xido x111 specifications


  • Board is stable its specifications according to  

    Asrock Z68 Pro3-M Socket 1155 Motherboard (Micro ATX, Intel Z68, 4x DDR3 memory, 2x USB 3.0) (Personal Computers)
    Board is stable its specifications according to It distinguishes itself from other boards from, but it also fulfills all its promises. With me it runs flawlessly with a stable and fast i5-2600k. Toll is the possibility of "old" 775-base-fan
  • Technical report, specification is met.  

    Samsung SDI ICR18650-26F X2 Li-Ion battery (3.7V, 2600mAh, 2-pack) incl. Battery box (accessory)
    Identification of Cells: ICR18650-26F SAMSUNG SDI 2E94 Relevant excerpts from the 2009 specifications of Samsung (Google search: filetype: pdf ICR18659-26F): - The cells do not have a protection circuit (PCM). - The minimum capacity is 2550 mAh (CC:
  • Size specification does not fit too small!  

    Bestyledberlin Women jeans pants, baggy jeans j68e (Textiles)
    Great pants, good quality materials, quality workmanship. Defects correspond to one hundred percent and pictures are underlaid with white elastic fabric patches, prevent further tearing. The fit is with regard to width and length is not as expected b
  • Does not correspond to specifications for USB chargers  

    mumbi Universal USB Power Supply 220V black 1000mAh charger 5V 1A 100-240 volts (Electronics)
    Let me mention that this power supply, as far as I could check it, USB device successfully loads: invites HTC Desire HD or Samsung Galaxy SII is not very warm when charging are the usual, well-known of switching power supplies, high-frequency, soft b
  • Does not meet the advertised specifications (at least on my hardware)  

    UGREEN quality DisplayPort 1.2V Male to Male Audio-Video cable, gold plated, with locking plug for New HDTVs, projectors, displays
    I have a cable recently acquired multiple times (December 2014) to multiple GTX 980 with multiple LG 34UC87 connect (multi-monitor). The supplied cable for LG 34UC87 4K monitor is 3840x1440 @ 60Hz is easily, only it is a bit too short. Therefore, I w
  • Through the virtual mouse specifically controlling the Windows Controls  

    2X RDP Client for Android (App)
    The test was performed on a 7 Fire HD. Establishing the connection works fine. Even otherwise intuitively easy to operate and free of errors. Unlike other RDP programs (some for a fee) offers this free app on a virtual mouse. This allows you to speci
  • Not comply with the USB OTG specification  

    Adaptare 40225 20cm OTG Host Cable Micro-USB connector to USB coupling (accessory)
    Unfortunately I do not know if I got here another cable than others, but the cable does not meet the unique OTG specification. Normally Pin4 and Pin5 the connection (S & G) should be shorted, so the terminal detects the cable and OTG cable. This
  • Works fine, but not conform to specification  

    Pure² High Speed ​​Micro USB Host OTG cable 90 ° Adapter for Galaxy S4 / GT-i9500 - Galaxy S2 / SII GT-i9100 - Galaxy Nexus GT-i9250 - Galaxy R GT-i9103 - Galaxy S3 / SIII GT-i9300 - Galaxy Note 2 / Note II GT-N7100 - Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 - Google Nexus 7 and 10 - Tablet 16GB 32GB (Asus Nakasi) Android 4.2, Motorola Xoom Tablet Android 3.1, Motorola Xoom M604, M604 M601 M600 Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Note GT -N7000, Archos 80 G9 Internet Tablet, Archos 7 Internet Tablet, Galaxy Nexus GT-i9520 - Acer Iconia Tab A510 - A511 - A700 - A701 - like ET R205U - adapter cable for all common mobile phones to connect USB sticks, hard drives Card Reader keyboard, etc. (optional)
    Bemänglen Some reviewers here that the USB mark is in this cable is not "as usual" at the top, but on the lower side (the shorter longitudinal side of the micro-USB connector). Also with me is the mark below. However, almost all of my cable
  • good drive, but starting current over USB2 specification  

    Intenso Memory Station 500GB External Hard Drive (6.4 cm (2.5 inches), USB-Y cable) black (Personal Computers)
    Plate works very well, quiet and fast. Housing looks beautiful and is well made. Built inside Samsung hard disk has only one drawback: the starting current is considerably thesmall the USB2.0 specification. The results can make the satellite receiver
  • Size specification is true!  

