snoopy shower gel


  • Unfortunately Beautiful gift idea, shower gel contains micro plastic  

    Nivea Muttertags- and gift set 2015 1er Pack (1 x 667 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    Nice gift, but I realized that the shower gel contains micro-plastic (acrylate copolymer). The plastic passes through various detours back into the food chain and since man is so high and get the the end again. So not so nice. The Lip Butter I find n
  • Good shower gel, shampoo but as not really convincing  

    NIVEA Men Shower Gel Active Clean 250 ml, 4-pack (4 x 1 piece) (Health and Beauty)
    The Nivea Men Pflegedusche ActiveClean do compared to the gel previously used by me (only shower gel, no multifunction product) from another manufacturer a pretty good figure. The cleaning effect is convincing and my personal feeling after better tha
  • Who loves chocolate scent, must test this shower gel. It relaxes and dry times not from the skin.  

    Bettina Barty care Chocolat Bath & Shower Gel 500 ml (Personal Care)
    I love this chocolate fragrance. Unfortunately, there is this shower gel longer in business, not in my Encircled. So I ordered more directly 4 bottles.
  • Shower Gel  

    Duschdas shower gel Noire 3 x double (6 x 250 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    This shower gel were offered cheap, its perfumes, you always convinced that a fresh and fragrant shower gel in its kind.
  • A shower gel, just like any other with Polyquaternium-7  

    Nivea Men Sensitive Shower Gel, 4 Pack 4 x 250 ml (Personal Care)
    The shower gel is normally thick, smells good, lathers well and is easy to rinse again. The bottle can be placed on the head, so you can empty them until the bitter end. Why, however, is sensitive, I do not know, because on sensitive skin, it reacted
  • Shower Gel is fine!  

    Dove Men + Care Shower Gel Sensitive Clean 250 ml (Personal Care)
    There are so many nursing showers, some only for the body and other body and hair. All have "special" maintenance features, at least it is so on it. In this gel the MICROMOISTURE technique to prevent the drying of the skin while showering.
  • Very pleasant shower gel  

    Logona Shower Gel Organic Aloe + Vanilla Daily Care Sensitive (200 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    I use this gel for quite some time and am very happy with it. I find it very refreshing and I belebend.Da cottages live and rarely come to a health food store, I decided to do it, to order my favorite shower gel here.
  • Shower Gel gourmand  

    Fan of toilet water from the same brand, I can appreciate this slightly glittery pink shower gel leaves a sweet smell on the skin very pleasant, to consume without moderation
  • good shower gel  

    Nivea Men Bathcare - Sport Shampoo and Shower Gel 2 x 250 ml (Personal Care)
    very good smell good economic shower gel not need to put much foam as well as for hair
  • Snoopy bath gel, great!  

    Snoopy Love Bath & Shower Gel 200 ml 3D Figurine (Health and Beauty)
    I received the snoopy bath gel timely, I am very satisfied with both the size, gel scent and price!
  • A good shower gel  

    Sanex shower gel 0% Skin Dry Skin 500ml Set of 2 (Personal Care)
    A good shower gel paraben, leaving skin soft, moisturized and smelling very good fresh
  • Shower gel 'Yes To Carrots' 500 ml  

    Yes To Carrots Moisturising Shower Gel 500ml (Miscellaneous)
    I did not give it 5 * as this bottle is M *** ic! I can not seem to flow normally shower gel with this bottle so I directly open the cap for use. I am perhaps not very good ... well ... me! That said, it is a very good shower gel smells good and can
  • Very good shower gel for sensitive skin  

    Nivea Bathcare - Shower Pure Effect - 250 ml - 2 Pack (Health and Beauty)
    With sensitive skin, I can not afford to use any brand of shower gel to the risk of recurrent skin problems (red patches, buttons). This shower gel is perfect for me. The gel texture is not like most liquid shower gels trade, here it really is a gel.
  • Great shower gel  

    Ushuaia Shower Hammam Black Soap and Argan Nut Crumb Set of 3 x 250 ml (Personal Care)
    The shower gel smells wonderful. In addition the set of three is very convenient. The delivery was fast enough. I recommend.
  • Shower gel 1  

    Cottage - Shower and Bath - Milk Gourmand - Caramel - Family Format - 750 ml - 2 Pack (Health and Beauty)
    Cottage shower gels made intoxicating and captivating smells. When you wash with this shower gel you feel you wash with caramel smell is so realistic and powerful. You want to bite into. The foam produced is creamy and important
  • Shower gel 2  

    Cottage - Shower Hydrating Milk - The White Fishing - 250 ml - 3 Pack (Health and Beauty)
    I love Cottage shower gels, they always have delicious and fruity fragrance. He has fishing is good but I think the fragrance is a little too light. Other than that it perfectly cleanses the skin and feels very good
  • Shower Gel original  

    Cottage - Shower Milk Toning - La Pomme d'Amour - 250ml - 3 Pack (Health and Beauty)
    Very good shower gel, but he feels only the apple, I expected something more ... It is still very nice.
  • A shower gel to eat!  

    Cottage - Revitalizing Shower Milk - Strawberry and Mint - 250 ml - 3 Pack (Health and Beauty)
    Aaaah ... The Cottage shower gel always make the shower a pleasant moment of relaxation. As with most products of this brand, you want to taste this shower gel so it feels good!
  • Shower gel 3  

    Snow Maiden (Miscellaneous)
    I offered this shower gel to Noel side it has much more quality and fragrance. These homemade products are exceptional