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  • Super Controller, which I had hoped for more from the new pad  

    Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Limited Edition Tomb Raider (Accessories)
    I bought the controller, because I had heard and read of the improved D-pad. I vin assumed I wernn the cross down turn, I really only up, down, left and right can press. I had to be taught the opposite me unfortunately yet. Nothing there. The pressur
  • MuFu-SchlaZi system  

    Philips BTM2310 compact system with Bluetooth (15 watt, bass-reflex, USB, FM, CD-MP3) (Electronics)
    /// My purpose: MuFu-SchlaZi system (radio alarm clock, clock, music player station and H├Ârbuchvorlesautomat) /// /// First impression: small; calmly; /// processed properly /// Structure: simple; everything therewith /// /// Operation: 95% of the sy
  • A (nearly) perfect mp3 player  

    Sandisk Sansa Clip + MP3 player 2GB (FM tuner, microSD Slot) (Electronics)
    The most important innovation in Sansa Clip +, compared to the normal "clip", is probably clear the card slot for microSD cards. A limitation of the possible card size I could not refer to the manual, so you can now expand the tiny thus alm
  • Strong receiving digital radio with CD player and USB port  

    Dual DAB P 100 Portable Digital Radio Boombox (FM / DAB / DAB + radio station presets, scan, CD player, MP3, USB, AUX-In, display) Black (Accessories)
    The Boombox combines a digital radio with a CD player and USB port to play MP3 files. You can both DAB + and FM band - is so at home in two worlds and thus future-proof. Its lightweight design makes it suitable for both stationary and as well as for
  • good MP3 player  

    Samsung YP K3 JAB portable MP3 player 4GB with FM Tuner (Electronics)
    The Samsung YP K3 is a real alternative to the market-leading iPod. The integrated radio, you can also once let their music library alone and just let the presenters do their jobs. The dimensions are compact and fit in really almost any trouser or ja
  • Solid player with weaknesses in sound quality  

    Sandisk Sansa Clip MP3 player with 8GB built-in FM Tuner (Electronics)
    Since my iPod 5G has been lost, I had to take myself to the search for a new player. An important point for me was the opportunity to use the new device without trouble on Linux. Simultaneously, the purse should not be overly burdened. Open formats w
  • Fi, smartphone coupling, DLNA, 3D MKV, Media Player, Internet - Apps and Co.  

    Samsung UE55F6500 139 cm (55 inches) 3D LED-backlit TV (Full HD, 400Hz CMR, DVB-T / C / S2, CI +, Wi-Fi, Smart TV, HbbTV, voice control) (Electronics)
    Once here already made enough reviews on the picture and sound of the TV's I light times a few other details. I rose from old tube to the UE55F6500 not only because of the great and wonderful image, but also because I can be nice to integrate it into
  • Decent image, good media player, standard equipment  

    Philips 40PFL4508K / 12 102 cm (40 inches) 3D LED-backlit TV (Full HD, 200Hz PMR, DVB-T / C / S, CI +, Wi-Fi, Smart TV, HbbTV) Silver (Electronics)
    The 40PFL4508K Philips is just average-equipped mid-size TV. Its elegant design, solid preparation and a good image quality stand in the way a few shortcomings in operation and function details. Appearance, processing and use In a solid cardboard can
  • Finally a problem-Player  

    Sony BDP-S470 3D capable Blu-ray player (1080p Full HD, Dolby True HD, DTS HD, iPhone / iPod Touch remote controlled, wireless ready) (Electronics)
    After I spent the last year in order to buy me several players and each quite disturbing aspects have discovered that this led ultimately to the player re-sold or ended up as second or third unit in the bedroom and living room, I'm now finally satisf
  • Battlefield 4 matures again when Player  

    Battlefield 4 - [PC] (computer game)
    [Update 115h (incl. China Rising) see below.] [30h update, see below.] Preface: I play Battlefield 1942 (you know what I mean ^^) and have spent several thousand hours of series, with BF4 there are now almost exactly 10 hours (using a VPN, as the DE-
  • Affordable, good MP4 player, but only with other headphones  

