could easily assemble it and is so pleased that I can give her now again 2 (!) ;-) He came much faster than indicated.
  • Indispensable in my medicine cabinet  

    Elastoplast Sensitive plasters 5 mx 1.25 cm, 4-pack (4 x 1 piece) (Health and Beauty)
    The role of Elastoplast is provided 5 mx 1.25 cm tall and with a transparent protective. This can be simply mounted and clicked can be easily removed. The patch is used by me for it to secure a self-tailored dressing or to fix a patch if it has to be
  • Indispensable in the medicine cabinet  

    Elastoplast Sensitive plasters 5 mx 1.25 cm, 4-pack (4 x 1 piece) (Health and Beauty)
    A roller Fixing part for me of the standard equipment of my medicine cabinet. The delivery when ordering this article are four roles, each with 5 meter run length. Since my skin often has problems with "normal" patches, I take gladly variety Sen
  • Model APS 300: powerful and relatively quiet in the cabinet  

    Tetra - 143180 - Air Pump for Aquarium APS 300 (Others)
    The air pump is installed in the cabinet under a 350l tank. It supplies a diffuser carefree about ten centimeters long hidden in the vegetation. I have grouped the two outputs with a T. Without being completely silent, this pump is much more discreet
  • Oil filter key cabinet  

    BOX KEY OIL FILTER (Miscellaneous)
    Key cabinet rather complete filter oil. Has the key I needed. The bells are made of metal that is good or at least acceptable (not the professional equipment for the price of the metal but not too little either end or resistant). So good. It just tak
  • a large cabinet, a huge pianist in Beethoven service  

    Beethoven: Complete Sonatas for Piano (CD)
    Beethoven's sonatas, is the cornerstone of the piano literature. today there are tons available integrals of these 32 sonatas. I have to (and among others) but that of Brendel in its previous version, the one of the 70 Brendel was already great, and