samsung b350e mic jumper salusn


  • TOP. Good sound thanks to large 25mm micro-capsule  

    Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio / podcast microphone Silver (Electronics)
    I have had many USB mics under 70 euros, but these were either acoustically only satisfactory clunky (too much treble like most China-USB Studio Miks) or. After I used the small Samsung Go Mic USB successfully, I bought the big brother Samson Meteor
  • HTC One M9 - The Best  

    HTC One (M9) Smartphone (12.7 cm (5 inch) Full HD display, octa-core processor, 20 megapixel camera, 32GB internal memory, Android 5.0.2) dark gray (Wireless Phone)
    Finally made the jump wech of Samsung and HTC jumped horse. It was already written much and the voice I just. Best smartphone.
  • Funny jump'n'run - Runs on Samsung Galaxy S4 mini  

    Courli (App)
    The game is a funny, little pastime with chic Grafilk and a pleasant increasing difficulty. Just the right so if you're in the waiting room of the doctor wartenb needs or on the bus on the road. The app works fine on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini with A
  • Samsung is learning from past mistakes - but also makes new ...  

    Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 (5.1 inch touch screen, 32GB memory, Android 5.0) Black (Wireless Phone)
    I already owned a lot of quality smartphones in the past, as well as the Galaxy S5. Although this, technically speaking, a top unit was, the spark is somehow never quite jumped on me. Among other things bothered me practiced with TouchWiz drastic cha
  • Samsung LED TV Monitor T28D310ES  

    SamsungT28D310ES 71.1 cm (28 inches) PC monitor (VGA, HDMI, USB, SCART, 8ms response time, TV tuner) black and shiny (Personal Computers)
    Hello! Today I bought the "Samsung LED TV monitor" with the designation T28D310ES and mounted in my bedroom on a wall bracket. The monitor is used exclusively as a television via DVB-S with me. After the initial setup, which was carried out quic
  • Useful Adapter for Samsung Galaxy Si9000  

    FiiO LU2 Intelligent adapter cable (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    We have for our son, who owns a Samsung Galaxy Si9000, the Apple apple earbuds bought Apple apple earbuds with remote and mic, as it has problems with the conventional in-ear headphones. Allegedly, these should also be compatible with a Samsung smart
  • Almost mandatory addition to the Samsung case.  

    Spigen magnetic clip Flip Cover for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Silver (Accessory)
    Use of CoverView nicer. Should be included on the original Samsung case is incomplete. But engineers or did they head ??? The magnet chromium does not appear to be very thick and is already starting to jump despite the care I take of the case :-( A b
  • Poor quality despite the brand Samsung  

    Kit free hand Pieton dŽorigine EHS48ESOME Samsung - Color Black for Samsung S5620 Player Star 2 (Electronics)
    Hello, I ordered 3 of these pedestrian kit. First disappointment, and size: the only person hears when talking into the mic (while it is two cm from the mouth) Second disappointment: the quality of sound when used for listening to music on the phone
  • 2 products, 2 times the same defect - jumping mouse wheel  

    SteelSeries Sensei RAW Heat Orange mouse black (Accessories)
    As such, the SteelSeries Sensei RAW is a solid mouse with all important functions (thumb and side keys) without a lot of fuss and bother, and at first I was very satisfied with the mouse. At my first SteelSeries Sensei RAW I had a few (2-3) months a
  • Panasonic ETW60 vs. Samsung F6500 / 6510 mid-range TVs in 2013  

    Panasonic TX-L47ETW60 119 cm (47 inch) TV (Full HD, triple tuners, 3D, Smart TV) (Electronics)
    As successor to my very good, now also unfortunately become too small I Samsung UE32C6000 were 4 middle class models of the size category 46/47 inch 3D to 1,000 Euro on the short list: Samsung F6500, Sony W805, Philips 6008k and the Panasonic ETW60.
  • Samsung DV150F  

    Samsung DV150F smart digital camera (16.2 megapixels, 5x opt. Zoom, 6.9 cm (2.7 inch) LCD screen, image stabilization, DualView, WiFi) cobalt (Electronics)
    Packaging and delivery The camera comes in a small cardboard box valued together with the charger, a wrist strap, the warranty card and a small, speak several languages ​​"Quick Start Guide". A proper manual is downloading on the home page, whic
  • ATTENTION! Unfortunately not for Samsung Note Attention suited (with pin)!  

