Wäschespinne Leifheit


  • Leifheit Wäschespinne LINOMATIK 600 Plus  

    Leifheit 85120 Wäschespinne Linomatic 600 Plus (household goods)
    Our old clothes dryer Leifheit has served us very many years faithfully and showed now but natural fatigue. Now it should be something good again. So we opted for the 600 Plus LINOMATIK. Unfortunately, there are always problems with linen collection.
  • Super replace the old Leifheit Wäschespinne  

    Leifheit 85120 Wäschespinne Linomatic 600 Plus (household goods)
    Fast Delivery. Easy To Use. Serves its purpose great. Could easily be exchanged with respect to the holder against the old Leifheit. The new opening mechanism for women easier to open. It no longer needs to be pulled with force on opening band.
  • Leifheit 82002 Wäschespinne Linomatic 600 Deluxe  

    Leifheit 82002 Wäschespinne Linomatic 600 Deluxe (household goods)
    Super clothes dryer. Previously had over 15 years of a previous model. Now it had to be a new time, because the old one was worn out by constant use and had to be replaced. The new can be easily and quickly operate. The use of normal clothes pegs is
  • Leifheit Wäschespinne with manufacturing defects  

    Leifheit 82002 Wäschespinne Linomatic 600 Deluxe (household goods)
    Have about 2 weeks ago for a reasonable price the clothes dryer - purchased through Amazon - 99.99 euros. Today I removed the old clothes dryer and immediately disposed of ... as it turned out unfortunately. After unpacking the Leifheit, I realized t
  • Leifheit 85110 Wäschespinne Linomatic 50 Plus  

    Leifheit 85110 Wäschespinne Linomatic 500 Plus (household goods)
    Unlike the old '' cord systems '' is this folding mechanism a real highlight! My wife and I knew so far only a nameless Wäschespinne with said '' cord '', in which one had to be afraid ever that a tear the rope. The fixation after chucking was not re
  • Leifheit Wäschespinne for indoors and outdoors  

    Leifheit 84000 Wäschespinne Linomotion (indoor and outdoor) (household goods)
    The clothes dryer of Leifheit is very fast on and dismantle. One needs however a floor and a ceiling to clamp them between. But this is done with a few simple steps. In use, the clothes dryer is very steadfast even in windy conditions. Keeps you from
  • Small parts holder for Leifheit Wäschespinne  

    Leifheit 85650 small parts holder Linomatic (household goods)
    This hardware support is really a great invention. As I leave to dry many garments (shirts, blouses, sweaters, etc.) on hangers, it is a great help, especially since these heavy parts will not burden the canvas and expand. And to make matters lucky I
  • No customer interest in the company Leifheit  

    Leifheit 85120 Wäschespinne Linomatic 600 Plus (household goods)
    About Amazon I bought a Leifheit Wäschespinne already in December 2011. In March 2012, the locking of the wash arms (PVC) broke off the aluminum rod. Clearly a material error, a use was no longer present. Despite this fact, the company Leifheit was n
  • Leifheit 85607 centering ground anchors  

    Leifheit 85607 centering ground anchors (household goods)
    Unfortunately, only recommended for people (if any) the nichr able are easy ground anchor, horizontally rotate in the ground! If you're still stuck a LEIFHEIT Wäschespinne Linomatic Plus it and this would open, the clothes dryer tends toward the floo
  • Vileda 1-2Spray compared with Leifheit pico Spray  

    Vileda 1-2 Spray 133 346 Bodenwischer - simply spray and wipe the spray tank in the handle for quick cleaning in between - known from TV (household goods)
    I already use a spray cleaner for years of competition and could now test about Empfehlerin de the part. After a few applications, I think I pretty well with my previous Leifheit Sprayer Pico Spray can compare the new 1-2 Spray: Handling during clean
  • Worst Leifheit all time  

    Leifheit 85120 Wäschespinne Linomatic 600 Plus (household goods)
    I had now for 18 years a Leifheit clothes dryer and was very pleased with this. So it was clear when it was broken, to buy a new one. If only I had better let the old repair. The new Leifheit is NOT with one hand to open. And only with a lot of shaki
  • Leifheit Window cleaner with handle and Power  

    Leifheit Window cleaner with handle and Power Washer, 51147 (tool)
    Exactly what I was looking for, a little heavier than the Kärcher product for it with automatic start (Saves battery power) and a günstigren price. Have tried both devices and both could recommend. The stem is advantageous in some cases, this had the
  • Leifheit 81704 Stand dryer Pegasus 120 Compact  

    Leifheit 81704 Stand dryer Pegasus 120 Compact (household goods)
    A good product with a little flaw. The company Leifheit makes naturally 1A-Ware. This compact dryer really fits into the bath and with the edge protectors need not be afraid what will be scratched. However, one may not really thick stuff hanging (vol
  • Leifheit Leifheit remains  

    Leifheit 72385 Replacement cover Reflect Speed ​​Universal (household goods)
    I am convinced of Leifheit products and this time has the product held back what was promised. Really awesome and again !!! Makes ironing easier and also considerably the attachment and form fit at Leifheit just perfect.
  • Poor product, not customer service Leifheit  

    Leifheit 25660 Roll Holder Europe Royal Stainless Steel (Kitchen)
    I broke off the upper blade despite its intended use. Apparently a weak point of Leifheit is provided there, so you re-acquires a new product quickly. My complaint was ignored by two weeks Leifheit, customer service seems to be a foreign word at Leif
  • Wing dryer Pegasus 180 Classic Leifheit  

    Leifheit 81514 Stand dryer Pegasus M Classic (household goods)
    The wing dryer Pegasus 180 Classic from Leifheit is supplied shrink-wrapped and makes a very good impression. It consists of a painted steel frame, the drying rods are also made of steel and fitted with a powder coating. The legs have angled plastic
  • Finally a good cases- not as a disaster like that of Leifheit  

    Draper 76233 Cover for parasol or Wäschespinne 25 cm x 150 cm (Garden & Outdoors)
    After a total of 3 years, in which the cases had to be bought Leifheit every year, we have this year decided to switch suppliers. - Leifheit neither responded to our complaints, nor anything changed on the substance of the cases. This current materia
  • The Leifheit 11930  

    Leifheit 11930 Electric Sweeper Power Delta Professional (household goods)
    The Leifheit 11930 is a versatile device, only he does in the carpets are a bit higher, quickly tired. What I also bemängle, in the manual, the battery should charge before first use at least 24 hrs., Then the Kontollicht would go from red to green,
  • Quality good, but Leifheit laity beware!  

    Leifheit 59110 Professional built-in washer 35 cm (household goods)
    The Einwischer is really easy to handle and cleans very well. The cover can be easily removed for washing and re-place and easily withstands several machine washes. People who themselves do not know about the Leifheit systems should keep in mind that
  • Glass Cleaner Leifheit  

    Leifheit 41414 Glass Cleaner 1000 ml (household goods)
    Looking for a glass cleaner I been able to find on Amazon. I have the cleaner of Leifheit 41414 ordered in conjunction with the squeegee. The delivery was prompt and as complete after 2 days. I have tried the products immediately and am completely sa