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  • Urban Factory case for my tablet Acer Iconia 10.1  

    Urban Factory Toplight Case Cover for Netbook 10.2 '' (Accessory)
    - Very nice little bag, well finished (inter exter ../ ..), compact. Handles and shoulder strap that can be very useful for transport. - IDEAL for my tablet Dimensions 10.1 which itself, already has a case / protective cover. - Good internal padding
  • could have been a good product if the keys were configured correctly!  

    Urban Factory Wireless Keyboard Mini Keyboard Lounge room with mini USB dongle (Personal Computers)
    In search of a keyboard with integrated mouse (I use a HTPC), I decided to buy this Urban Factory Lounge Mini Wireless Keyboard. Upon receipt of the surprise product, the keyboard is very (too?) Compact, however, the advantage is that it does not tak
  • Practice 1777  

    Urban Factory Modulo Carrying Bag Laptop 17-18 "(Accessory)
    This bag is sturdy and above all it is padded inside to protect the best laptop. There was even a strap with velcro to hold in place the pc! In addition, it comprises several storage pockets inside and outside! As a gift, the brand Urban Factory offe
  • bag factory urban modulo 2 por 17 "notebook  

    Urban Factory Modulo 2 Laptop Bag 17 "(Accessory)
    well-designed bag with various storage pockets very protective of the laptop, just a problem outside seams not right on 3 cm to the zipper gondola so it a bit, but it's not too embarrassing not just aesthetics.
  • Too expensive accessory for urban trips of short duration  

    Adidas miCoach Run Smart Watch Cardio (Watch)
    On paper this watch has many advantages: - Cardio and integrated GPS sensors; - Bluetooth connectivity; - 4 on-board memory to go with music player (3 available go for music); - Modified Android OS that promises scalability of the watch; - Powerful p
  • Cooler companion in the urban jungle  

    Motorola RAZR Maxx Smartphone (10.9 cm (4.3 inches) AMOLED touchscreen, 8 megapixel camera, Android 4.0 OS) black (Electronics)
    One word first: I bought the device recently as a replacement for my days in the tooth HTC Desire and wanted to have the latest version of Android. My Razr Maxx was delivered from Amazon.com without branding without SIM lock and with already pre-inst
  • Stools at a reasonable price and good quality. But disastrous packaging factory  

    WENKO 16633100 Stools Salerno - foldable, soft seat, backrest, chrome, 38 x 63 x 43 cm, white (household goods)
    About the bathroom stool to be nothing there to complain about who does the job excellently. What the manufacturer has thought but in the "protective packaging", is beyond me. Customer annoyance total. The stool is supplied assembled and is
  • Urban planning does finally back (a bit more) fun  

    Cities: Skylines Deluxe Edition [PC / Mac Steam Code] (Software Download)
    This is an opinion. I am SimCity fan of the first hour, then started with SimCity on the Super Nintendo (then you could still take roads only build rails) and SimCity 4 to everything played out. Cities: XXL and its derivatives have me, like so many o
  • Urban planning does finally back (a bit more) fun 1  

    Cities: Skylines [PC / Mac Steam Code] (Software Download)
    This is an opinion. I am SimCity fan of the first hour, then started with SimCity on the Super Nintendo (then you could still take roads only build rails) and SimCity 4 to everything played out. Cities: XXL and its derivatives have me, like so many o
  • Should be delivered from the factory with each Z3  

    Sony Xperia Z3 Case in Black - Silicone Skin Case Cover Skin for Sony Xperia Z3 (Not for Z3 Compact suitable) (Electronics)
    + Fits perfectly + Feel perfect + Because of the volume knob is covered by the shell, you can now more easily detect blind and serve him + Is a bit higher than the phone, and the screen is better protected + Because the shell is higher than the phone
  • Super display, battery life 1a. Lolloipop work - if done after installation factory reset.  

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Smartphone (14.4 cm (5.7 inches) WQHD display, 2.7GHz, quad-core processor, 16 megapixel camera, Android 4.4) Black (Wireless Phone)
    I can only agree with the positive reviews, and I repeat this is not, however, go a on the update Lollipop 5.0.1. I bought the device last week, it was Android 4.4 preinstalled. Did the update immediately get displayed on 5.0.1, installed and then pe
  • Santiano Life from the factory  

    Far Side of the World - Live (Audio CD)
    Very good double album with rock Shanties (also to sing along) as a live recording from the Hamburg factory. The Life-feeling comes across well.
  • Again a very successful Urban Dance  

    Urban Dance, Vol. 10 [Clean] (MP3 Download)
    Super compilation of 64 urban hits + Continuous Mix Now for the usual price (for 9,99) also makes it fun to buy. Thank you for an excellent compilation, as a download, at an excellent price. So keeping customers, Amazon. :-)
  • TechRap fun factory  

    Work sucks (Audio CD)
    This has given us the last straw. After turmoil in the financial system, the economic crisis and climate change "Deicide" have decided absolutely nothing to alter in these abuses and call instead for collective celebrations, drinking and
  • Urban and contemporary Electro Pop  

    About: Berlin Vol: 2 (Audio CD)
    The compilation provides a nice cross-section of urban, elektoiden Sound; something more pop, sometimes rather clubby. The track selection once again shows that club tracks with vocals do not have to be cheesy. There ("as never been this far
  • electronic / dance-heavy Urban Album  

    Looking 4 Myself (Deluxe Version incl. 4 bonus tracks) (Audio CD)
    Looking 4 Myself Usher is my first album. In general I like the album well. I would describe it as versatile - from quiet cuddle song up to the dance-heavy electro number is everything. The strengths of Looking 4 Myself I see, but more in the meaner
  • Noise only when factory settings  

    Casio EXILIM EX-FC100 BK High Speed ​​Digital Camera (9 megapixels, 5x opt. Zoom, 6.9 cm (2.7 inch) display, Mechan. Image Stabilizer) Black (Electronics)
    Battery: Battery performance is certainly enough for photos. If one makes but high definition video is the battery fairly quickly from the air. In this case, you should have a spare battery on hand. Also is to view the high-definition video a modern,
  • Device in function in order to reset to factory settings by user not possible  

    CSL Panther Tab 7 including Windows 8.1 -. 7 inches (17.8cm) tablet, Intel QuadCore 4x 1.3GHz, 1GB RAM, 16GB SSD, Office 365 (Personal Computers)
    I bought to self-written programs to test this tab on a tray. This works quite well so far and there is nothing except the scarce free space of less than 1.5 GB to complain. But after a few tests I wanted to reset the tablet back to factory settings.
  • Mike Ellis - Cool, urban watches Design from New York City to the dream price?  

    Mike Ellis New York Men's Watch XL Chronograph Quartz leatherette 17986/2 (clock)
    A Happy Hello to you inclined potential buyers! This XL Chronograph I bought as a reduced flash range by almost 40 euros, thus the true price / performance ratio somewhat. The ausgelobte list price of 119 price hikes is probably only the additional p
  • Original Accessories, unfortunately still not as factory  

    Motorola Clip-On Case Hard Cover Shell Case Cover for Moto G (2nd generation) smartphone - Royal Blue (Accessories)
    The Motorola Shell Cover in blue I have directly from Amazon, it judging by the elaborate packaging uniquely original Motorola accessories. The reviews that have been written in front of me, so to are not quite agree on whether the cover is now gumme