vhbw battery review


  • VHBW battery - replacement for Panasonic VW-VBX090  

    vhbw Li-ion Battery 600mAh for Panasonic HX-WA2-HX-WA20 as VW VBX090, VW VBX090E. (Electronics)
    The original Panasonic VW-VBX090 has 3.7V - 880mAh The replica VHBW 3.6V - 600mAh It works a little shorter in my HX-WA20, but according to the capacity. The battery is in the middle a little thin, but this does not bother. For the price difference i
  • VHBW battery moderately suitable  

    Battery for Canon NB-6L NB6L compatible for Digital Ixus 105, Digital Ixus 210 (Electronics)
    The battery is not very expensive, but the printed capacity, which should match the original battery essentially is, far from being reached. The battery life is not even half as long in relation to the original. So battery good for more than the temp
  • Battery Review  

    Nokia BP-4L battery 1500 mAh Li-Poly (Accessories)
    A few days ago I got the battery well packaged. At the same time I have a new mobile phone Nokia N97 from Amazon.comr battery lasts only a fraction of my stock. Tempting ad on Amazon that the battery normally much more expensive seit.Meine finding: t
  • vhbw battery 4400mAh for notebook laptop Medion ...  

    vhbw battery 4400mAh for notebook laptop Medion Akoya E6213, E6214, E6220, E6224, E6226, P6622, P6624, P6626, P6630, P6631, P6632, P6812. (Personal Computers)
    At first I was skeptical whether the battery fits and meets the requirements, but has everything perfectly I geklappt.Kann only recommend.
  • vhbw Battery 950mAh for phone Siemens Gigaset SL400, SL 400A, SL 400H, ...  

    vhbw Li-ion battery 950mAh (3.7V) for cordless landline phone Siemens Gigaset SL400A, SL400H, SL400, SL780, SL785 as 4,250,366,817,255th (Electronics)
    So far, absolutely OK. No capacity weaknesses detected. Battery lasts up now what the "Advertising" promised! Price / performance is very good! Can you recommend.
  • No-name battery or Orgiginalqualität?  

    vhbw battery 8.8Ah (36V) for e-bikes Electric bike Pedelecs mid-engine systems from Bosch like Frame Battery Bosch Power Pack 300, 400. (Electronics)
    I have a nice Haibike exduroRC as VorfĂĽhrfahrrad half price when Radcenter Leonberg ("McBike") purchased. Nobody told me that there (was 200km-Laufleitsung on the clock) since the start of this vhbw battery was used. Only after the first cleanin
  • Price OK, charger good battery is for a ton  

    Power Battery Li-Ion type BLN-1 (not original) + Charger for Olympus OM-D E-M5 (Electronics)
    For a few Euros a power supply and a battery on top of it. Sounds not bad and it's worth a try. The charger is OK, well made and works. I note no appreciable loss of charging time for the original as well as replacement batteries. Thus, the charging
  • Top battery remaining indicator for little money.  

    LI-ION BATTERY for Sony Cybershot DSC-HX9, DSC-HX9V as NP-BG1 NP-FG1 (Electronics)
    Hello, the battery works wonderfully in fact and is no precise studies of the term can not be distinguished from the original. He acts processed with value and was delivered in a small manufactured for battery box including battery box. Unlike many o
  • Absolutely no purchase recommendation!  

    SPARSET 2x Battery NI-MH 500mAh 2.4V suitable for Medion MD81877 / MD82877 / MD82771 etc. replaced 5M702BMX / GP0827 / GP0845 (Electronics)
    I am always striving to fair reviews, but here it is unfortunately really only fair to others discouraged from buying. The batteries were purchased in March 2014 to replace the original battery of two wireless telephone handsets Medion MD 82877. The
  • lack of power rating  

    LI-ION BATTERY for Canon PowerShot G12, PowerShot SX30 IS replaces original battery NB-7L (Electronics)
    Caution !! at least the last surviving VHBW-battery only has a capacity of 700mAh compared to the original 1050 mAh. On sale there was to no info. Offer text and reviews are misleading. In contrast to the image shown, the performance is now printed.
  • Akkub  

    Bundle Star Quality Battery for Panasonic DMW BLD10 Intelligent battery system with Info Chip - For Panasonic Lumix DMC GF2 G3 GX1 at GF2 (Electronics)
    Battery Review is possible but only after a certain running time / age. The value for money is consistent. If you prescribe me in the future, how many words I have to write in reviews, I submit no product reviews.
  • Fits with good performance  

    Battery / Battery D-Li90 Pentax 645D DLi90 for | K-01 | K-5 | K-5 II | K-5 Iis | K-7 and more ... [Li-ion; 1400mAh; 7.2V] (Electronics)
    Camera: Pentax K-5 with battery grip Basis for comparison: 1x Pentax original battery (1860mAh / 14Wh, 2 years old) - 55 euro / piece 1x Patona battery (1400mAh / 10,4Wh, new) ca. 14,50 Euro / piece 2x VHBW batteries (1300mAh / 9.4Wh, new) - about 9.
  • Top, despite "Made in China"  

    Original Nokia Battery BP-6M 9300, 9300i, 3250, 6151, 6233, 6280, 6288, N73, N93 (Accessories)
    Have an "ancient" - mobile phone, Nokia 6233, for about 6 years in use (and going and going ...). Work, even though I take it to work and not very tender so Bypass (often fell off, etc.), still top. The only thing is, I have to buy a new battery
  • Small all-rounder at a fair price  

    Samsung Galaxy 551 I5510 Smartphone (8.1 cm (3.2 inches) touch screen and QWERTY keyboard, 3 megapixel camera) ebony-black (Electronics)
    Touchscreen, QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi, GPS, Radio and usable operating system These were requirements for smartphone shopping. Since I am not at wanted to tie up a new mobile phone contract, it had an affordable product be without a contract. All this
  • poor performance curve with consequences  

    vhbw Camera Battery SET for Pentax Q, Q10 as Pentax D-LI68, D-Li122. (Electronics)
    The battery pack has the following problem with me. If the capacity is running low, the device turns off abruptly. Without warning. In the original battery still is an indication "Battery empty". In the original battery can I still repeatedly tu
  • The original spend more worthwhile  

    WHITE Li-polymer Battery for Apple Macbook 13 "series with 5400 mAh (White)
    The battery is top-notch original quality and receives my full recommendation to buy. I had initially bought the cheap, also allegedly "original" version. The result: color variations, deficiencies in the accuracy and unfortunately considerably
  • GREAT quality for a low price !!!!  

    QUMOX @ SJ1000 Black Action Sports Camera Cam Camera Waterproof Full HD 1080p Video Helmet Camera (Electronics)
    Aufrgund some Reszensionen and Yutube studies I was a little skeptical about the accessories were concerned! And then ... surprises on surprises. - First surprise: Delivery in a nice cardboard box, not like on Youtube ZUS dealt with in a Plastisacker
  • Chainsaw fine. Price / Battery life reviewing  

    Greenworks 20077 Cordless Tools Chainsaw (Tools & Accessories)
    The chain saw is fine. She cuts up very well, even big enough so surprisingly silent electric diamètres.Moteur As seen in other reviews, the weight is not particularly light, particularly because of the significant weight of the battery. The main neg
  • Battery purchase VHBW - here is the seller King  

    Battery for Sony NP-BG1 NP-FG1 (Electronics)
    The battery is now 7 months old and defective. 1. sent by vhbw not shown battery. 2. The battery is lighter than the original = pure plastic housing and real less capacity = lower mileage. 3. After 7 months it can be just 3 repeated use will no longe