    Playshoes Aqua shoes, slippers cancer with the highest UV protection after standard 801 174782 Girls Aqua Shoes (Shoes)
    I had ordered this shoe because of the reviews here specially slightly smaller. Apparently, the manufacturer has taken de reviews to heart because the shoe was exactly the size specification (remeasured with an elephant insole). Therefore: order righ
  • GOOD :-) color specification misleading  

    Geographical Norway Men's fleece jacket Texas transition u. Winter Fleece Jacket (Textiles)
    ADDENDUM II color: Now I am already used to the color and have often unsolicited heard that the color is found to be very nice ... so from now 5 Stars! :-) ADDENDUM Color: After I investigated a bit, could be described as the color Dark Khaki. Nevert
  • Xido 25.7 cm Tablet PC - IPS display - 3G, ...  

    Xido 25.7 cm Tablet PC - IPS display - 3G, phone calls, GPS, 1280x800 resolution (10.1 inches) Sim card connector, navigation, (Boxchip A31s 4x 1.2GHz, 1GB RAM, 8GB of internal memory, 2x camera, 3G SIM card slot, WiFi, Android 4.4, Bluetooth, GPS, USB Mini) Laptop Notebook 7 8 9 (Personal Computers)
    After a long search I have the Xido 25.7 cm Tablet PC - get 3G, a budget and my needs very good device - IPS display. The service of the company. Electronicfox is recommended. The unit was delivered after 3 days and a German manual I could after half
  • According to USB specification does not allow  

    AmazonBasics USB 3.0 Extension Cable (A Male to A-Female) 3 m (backward compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1) (Personal Computers)
    That it with this (and similar) cables are so many problems, has a simple technical reason: The additional connectors the right sensitive USB 3 signal extent disturbed that many devices are no longer recognized. For this reason, the USB specification
  • Eat practically specifically the fruit  

    PREMIUM EssSchürze / EssLätzchen blue (moisture proof) protective clothing for adults
    Is easily reassign, printers have replaced with Velcro, is even simpler. Specifically protects the shirts or other upper body clothing to the thighs from stains, which usually eat by fruit can (oranges, strawberries, apples) easily occur and are diff
  • Navi specifically for campers with good approaches but considerable weaknesses in practice  

    Garmin 760LMT-D EU Camper navigation device (17.8 cm (7-inch) TFT display, 800 x 480 pixels, SD card slot) (Electronics)
    Since I enjoy spending extended motorhome tours through Scandinavia and my other two Navis Garmin nüvi 3590LMT and Becker Ready 70 LMU not take into account the specific dimensions of a motorhome in route planning and route guidance, and therefore ar
  • Size does not match the specification  

    Herlitz 5824008 Brochure cover A4, crystal-clear, 100 pieces, 0.05 mm (Office supplies & stationery)
    I bought this case because it had great reviews and have dimensions of "32.4 x 24cm" according to the product description. Since I am looking cases, in which more than 5 A4 pages fit in without waves, the size of me was very important. However,
  • not specific - still perfect  

    HR Richter Car Holder for HTC Desire (Electronics)
    As mentioned in the other reviews, this mount is not specifically for the Desire, but universally applicable (as one might see the way before they buy the product picture). But this is totally not a disadvantage, because it fits still perfect for the
  • Not specifically for HTC Desire  

    HR Richter Car Holder for HTC Desire (Electronics)
    Qualitatively, the holder of the first impression is visually ok. Looks a bit bulky as in the picture, the material quality is the price, the structure looks relatively stable. While the impression that there is a specific holder for the HTC Desire w
  • Quality okay but it does not fit my Xido 111 Widescreen + nasty surprise  

    For Xido 25.7 cm 10.1 inch Tablet PC Case with stand function - Black
    It's unbelievable, but actually now blackmailing me the seller MP Cologene now so that he wrote that I get of course be refunded my money .... As soon as I change the review into positive or contrast delete !!! This is not only bold but on top of tha
  • Cute "suit" for my Xido Tablet  

    For Xido 25.7 cm 10.1 inch Tablet PC Case with stand function - Black
    Because I did not want to go to (broken) security of my Tablets "naked" with him from home, I needed to cover something for "ES". So I searched the internet. I come not from the generation that grew up with mechanical typewriter and Ti