netatmo humidity calibration


  • Good temperature and humidity measuring instrument at an affordable price  

    TFA Dostmann digital Thermohygrometer Dewpoint Pro 31.1028 (Misc.)
    Several calibration procedures at different reference humidities confirm the specified tolerances essentially (the literature values ​​for NaCl, K2SO4, K2CO3 and NH4NO3 could be within the specified accuracy in the temperature range between + 5 ° C a
  • Apple-like, if only to high humidity would not ...  

    Netatmo weather station for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone (Electronics)
    I ordered the Netatmo weather station because Amazon consistently positive reviews yet for this. The few negative reviews, was where written about mis-calibrated sensors or a water-leaky outdoor sensor, I did not pay any to little attention. Thus, I
  • Lots of potential, but large sensor calibration and reliability problems  

    Netatmo Weather Station for Smartphone (Electronics)
    Positives: - A station that is forgotten: nice design, rather compact. - A range well above modules to other stations (a through walls, it still works) - A multi-access interface device (PC, Web, Android, IOS): very nice to use. A very good compromis
  • Great product ... but no calibration possible ...  

    TFA Dostmann 30.5013 / Thermo-hygrometer digital (Miscellaneous)
    The defaults are fairly good (1 ° C difference in temperature and humidity 5%, compared with calibrated equipment), but it is impossible to calibrate the hygrometer ... damage. Very good product, however: ideal for monitoring temperature and humidity
  • After calibration sufficiently accurate - except during heavy rain, no winter operation  

    Netatmo rain gauge for Netatmo Weather Station (Garden & Outdoors)
    What is my claim to a rain sensor? He measures precipitation, with the price determines the resolution and accuracy. The precipitation sensor of Netatmo has very good for its price range resolution of 0.1 mm per rocker stroke. Even the much more expe
  • Good flash with infrared calibration  

    Mecablitz 44 AF-1 digital for Olympus / Panasonic / Leica (Accessories)
    The quality was already praised here, so just my highlights: + On the Olympus E-520 I find the great flash because of infrared calibration (Auto Focus). For smaller flash (guide number smaller), or the built-in flash is repeatedly pre-flashes to focu
  • Already in the "Express" version very good calibration solution  

    Datacolor Spyder5EXPRESS calibration solution for color screens (Electronics)
    Caveat: My review for the Spyder5 has been some time to themselves; I wanted the unit truly testing times "in real life" on multiple devices and get an idea about whether it makes any sense for the average customer - or not. So I'm not goin
  • Foot Pod be calibrated hard and thus imprecise  

    Polar S1 foot pod (equipment)
    Now have the foot pod 3 months in use and unfortunately am not satisfied because I though I followed the manual that does not work well with calibration and therefore the foot pod is inaccurate. At 10 km running sensor bar shows to only 7.6 km away.
  • Use with netatmo Rain Gauge  

    Abus TV8391 bracket Profiline 215 mm (tool)
    Use the mount together with a netatmo Rain Gauge outdoors. The holder is stable and the rain gauge can be aligned very precisely. Despite now much rain No weather phenomena (rust etc.) the holder has been made.
  • It is abhäbgig of Netatmo - unfortunately.  

    Netatmo weather station for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone (Electronics)
    I concentrate in my review on the things that struck me negatively. The positive things that have already been described sufficiently by other users, I nevertheless share - and precisely these were the ones who have moved me to buy the Weather Statio
  • calibrated significantly brighter than its predecessor (measured 2000 lumens vs. 1600 lumens). Otherwise the changes are manageable  

    BenQ W1070 + 3D home theater DLP projector (Full HD 1920x1080 pixels, 2,200 ANSI lumens, contrast 10.000: 1, 2x HDMI, MHL, vertical lens shift) White (Electronics)
    I have the projectors now also home for several weeks even. He replaced my Optoma HD50, which is indeed advertised as the best single-chip DLP to 1500 ... I have waited a long time and considered whether the W1070 + for my home theater is better suit
  • Perfect clamp for NETATMO  

    Cullmann multi clamp CC60 (Accessories)
    Have successfully diverted this terminal. Use it as a balcony brace for my rain sensor from NETATMO. This is unfortunately delivered without any mounting material. Therefor the Cullmann terminal is ideally suited 1/4 thread in many positions and aust
  • not suitable for high humidity  

    Canon PowerShot G16 Digital Camera (12.1 Megapixels, 5x opt. Zoom, 7.6 cm (3 inch) LCD display, image stabilized) black (Camera)
    In the first real use during the New Zealand vacation emerged in the display Schlieren, after I had spent a day in the rainforest, where high humidity prevails. I had the camera in anorak in plastic bags, but also in between taking photos. Amazon see
  • Hot and humid feet despite Geox-system  

    Geox U FEDERICO W Men Derby Lace Up Brogues (Textiles)
    Hello, I am disappointed to the effect of this shoe that I get just as hot and humid feet like in any other business shoe. No, I have no morbid sweaty feet, because I do not know these problems in athletic shoes. Here the circulation takes over the s
  • Hardware-specific calibration at a professional level - with teething problems  

    X-Rite i1Display Pro colorimeter for monitor and projector-EODIS3 (Electronics)
    The new i1Display Pro promises hardware-based calibration to technical up-to-date level for professionals, as well as dedicated amateurs who demand color fastness value. Dedicated amateurs because to be familiar with the issues etc. make color manage
  • Keeps permanent high humidity was, very good sound  

    [Waterproof] Inateck rechargeable Portable Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Speaker enhanced bass | 3W | IPX5 Waterproof Standard (Electronics)
    The Inateck IPX5 Bluetooth speaker I use permanently in the bathroom. In contrast to the broad mass of Bluetooth speakers Inateck the device has a great advantage. He is in fact waterproof! Excellent for rooms with high humidity, for a beach holiday
  • Color calibration necessary  

    Asus VS248H 61 cm (24 inch) monitor (VGA, DVI, HDMI, 2ms response time) black (accessories)
    After extensive search for a new monitor, test reports for the ASUS VS248 decided. Primarily the monitor for office work is used at home, Internet and photo editing - just the correct color representation in photos is important to me! Gaming has not
  • After correct calibration - BOMB !!!  

    Denon AVR-X1100W 7.2 surround AV receiver (WLAN, Spotify Connect, Internet radio, 5 + 1 HDMI, DLNA, AirPlay, 145 Watt) (Electronics)
    Actually, I wanted originally to AVR-X1000, but as was then offered to the start of the mega-Monday at Amazon this receiver for 299 euros I had to slam. The main differences to the AVR-X1000 are Bluetooth 7.2 and not 5.1, as well as WLAN. If someone
  • Balanced AVR with good calibration system and little quirks  

    Denon AVR-X1000 5.1 surround AV receiver (Internet radio, HDMI, DLNA streaming, AirPlay, 145 Watt) (Electronics)
    I bought this AVR because my previous (Onkyo TX-NR609) is unfortunately broke down. My home setup consists of 2 x 5 and a Dali censor Klipsch Synergy Sub 12th Positives: - To my knowledge, the best calibration system in this price range - Airplay - N
  • Perfect for regulating the humidity!  

    TaoTronics interior ultrasonic humidifier to cool vaporization (constant humidity mode, haze level control, timer settings, integrated water purifier, anion mode, mute) (Kitchen)
    Rather pretty, and easily concealable in an interior, this humidifier is ideal for excessively dry environments; or for those who need a moist air to breathe better. Another advantage that this humidifier can add a few drops essential dhuiles in wate