Panasonic ER-GP80 for beard trimming


  • Good scissors for good price, also for beard trimming.  

    Ergo Haarschere 5.5 inch Serrated, stainless steel Eisgehärtetes (Personal Care)
    In many reviews is that the rings are very small. This is probably because they are intended for the thumb and ring finger. Here the little finger should rest on the "hook". Personally, I use to my beard trim and am therefore a man and get along
  • For beard trimming optimally  

    Remington MB4010 Beard Trimmer Horizon (Personal Care)
    Trim perfectly usable for Bart. No plucking or other "taunts". Locking mechanism for the individual lengths slightly loose, but the beard reichts 100%!
  • Really good shaver with blockbuster battery, for bearded + when traveling but there's more practical models  

    Philips RQ1155 / 16 SensoTouch 2D wet & dry shaver (precision trimmer) (Health and Beauty)
    Conclusion after 6 months: A really good shaver with blockbuster battery. For beard and when traveling there but practical models. Everything is neatly packed and fits very precisely into the shapes of the inner cartons even in very rough handling of
  • Wonderful for beards  

    Grandpa's Wonder Pine Tar Soap, 3:25 oz (92 g) (Health and Beauty)
    Item is as always very good. I'm very satisfied and finally the soap can also be ordered by prime. The best soap for beards
  • Great for beards - solid piece of equipment with long-term satisfaction guarantee  

    Grundig MC 6040 Hair and beard trimmer (Personal Care)
    After a trial period of over two years, I am still firmly convinced of this shaver. I have bought this razor because he was the only after a long search, the long essays had to cut and a longer beard. I use the razor to trim the beard, cutting the be
  • Suitable for beard shaving  

    Remington BHT2000A Body Hair Trimmer (Health and Beauty)
    For shaving and trimming a beard this shaver is very well suited. He sits comfortably in the hand and the cutting height can be changed quickly by the control dial. I wanted this to Body Shaving razors jadoch and find that it is less suitable to. For
  • Very good "heavy equipment" for beards  

    Remington MB4850 Indestructible beard trimmer with titanium coated blades (Personal Care)
    Since I have no beard, I admit at this point further legal enthusiastic impressions of this "Remington Indestructible beard trimmer" from Bartträger our budget, which I now have much experience with hair cutters have, and allow me a few wor
  • For beard and head hair with lots of length settings  

    Remington MB320C Beard Trimmer Set (Health and Beauty)
    Battery lasts quite a long time, felt even considerably longer than indicated. And that after the machine did not even full 14 h was charged. This time there is more than promised very pleasantly surprised. Also, the trimming result can be seen: - Tr
  • Perfect for bearded dragons  

    Lucky Reptile BSD-70 Bright Sun UV Desert, 70 W, metal halide lamp for E27 sockets with UVA and UVB radiation (Misc.)
    Have one of these lamps in my bearded dragon terrarium in use, and the little they love. In brightness, it is definitely not comparable with other lamps with 70W power approx. Did they in 30cm distance mounted on a sun bed space, and integrated into
  • Suitable for beard and legs  

    Florena Men Shaving Cream, 6-pack (6 x 100 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    For men: My two male guinea pigs are both convinced razor, but shaving else other manufacturers or shaving have used, It may be priced also something highly priced as this product be. Both had when applied either by brush or by hand, no problems. The
  • panasonic too brilliant for my holidays  

    Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT25EF-R Waterproof cameras Screen Size 2.7 "(6.7) 4x optical zoom Red (Camera Photos)
    I bought this camera because I has just an iPhone 4s, I Amais had a camera, and not want to have to pay attention every 5 minutes. which have won me; Price, waterproof, 16 mx pixel, small and convenient use. It took three weeks to make up my mind I l
  • Golliwoog - fodder plant for bearded dragons, birds, guinea pigs ...  

    Golliwoog - fodder plant for bearded dragons, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits (Misc.)
    My bearded dragons love it. By the way very nice touch -the really has a clue. Thanks again. Plant can multiply so that one actually buys only once and always has stock is super easy. Good appetite!
  • Panasonic Lens Hood for Lumix  

    Panasonic Lens Hood for Lumix DMC-FZ45 FZ48 FZ62 FZ100 FZ150 (Electronics)
    Very stable, easy to fix. Very important for good shots. If only original parts recommend other replacement panels are not suitable for it.
  • Panasonic Lubricating Oil for blade - 50 ml ... - Very well.  

    Panasonic Lubricating Oil for blade - 50 ml (Personal Care)
    Very significantly improves the operation of electric shavers, improves cut quality lubrication and cleaning the blades and the grid. This lubricating oil is very fluid but convenient as economic, low volume enough.
  • Panasonic ER-gp80 hair trimmer  

    Panasonic ER-gp80 professional hair clipper (Personal Care)
    The machine is easy to grip and silent in use. The hair length with the thumbwheel to adjust is well thought out and clean easily. What I miss are inclined combs to better to graduate hackles.
  • Very nice and convenient Beard Trimmer  

    Philips QT4022 / 32 beard trimmer with 20 length settings, washable (Personal Care)
    The razor I have gained for beard trimming me about two months ago. Approximately twice a week I cut my beard to a length of 3 mm. The handling of the beard cutting requires due to the small contact area on the skin a bit of practice to achieve a uni
  • To be desired leaves much 1  

    Philips QG3380 / 16 Multigroom Set Pro with three-day beard, Haarschneider- essay (Personal Care)
    I had only the predecessor of this shaver, but it was broken after less than a year. Have Philips then return receive the purchase price because there was no longer this. So I looked around for a replacement, and already the first disappointment. The
  • No more cheap Nose and Ear Hair Remover  

    Philips NT9130 / 16 Nose and ear trimmer, metallic-blue / black (Personal Care)
    Who does not? The "good" cheap Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer ... Also we had them one - to which we enjoy working with a wide berth. Because somehow the part was just not as good. Not effective, became quite warm, etc ... So the question arises
  • Good hair trimmer with weaknesses in Accessories  

    Philips HC7450 / 80 Power hair trimmer Dual Cut technology, chrome-black (Personal Care)
    = Delivery = The Philips Power hair trimmer HC7450 / 80 is delivered in a black Kunststoff_koffer_ you want to store the device, including accessories, are also used. In the box you will also find 2 combs (1 for the hair, beard attachment 1), the pow