pinti knives block



    Pradel Excellence BL005 Block of 4 knives Plexi / Blade Ceramic Knife + Peeler Ceramic (Kitchen)
  • Efficiency and smooth  

    Electric Shaver Braun Series 3 380s-4 Wet & Dry (Health and Beauty)
    Adept for a long time electrical shaving, I successively tried different technologies over the years and it is with Braun shavers that I found the best compromise between a sufficiently efficient shave, good handling and good comfort on the skin. So
  • OK knives, disappointing block  

    Pradel Jean Dubost 18506 Block of 5 Red Kimono Kitchen Knives Kitchen Ventoux Stainless Steel (Kitchen)
    nothing to say about knives, I am satisfied: beautiful design, good blade against the block has defects in the finishing of label: the borders are imprecise and labels are poorly attached to the wood
  • Good knives acceptable block  

    Twin Twin Gourmet Knife block, natural, 9 pcs. 320 x 115 x 290 mm (riveted, full tang, Friodur blade) (household goods)
    The knives are for our needs really well! They lie neatly in the hand and are mainly active (even after they are for some time now in use). The blades also make a fairly stable impression. However, the block appears to be the one sold with other kniv
  • Bamboo Knife Block - for 20 knives  

    Cook Ling bamboo knife block - for 20 knives (household goods)
    This knife block is perfect! Stable! (Even with the heaviest and largest diameters) Looks great! Very variable blade holders in the Schlitzlängen- u. Heights! Highly Recommended!
  • Professional Knife Block inkl.6 knife series Pinti  

    Professional -. Knife block including 6 meter - series "Professional" by Pinti Inox (household goods)
    The knife block was a gift, as far as I've noticed that it is very good for use. Visually, it's a looker. Stand firm and also does not wobble!
  • Beautiful block with super sharp knives  

    Wüsthof knife block 9851-2 Grand Prix 2 with 7 parts (household goods)
    I have long been thinking about the purchase of a knife block. After many reviews on Gemini, and WMF Wüsthof I chose this Wüsthof block. In the fast shipment as always with Amazon all was well packed. the blades themselves were 1a packed in sleeves a
  • Block of 4 knives  

    Pradel Excellence BC004TI Block of 4 knives Blades Coating Titanium / Stainless Steel (Kitchen)
    They are really beautiful ... a stunning effect ... They perfectly cut but I use them for three days ... I am delighted that in any case it is for the appearance or cutting 4 ... this is the right number ...
  • It changes the supermarket knives  

    Wüsthof Silverpoint 9864 Knives block with 7 parts (Kitchen)
    I'm not a great cook to make the mess every day, but the difference is felt directly. Whether to prepare an appetizer, cut meats, pies, prepare the vegetables, everything is much faster and you can slice thinly. Nothing to do with my previous low-end
  • Block design, quality cuisine  

    Pradel Jean Dubost 18507 block of Black Kimono 5 Kitchen Knives Kitchen Ventoux Stainless Steel (Kitchen)
    French brand, but the product seems he imported ... beautiful block design and knives and incredibly low price fits perfectly into a modern kitchen
  • A bit short block  

    Block Wood Range Knives Universal items (Kitchen)
    Attentions with long blades. I revoyé block because a majority knives did not fit. For "daily" knives, steak or whatever, it is very much otherwise.
  • Knife blocks  

    BEEM Germany 8 according Knives Japanese Model Kyu Kabu (Kitchen)
    satisfied with the product, delivered on time and would recommend a amiBEEM - F0000.120 - knife blocks - Block 8 Knives Kyu Kabu - Black - Block House (Import Germany).
  • Kitchen Knives  

    BEEM Germany 8 according Knives Japanese Model Kyu Kabu (Kitchen)
    Great product! After years of fighting with knives that are not carved I finally found my happiness! The knives carve fine, aesthetic block, value for money! I'm happy with my purchase!
  • Great for storing and showcase beautiful kitchen knives  

    Culinario 0/50498 Black Bloc knives (kitchen)
    This knife block has a beautiful design that allows it to be a true object of decoration. The knives perfectly stored and protected. In short: if you need to rule your knives and using them easily and quickly at hand is the object for you.
  • Block and fibers  

    Culinario 0/50498 Black Bloc knives (kitchen)
    The block is as I imaginais.Bien. By cons I am disappointed by the quality of the fibers. I already own a block of the same shape with fibers. And the comparison is disappointing: the Culinario fibers are much thicker: as mines criterium 12/15 mm. Fi
  • Super sharp knives & Top Quality  

    Twin Twin Gourmet Knife block, natural, 9 pcs. 320 x 115 x 290 mm (riveted, full tang, Friodur blade) (household goods)
    I ordered the knives from Zwilling me a few months ago and I am impressed. The knives were packed super safe and secure and the delivery went smoothly. The knives are super sharp and the variety of knives is also perfect for any preparation. Especial
  • Modern Knife Block  

    JOLTA® / SCHAEFER 8 pcs. noble knife set made of stainless steel in Acrylständer / Knife Block (Black)
    Looks great, a real eye-catcher in the kitchen, rock solid stands knives and scissors properly. The somewhat different knife block for the modern kitchen!
  • Super, the knife block  

    Joseph Joseph Elevate Carousel JJ10077 knife block including knives (household goods)
    This knife block has space in the smallest kitchen and the blades are extremely sharp, Caution! These knives are highly recommended !!!
  • Use of kitchen knives  

    Polishing paste, medium (Misc.)
    I recently purchased the green paste and use it for the fine hood of my quality kitchen knives. The paste is indeed very strong and a little crumbly, making the application to the support difficult. I have a strip rectangular balsa wood (approximatel
  • WMF knife block, not completely  

    WMF 1889619990 Knife block with 8 pieces of cutlery Grand Gourmet (household goods)
    WMF 1889619990 Messerblock bestück 8-piece Grand Gourmet Have the above items purchased and was really disappointed when unpacking. Why? Not because of lack of quality of the knife contained (this cut really well and are balanced in the hand) or "sty