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  • Timex T2P391  

    ORIGINAL TIMEX Watches Men - t29391 (clock)
    The model is, according to sticker on the back T2P391 and not listed as t29391 here. The bracelet is a weak point of the clock. Since the strap of my old Casio MTA-1010D-7AVEF a class was better. It tweaks sometimes a bit if a hair gets stuck (I wear
  • Bravo Timex - it must look like a negative display ...  

    Timex Men's Watch XL Full Pusher CAT Digital Resin T49900 (clock)
    ... And indeed cool, stylish, stealthy - but easy to read, without having to always press the light button even under poor and sub-optimal lighting conditions. I had just ordered a Casio G-Shock GD-100MS-3, which is, however, very difficult to read a
  • 1 shows timex  

    Timex - T2N325 AU - Urban Camper - Mixed Watch - Analogue Quartz - Resin case - nylon strap a navy blue and white part (Watch)
    very nice watch for value for money, nice finish, very well packaged, being a fan of watches, it's true that "Timex" is an old brand and normally great value
  • Silver gray Timex Women's watch  

    Timex - T2P344 - Ladies Watch - Analogue Quartz - Leather Strap Silver (Watch)
    Women watches TIMEX resembling the weekender models but less fat. The principle is that the bracelet passes under the casing, so this is a long strip of leather in one piece. The big silver color is very feminine and slightly iridescent case is also
  • Evaluation Timex sports watch  

    -T5E231SU Timex - IRONMAN Triathlon 100 LAP FLIX - Sport Men Watch - Bracelet Resin - Stopwatch - 100 Memory circuits (Watch)
    My first Timex watch, I use it for about two months for training on the track and at the pool, and on the whole I am very satisfied with the purchase. To advise no doubt! :) The positive aspects: - Large, easy to read during physical activity; - Many
  • 2 shows timex  

    Timex - T5K198 - IRONMAN Running - Sport Men Watch - Quartz - Digital - Bracelet Nylon Multicolor (Watch)
    I already own a Timex IRONMAN TRIATHLON for over fifteen years, pure happiness, this watch is perfect for plunging more than 10 meters depth and others, the perfect lap, the only concern is the velcro strap that after 2 to 3 years it deteriorates but
  • Cheap and functional this TIMEX  

    -T5E931SU Timex - IRONMAN 30 LAP- Running Man shock Sport Watch - Black Resin Strap - Stopwatch - 30 lap memory (Watch)
    This is my second TIMEX, the first still works for 7 ans.A strength to tinker with, I damaged the verre.Celle this, the glass is slightly recessed and therefore less exposé.Elle is light, schedules beeps powerful and backlight as well. That happiness
  • Timex - T5H971 SU - Timex Ironman  

    Timex - Ironman 30 LAP T5H971 SU - Digital Watch - Watch-Man bracelet steel and resin (Watch)
    Modern Timex at an exceptional price, to replace another Timex having traveled many marathons, but for which I can not find spare strap ... Irresistible but resistant to all events!
  • Simply TIMEX  

    Timex Men's Watch XL Style Analog Quartz Silicone T2P025 (clock)
    I am absolutely thrilled with this TIMEX! Absolute accuracy, super quality, great colors !! Can they wholeheartedly recommend! Bring color into your life;)
  • Timex: the reference!  

    -T5K254SU Timex - Ironman Sleek 150 Lap Tapscreen- Digital Quartz Men - 150 Memory - 3 X16 programmable intervals - orange breathable resin strap (Sport)
    Just great! I can not get enough of this watch chrono ultra convenient. It will be on my wrist for my first Ironman late August and will be more useful for me to remember the supplies! TIMEX thank you!
  • Greater than previous Timex digital watches  

    Timex Unisex Watch Classic Quartz Stainless Steel Digital TW2P58500 (clock)
    The case is not made of chromed plastic but made of (thin) stainless steel, Source: [...] The information is here mixed up with the previously available T7xxxx models that have a '34 housing and chrome finish. The bottom is stamped with "Stainless St
  • Timex - quality and service underground  

    Timex Gents Watch Expedition Analog quartz T2N721 (clock)
    When I got my first Timex clock more than 30 years ago, I was absolutely convinced of quality and durability. The from me now acquired Expedition T2N721 represents the absolute opposite. Immediately after the end of the guarantee and warranty period
  • Hello everybody, as it is now, my Timex ...  

    Timex Men's Watch XL fly-back chronograph quartz leather T2P382 (clock)
    Hello everybody, as it is now, my Timex. In the Amazon lightning action by and at 55EUR purchased, of which it is worth every penny. All chronograph functions do their duty as described. The design may be, or not. I find it very appealing. Readabilit
  • Super Timex clock in XL format  

    Timex Gents Watch Timex Expedition XL XL Shock Vibrating Digital Quartz Plastic T49951 (clock)
    Since I had many years of positive experience already with 2 Timex watches I've ordered me this clock. Another criterion was the olive green color which spoke to me. The relatively inconspicuous XL in the description shown in the dimensions of the cl
  • Timex Gents T2K621PG  

    Timex Gents T2K621 (clock)
    The T2K621PG from Timex is a special feature. The date display and the illuminated dial has not any clock - and certainly not at the price. Their appearance is elegant to sporty towards. The leather strap has a good quality and on the pin buckle is a
  • Edler It could hardly .... Timex Perpetual  

    Timex Gents T2K621 (clock)
    I for one year carrying this clock now on special occasions and enjoy the curious envious glances of others. White dial with a small detail, the perpetual calendar. Wonderful simple design, noble and sovereign - should be like clock and work. This cl
  • Timex - a good choice  

    Timex Classic Men's Watch XL IQ flyback chronograph leather T49866 (clock)
    The Timex clock is very straightforward and designed purpose-oriented. It runs the exact second since its activation. The compass as a useful supplement for pedestrians and motorists indicates exactly and can be calibrated precisely. The Indiglo ligh
  • Timex quality  

    Timex Expedition Men's Watch XL Metal Combo Analog - Digital Leather T49828 (clock)
    Very successful product. Rugged, reliable, excellent readability by day and night (Indiglo lighting). Objectively-clear dial with a fine, precise, orange second hand. Alarm and stopwatch function, especially second time zone and a countdown timer wit
  • Timex as usual good  

    Timex Expedition Men's Watch XL Metal Combo Analog - Digital Leather T49828 (clock)
    The clock is used as Timex - Stable manufactured; - The dimensions ago rather than Globig slim-line; - Looks exactly like the pictures shown (For the latter might be mentioned: the digital display background is in direct top view as usual olive green
  • Usual good quality of Timex, however. , ,  

    Timex Expedition Men's Watch XL Metal Combo Analog - Digital Leather T49828 (clock)
    The clock is really nice. Looks on the wrist from casual but ago the size to order more of the category medium. In men with a strong arm, it seems a bit too small. The Indiglo lighting is back. This is set at the factory so that it only lights up as