Lost in the final corner !!

Lost in the final corner !!

Joe Bar Team - Volume 08 (Paperback)

Customer Review

What a disappointment, what a pity, what a wasted waiting !! ... Fane, talented artist and oh so friendly in its work has not managed to score a try! ... How can it deliver a work of Such graphic mediocrity after going behind the awesome Bar2. Far is the talent of the first against the second, far is the graphical power worthy of Franquin in Bar2 and shamefully executed here by Fane !! ... The designs are poor, empty and powerless! graphics we hoped, we were waiting, small fun details on gear and smoke clouds, or super expressions worked, posings hilarious and staging equally funny! ... HERE NADA !! ... It is sadly wrong, medium and soulless! Fane made this album over the leg or crutch. We are really in the concept of a mountain gave birth to a mouse! .... A real, true and sad disappointment !! ... Even if you own other albums in the series, forget this one, he n does not exist, never existed ... I wish Bar2 one day resume the series, but I guess the man put his hand permanently while the editor says the series to a young talent who will a joy of doing pêchus drawings, dynamic, comical and fun! .... Fane is no longer FUN ... it is out of fuel after the road !! ...

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