    MP4 Player Portable - microSD slot for cards up to 16 GB, with no internal memory - SCHWARZ - MP3 AMV, FM radio, e-book, built-in speaker + Mini Clip MP3 Player BERTRONIC ®
    Reviews: Player: ***** Battery: ***** Sound :: **** Headphones: * Radio: ** Display: ***** Service: ***** Shipping: ***** Appearance: ***** Handling: **** Accessories: ***** Measurements: 90 x 42 x 8 mm; Display 35 x 28mm; Mini Player: 40 x 28 x 12 m
  • The de facto standard for "multi-player" - or "? Papaaa Can I CeeDeeee höreeen?"  

    Philips AZ787 / 12 CD radio recorder (Digital tuner, USB Direct, Dynamic Bass Boost, sleep timer, tape deck) (Electronics)
    We have these players now in 2 versions: once the older model, the AZ 3856 (August 2010) for our older child (9) and this here (AZ 787/12 September 2013) for our younger child (6). There are (positive) differences, more on that later. We have titled
  • The Disk Station as an audio device to the home stereo system operated by means of a USB sound card  

    Synology DiskStation DS213J NAS servers (2-Bay, 1.2GHz, 512MB DDR3, 1x LAN, 2x USB 2.0) (Accessories)
    Hello, on the Disk Stations has been written much. I would like to present here a method, how to get a SPDIF output for about 10 euros to the DiskStation to connect directly to a plant and to be able to listen to music and Internet radio on the syste
  • Internet Radio Top, Media Player Flop  

    DNT IPdio Tune internet radio (FM tuner, Wi-Fi, SD card slot, USB 2.0) (Electronics)
    Here is my experience with the dnt IPdio Tune. For me, only the following functions were interesting in the evaluation: A) Internet Radio on LAN (WLAN untested) B) Media Player (MP3 files via USB flash drive and / or SD card in the device, no streami
  • Extensive Media Player  

    CyberLink PowerDVD 14 Pro (CD-ROM)
    In the package is out of a commercial for a few apps, in addition to the CD nor a quick start guide. After installing an online activation is due. For this purpose, only the input of the serial number is needed. More data need not be entered. Then yo
  • The clock radio hands-free MP3 Player Speaker  

    EXPOWER (R) newest Two speakers 5w * 2 Bluetooth Luatsprecher with clock, alarm and FM radio capabilities for all Bluetooth devices (Black) (Electronics)
    The EXPOWER comes elegantly packaged, the matte packaging is decorated in white and red, indicating the model and on the side of the available color variants. I have to completely black. Even while unpacking the good impression continues. The elongat
  • Well, as a DVD recorder to use as a VHS player & Copiers only conditionally.  

    LG RCT699H DVD recorder with VHS player (HDMI, USB 2.0, DivX) (Electronics)
    If you still looking for a new VHS video player, you get to a combination of video and DVD players and recorders no longer pass. I have searched for more and ever only found a few devices of this type, this here is the "cheapest" was. The price
  • Single player played for several hours. Follow online mode.  

    Drive Club (Standard Edition) (Video Game)
    Since finally it is possible for the standard game (which I also have bought) to write a review, I suppose that already I wrote at hand. This review is only used purely on the single player mode of Drive Club, since I still had no access to the serve
  • As BD player OK when SmartTV box and Netzwerkplayer not recommended (castrated OperaTV, no SmartHub)  

    Samsung BD-H5900 3D Blu-ray player (1080p upscaling, Wi-Fi, Smart TV) (Electronics)
    For urgent resume: When BD player good as SmartTV box and network player currently works very little! All H5x00 player not based on Samsung's SmartHub (doing loud support only the BD-H6500), but on a very limited by Samsung OperaTV (even the browser
  • Good player, but hardly an improvement to previous series  

    Sony BDP-S5500 Blu-ray Player (Super Quick Start, 3D and improved Super WiFi) (Electronics)
    Update 10:04:15: Despite some "Internet Updates" and "Firmware Updates" (almost never =) operate the video streams in apps like Tagesschau still unreliable. I have sent the players back, so it can unfortunately be no more updates. Resu