wolfcraft rotary cutter


  • Rotary Cutter Multi!  

    Rotary Cutter Multi with 3 blades 45 mm Prym 611 368 (household goods)
    I am very satisfied and have these rotary cutter almost daily in use, the price is SUPER !!! We recommend !!! THANK YOU!
  • Top Rotary Cutter  

    Dahle 507 roll and cut-cutter, cutting length 320mm, blue (Office supplies & stationery)
    Top rotary cutter, still. After I had also bought a no-name Rotary Cutter, I am remorseful returned to branded goods. The few euros savings are in my view disproportionate to the loss of quality. The old Dahle design without the rounded liked better,
  • Prym rotary cutter  

    Fabric Cutter / Rotary Cutter Comfort 45 mm (household goods)
    I bought the rotary cutter Prym because I had no desire again only to buy a cheap product, in the hope that it works, and then I have to re-establish that he is total garbage. I'm super happy with this rotary cutter and can no longer think away it to
  • Wonderful with rotary cutter Prym together  

    Prym large mat 60x45 cm (household goods)
    I had doubts as to whether such a mat really gets no traces of a rotary cutter which effortlessly cuts through several layers of fabric, but it really works. The size is more than adequate.
  • Super rotary cutter!  

    Rotary Cutter Maxi Prym Slitter (household goods)
    By the negative reviews of the comparatively very low rotary cutter, I have decided for this model from Prym. I need the rotary cutter for all kinds of fabrics. The aptitude test, in which the rotary cutter had cut through 2 layers of denim, he passe
  • Rotary Cutter 1  

    Rotary Cutter Maxi Prym Slitter (household goods)
    It's a great part. Since then I have him, I have more fun again on my cutting materials. Had I known how pleasant now is my hobby, I would have bought the rotary cutter earlier. I recommend it to others. LG Annette
  • Rotary cutter very bad  

    Rotary cutter 45mm and 4 devices by means of different sizes TM Kurtzy
    Bias the devices are good, but the rotary cutter is set out innutilisable very fine fabrics. He even seemed to have been already used and the blade was dirty ...
  • Super Rotary Cutter, Made in Japan  

    Rotary Cutter Maxi Olfa - Prym Slitter (household goods)
    Very high quality and precise rotary cutter. I am particularly pleased that it is made according to packaging in Japan. Nice that there are simple objects that do not come from China. => Conclusion: Highly recommended!
  • Best Rotary Cutter!  

    Clover MID (H29,4,10) Rotary Cutter 45 mm (household goods)
    I swear for years already on this rotary cutter, I left-handed but always had problems with the incision. Have him until ultimately further away, because it is 1 well in the hand and the value for money is.
  • Great Rotary Cutter  

    Rotary cutter, Omnicut, Ø 45mm (housewares)
    I'm super happy with the rotary cutter. Once you get one, you do not know how you lived without before. The assurance that pushes back when cutting, I find very convenient. So you can at least do not cut and you have not always operate at short putti
  • the perfect Rotary Cutter  

    Rotary Cutter Multi with 3 blades 45 mm Prym 611 368 (household goods)
    I have long after a rotary cutter searched the well intersects perfectly without the need to press on Doll. Here convinced the quality of Prym in every respect :) - strong buy recommendation.
  • Rotary Cutter  

    Rotary Cutter Multi with 3 blades 45 mm Prym 611 368 (household goods)
    doing what it should, but after the first two Anwendungungen, a patchwork Christmas runners (45 x 75 cm) and a tiered skirt, the blade is only "cautiously" sharp. Perhaps that is so, that after 2 applications decreases the blade and it is o
  • Rotary Cutter Ruler  

    Rollschn. ruler cm immersion. 15cm x 30cm (Misc.)
    Simply super..Nie wrong again or slashed Stoff.Da you everything super recognize kann.Für printing materials or patchwork almost a must have ..
  • Although the rotary cutter but only 2 blades  

    Manual multi-function robot - grater, juicer, whip, mandolin and accessories
    Purchased a robot to replace a priori identical, but had him on its 3 blades rotating knife ... there's only 2 suddenly it's slightly less effective.
  • Rotary Cutter for beginners  

    Rotary cutter with flexible protection mechanism 28mm blade (Office supplies & stationery)
    For beginners, this device is great, lots of it, unfortunately it does not because it will quickly dull and rumholpert on the fabric, as if he had ne 8 in rad. So for small things but a super device no longer.
  • Rotary Cutter United  

    Rotary cutter Jumbo 60 mm (household goods)
    Super Schneider for multi-layer and greater amount of parts. In order to cut small parts rather unwieldy since a middle Schneider is safe advantageous. Bin totel satisfied with my new knife
  • Unfortunately shaky cutter  

    Fiskars Roll diameter 45mm - 9521P (household goods)
    The rotary cutter is actually fine, the cutting wheel is super sharp. That alone deserves five stars if it were not the big "but": the wheel has 3-4 mm of play and wobbles so pretty around. Precise cutting is so difficult and inaccurate. We have
  • The final cheese cutter, the one buys.  

    Westmark 71002270 cheese cutter "rolling average" (household goods)
    This rotary cutter for soft cheese has the same quality, be as ~ have had 50-year-old predecessor. Body made Aluspritzguss, cutting wire made of stainless steel. Therefore, 5 *
  • Deficient  

    Rotary Cutter Multi with 3 blades 45 mm Prym 611 368 (household goods)
    I have the rotary cutter now since January. At first I was excited. After a few weeks, the spacer is already broken and the inside that holds a few days ago as a plastic part of the wheel forward. Now the part is no longer usable, because the wheel i
  • good with some minor flaws.  

    Rotary Cutter Multi with 3 blades 45 mm Prym 611 368 (household goods)
    As soon as one has a rotary cutter, one wonders seriously, how people lived before without. Cutting of small parts that were always friemelig else, now go ratzfatz so I eg again like sun hats near. I also have purchased the product but especially bec