    Original ICarer Microfiber Case for Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 SM-P900-P905 SM-quality leather case black (Electronics)
    We have here two Samsung NotePro 12.2, the P900 and the P905. They are used for everyday and official notes. Now they both should finally get a more beautiful shell - we decided on the Icare. Processing, appearance and fit were top in both devices. B
  • Jump Start Device GB30  

    NOCO Genius GB30 Ultra Safe Lithium Battery Jump Start Device, 12 V (Automotive)
    The Jump Start Device GB30 is an ideal helper in a very good quality and very robust. My car is in the garage without a mains connection! The car is a "youngster" 24 years old. I use the car 2 - 3 times a month and this is very stressful for a c
  • Technology would unfortunately crippled the makings Apple Watch Killer, Samsung via software. Technology 4 stars, usability 1 star  

    Samsung SM-R7500ZKADBT Gear S in black (Electronics)
    When I look at myself all the reviews so I wonder if the reviewers use their gear S at all (be), or if I'm spoiled as technology amorous man simply too demanding, or. Maybe I was after all the great reviews expecting even too much smartphone? I bough
  • Backup immediately jumps out  

    Samsung CAD300UBE Car Charger for B3210 / B5310 / G810 / I7500 / I8000 / I8510 / IS8000 (Accessories)
    Did I specially bought a Samsung car charger, because I thought that event. are better than the cheap ... Nope. Every time I wanted to connect the charger with mobile phone that fuses are jumped out ... :( and the cable was too short me ...
  • Attention! For all the flirting with a purchase of Samsung UE40F6470.  

    Sony BRAVIA KDL-42W655 107 cm (42 inch) TV (Full HD, Triple Tuner, Smart TV) (Electronics)
    Like many others, I was faced with the agony of choice between the Samsung and the Sony Bravia UE40F6470. I decided after extensive testing for the latter and do not want to let my undivided experience. The most important criteria: Sony + Design; Siz
  • Novero Tour Bluetooth headset on the Samsung Galaxy S III  

    Novero Tour Bluetooth Headset Black (Accessories)
    I use the headset with my Samsung Galaxy S III mainly for listening to music and am (in this price range) love it! Before, I always had to take the phone in hand and unlock the music playback to start. This is now passé: Once synchronized with the mo
  • Perfect for young mice  

    Exo Terra PT2275 Brutbox, medium (Misc.)
    We have this Brutbox to prop up the mice back that attaches alive our cat. Even small mice can be kept wonderfully there, of course, only for a few days, in the long run they would be too small. But for 1-2 days to get back on their feet, it is perfe
  • Samsung with quality problems?  

    Samsung Tab S - Keyboard Cover - Bluetooth keyboard and holder, bronze - EJ CT800MAEGDE (Accessories)
    Having been already delivered my Galaxy Tab S with clear workmanship, today also the Bluetooth keyboard with unsatisfactory quality unfortunately came with me. Something in the keyboard is loose so that the keys on the left side rattle loud - probabl
  • Samsung NX Mini with NX-M 9-27mm in Test  

    Samsung NX Mini Smart System camera (20 megapixels, 7.5 cm (2.9 inch) display, Full HD video, image stabilization, incl. 9mm Lens) (Electronics)
    I have copied the review of my blog below. More information and many test pictures can be found here: Samsung NX Mini Gehaeuse Body KameraDie Samsung NX Mini is a compact system camera or a smart camera that offers the typical feature