Panasonics simple set


  • Affordable, simple set of keys  

    Silverline 589709 Metric tube socket set, 6-piece (tool)
    I was looking for an inexpensive Pipe Wrench Set because I very rarely times as a need. In this specific case, I had to put a nut on the underside of a kitchen faucet, what can be done with any other key. Of course it is clear that one can not expect
  • simple set-up, good playback quality  

    Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player GA3A00032A07 (Personal Computers)
    I have to use the machine within 5 minute, can any layman! The picture quality is still room for improvement, I have played through AllCast (from the Google Play Store) times a Full HD video, this worked on my Full HD TV but slightly pixelated ... I
  • To use as a simple set  

    TP-Link TL-Nano PA2010P Powerline Network Adapter (200Mbps, Fast Ethernet, integrated socket) (Accessories)
    The thing works perfectly and is very easy to install - but only in the basic equipment (router socket-outlet - LAN device) I have ordered a third part, because the same network I wanted to use the Smart TV and the PC. As I said, it will operate prop
  • Good but not very simple setting targets  

    SWISS ARMS square metal target for BB's 6mm (Sport)
    Good product quality. Take the hand to change target pretty quickly (it does not easily connects to the end in the bottom guide). For target provided with: a thickness sufficient to Walther P99 GBB (2 joules). For low power ball guns (spring 0.5 joul
  • Very beautiful image, very simple setting work  

    Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro Webcam for Mac Special Mac (Accessory)
    Focus even in low lighting. No driver required on mac os. Compatible Skype and face Time. Micro ok even talking normally 3 meters
  • Simple set up than expected - Super price and performance  

    Cot -Farbwahl- folding bed cot playpen cot baby travel bed included. Mattress + Accessories (Baby Product)
    We were looking for a travel cot for visiting my sister and saw this bed. The reviews - both positive and negative - we have read and still decided to go for it. Preliminary a compliment to the provider. Fast and reliable, ordered Monday afternoon an
  • Finally a product that remains "simple" to be set!  

    D-Link DCS-932L x 2 Pack 2 IP Cameras Day / Night WiFi N mydlink 300Mbps Ethernet Wifi White (Personal Computers)
    After testing multiple IP cameras: Trendnet TV-IP422 IP Camera + IR Panoramic Way Audio or D-Link DCS-2230 IP Camera cubic Full HD, it turned out that they are very very disappointing products not in their operation Direct (no complaints there) but i
  • clean and simple scrap  

    Discover Scrapbooking pure (Paperback)
    I love this book because there are many examples of clean and simple set page and examples of achievements at the end. There are also technical explanations that are useful. Recommended for those who enjoy scrapbooking style.
  • Universal - Remote Control - Simple?  

    One For All URC 6440 Universal Remote Control with 4 Simple SimpleSet for PC connection (optional)
    The remote control Simple 4 looks chic - not susceptible to dirt - relatively difficult - is on two little feet - wobbly - four units can be controlled - with one keystroke is possible at the same time two devices (eg TV and Receiver.) On / off - set
  • cheap, simple & functional  

    Vivanco 24 hours timer mechanical know (tool)
    I own this product now been several weeks and am fully satisfied with it, because the setting is logical to understand, done quickly and efficiently. I run with this switch my aquarium lighting, so I do not have to turn itself mornings and evenings.
  • Thoughtful and soft-saver  

    Bosch washing machine WAW28500 FL / A +++ / 152 kWh / year / 1400 rpm / 9 kg / 11200 L / year / Activ Water Plus / white (Misc.)
    The installation and commissioning of the machine is done quickly thanks to the clearly structured and well-written manual. The programs and the operation of the machine are explained in exemplary fashion. The machine can flaunt frugality and large c
  • High-quality, stable and unobtrusive Projector mount  

    My Wall H16-1WL ceiling mount projector (15kg load capacity, ceiling distance: 225mm) white (accessory)
    I have chosen mainly because of the white color for this projector bracket, because they should be inconspicuous and fit my white Beamer Acer H5380BD. I am absolutely satisfied with the purchase: simple, white design that is not very noticeable. Over
  • A7s - The Silent Revolution  

    Sony Alpha 7s digital camera (12.2 megapixels, 7.6 cm (3 inch) LCD display, Full HD, Uncompressed output via HDMI (4K / Full HD) Silent Shooting mode, dust and splash proof) (Electronics)
    [Last update on 17/05/2015] I've owned several APS-C cameras in recent years and was really pleased with all. Actually. But almost every single (initially Nikon, Sony later) was, it was always only relatively minor improvements of the respective pred
  • Cheap sound solution  

    Logitech Z213 PC speakers Black (Personal Computers)
    The speakers come in well packed, the two satellites are hard-wired. When installing the wires together vulcanized can pull apart. Prima, so unötiger clutter is avoided. The two satellites are processed plastic and very light, but good. The subwoofer
  • A very successful strategy game  

    Asmodee 001931 - Abalone strategy game (toy)
    The great thing about 'abalone' is that it is easy to learn but hard to master is (Similar to the mill, etc.). The gameplay can be passed on within a few minutes to newcomers. I try here shortly and hope that it's not complicated sounds as if it is -
  • Does what it says 68  

    TEMPERATURE SWITCH TS 125 (Electronics)
    An excellent product. We used me for the turtles outdoor enclosure and has the task to ensure a minimum temperature in the transitional period. This object is reliably fulfilled. Especially nice is the rapid and simple set a new temperature. The low
  • Class! 320  

    One For All URC 7960 Smart Control universal remote control (accessory)
    So I can only agree with most here! I had a receiver whose code in either code list there was still the Internet. Have therefore called directly from the customer. The told me I could be the remote control sending (they would the code storing) or I c
  • Prima, finally only one !!!  

    Logitech Harmony 300i Universal Remote Control (optional)
    Have the remote control to get the past and the same started to install my 4 devices. - Connect the remote to the PC - Website called and registered shortly. Selected TV, satellite receiver, digital receiver and DVD player on the model
  • Top product - package acceptable  

    Hazet 5108-2CT torque wrench 2.5-25 Nm, accuracy +/- 4% in transparent box (tool)
    Who wants to tighten the screws in the low torque range really can not use imprecise tool. Therefore, for me the choice fell on a quality key. The Hazet Torque wrench can do everything what I expect. Simple set the desired torque. Lock the setting po
  • works promptly  

    HUX EYE® new model live trap mousetrap Multi Catch metal MAF5003CLOR
    Yesterday, the case was delivered (in a discreet orange as pictured). We have it set up in the evening near the suspected hideout, down a short track with nuts and dried apple pieces and also some of them did in the case this morning and two mice wer