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  • Ingenious energy battery on the go - invites many micro USB devices: smartphones, cameras, BT earphone / speaker see list.!  

    Sony CP-ELS USB portable power supply for smartphone (Accessories)
    The offered here Li-ion battery consists mainly of the white lithium-ion battery Battery "Sony CP-EL" with a capacity of 2000 mAh nominally. The CP-EL / ELS has been offered by Sony to date for MSRP of 24,90 Euro. Any price below offers, is
  • Philips SPA7380  

    Philips SPA7380 / 12 2.1 speakers gaming system (60 watts RMS, 2 satellites + subwoofer, Dynamic Bass, AUX-in, headphone jack, SPD) / Black / Red (Personal Computers)
    did this facility honestly do not buy from Amazon, because it gave them cheaper elsewhere. The bass is very strong and not blaring. There is also no humming noises or the like. For this price level a very good system, but for music but the high notes
  • Philips BT6000 - Rich sounds for a good price  

    Philips BT6000B / 12 portable, wireless Bluetooth speaker (NFC, 12 Watt RMS) (Electronics)
    I got myself the speaker Philips BT6000 about 3 weeks ago and since then tested through its paces. PROCESSING: The processing of the speaker acts consistently very valuable. It was most of metal materials used, which can be seen at the front and back

    Warranty 2 years for Casse Hifi (150 199.99 EUR) (Electronics)
    When buying, at AMAZON course!, Wireless Bluetooth speaker PHILIPS, I decided, considering the price offered by FIRSTASSUR to subscribe to this insurance. I do not regret it but I hope not to have to use it .....
  • Leger February 10  

    KooPower - Audio Cable 3.5mm M / M Retractable 80MM For iPhone 6, 6 Plus 5 5S 5C 4S 3GS iPad iPod MP3 CD DVD MD Smartphones and MP3 Players (Electronics)
    To replace a wayward Bluetooth between iPad and wirless speaker Philips No malfunction. Lightweight construction but the price was the same. We will see in time. By cons lightweight packaging was no protection, it's a chance to have received intact.

    P9BLK Philips Fidelio Wireless Portable Speaker for iPhone / iPad / iPod 20W Bluetooth (Electronics)
    What happiness this speaker philips P9. I know the bluetooth portable speakers on the market after having purchased and resold without satisfait.J'ai very hesitant before buying: the price then the performances.J'avais bose tried to 300th at Darty bu
  • High quality, no frills  

    Philips BT100W portable Bluetooth speaker (Bluetooth, 3 Watt, microphone) white (Personal Computers)
    I use the Philips BT100W / 00 Bluetooth Speaker for about 2 weeks now and am fully satisfied. I will be valued separately in this review the different categories of the speaker and draw a final conclusion. Connectivity: The speaker can be operated wi
  • Philips SPA 5300/10 2.1 multimedia speaker system  

    Philips SPA 5300/10 2.1 multimedia speaker system 100 Watt (Personal Computers)
    The, not only visually appealing, speakers from Philips impress with beautiful sound and brilliant bass whether for games, movies or just music. The installation of the boxes is kept simple and the cables are far longer than I even need it, only if y
  • Philips external Bluetooth Speaker  

    Philips Sound Shooter SBT30 / 00 Bluetooth Speaker (Speakerphone, battery for up to 8 hours of operation) khaki (Electronics)
    The sound is absolutely for a speaker of this size in order, like a good portable radio of the 60s / 70s. Pairing with trying out various Apple devices always work right away. The built-in battery lasts for hours. The build quality I would let go by.
  • Philips Portable Speaker.  

    Philips SBA3011ORG / 00 SoundShooter Portable Speaker for iPhone / iPod / Smartphone / MP3 Player 2 W Orange (Personal Computers)
    Very nice color, long battery life and very good sound I love this product that follows me around in my purse and life becomes music.
  • Philips has quality problems  

    Philips CD4961B / DE cordless phone (4.6 cm (1.8 inch) color display, ECO + mode, speakerphone, voice mail) (Electronics)
    First thing first: I had bought on the basis of the test results of Stiftung Warentest, the Philips CD4961B / DE. But the phone delivered me somehow not suited to that which was described there. Although it had the same name and the same appearance.
  • Philips SHE7005A - Price / Performance highly recommended  

    Philips SHE7005A / 00 Android in-ear headphones, speakerphones black (Accessories)
    After two weeks of testing Philips SHE7005A / 00 Here is my review: First something to packaging. The blister pack is easy to open, which is not so obvious now, because many packages can only be opened using scissors. This is much easier and much mor
  • Philips SCD 525 is much too quiet!  

    Philips Avent SCD525 / 00 ECO DECT Baby Monitor (Baby Product)
    We have three devices tested until we finally had what you wanted. We compared the Philips SCD 525 and the Angelcare baby monitor 420 D. came because we did not like both devices nor the Philips SCD 580 about which we then retain. For completeness, h
  • But quality has a name = Philips  

    Philips light TORNADO ES 8YRT energy saving lamp 8W E27 230V warmton-WS T2 (household goods)
    The name "Philips" really speaks for itself. The lamp is super. We now have the complete house (EFH) the Philips Tornado lamp or Philips LED. Even if the acquisition of the moment is a little higher, you can save the power consumption signi
  • Super Bluetooth speaker  

    Philips SB5200G / 10 BR-1X portable / wireless speakers with Bluetooth, gray (Electronics)
    In this review I will discuss the SB5200 Bluetooth Speaker, I now own for a few days. The speaker comes in a really great package. So far this is the best package of Philips I held in my hand and it gives already the sense to keep some quality in her
  • Philips SHE9000, quality workmanship, transparent sound  

    Philips SHE9000 In-Ear Headphones (metal housing) black / silver (Electronics)
    Actually, I use rarely headphones, and tend else also more likely to open or semi-open Kopfhöhrern because I prefer an airy analytical sound. Therefore, the speaker of my hi-fi system are more tuned to space and a well-audible sound, as in too warm b
  • splish, splash, Philips  

    Philips AE2330 Portable Shower Radio (AM / FM tuner, LCD screen) white (Electronics)
    Have our old nameless Shower Radio "discarded" - because reception is poor, manual tuning cumbersome battery replacement cumbersome (screws). The choice fell on the small Philips - because good name (reputation) ... 1) is ever good in your hand
  • philips pregnant  

    Philips SPA5300 2.1 multimedia speakers for PC Subwoofer Black (Personal Computers)
    Most of the products aesthetic, its the - products Over much too short when you log on tv !! if the furniture is too big we can not put the speaker on the left and right so the son is short subwoofer speaker is fragile because the speakers are front
  • Philips reinvents the tea ceremony  

    Philips HD7311 / 60 Kettle / Coffee Cream and Brown Power 1650W (Kitchen)
    This is a very strange object than this: a hybrid between the electric kettle to have hot water very quickly and the traditional teapot. Having recently damaged the ceramic model which I was previously attached, so I was curious to find out what Phil
  • Super Philips Speakers  

    Philips Speakers iPod / iPhone DTB3185 (Electronics)
    The Philips speaker is really great. The sound is clear and the noise level is perfect for a room of 30m square (as well as an amp) Very easy to use, there are all features for listening to music we like and in any medium (Bluetooth, iPhone, iPod, US