Many effects for little money

Many effects for little money

DigiTech RP-55 (electronic)

Customer Review

I have an E-Ukulele, I usually operate with a VOX AmPlug. After I looked around a little, and also because of the positive reviews and the moderate price, I've - actually more "for fun" - the DigiTech RP-55 bought effects unit.

In short: I'm thrilled!

The device has reasonably handy dimensions. On the pictures it looks "cheap" and "plastic-like" than it is in reality. The plastic feels good, and the case makes a stable impression.

In order for the RP-55 runs, are either 6 AA batteries required (allegedly juice for 10 hours), or an AC adapter (not supplied). I suspect that you can use a generic power supply (9V / 300mA), may have not tried. On-off switch does not exist, rather, the unit turns on when an instrument is inserted on "Input".

In addition to the input connector, there is an output (headphones or amplifier) ​​and a Control In connector (stomp).

Included is a 24-page manual in English, which explains in a nutshell the operation. My fears, the unit is more like a book with seven seals, have been dispelled on reading the instructions: Basically everything is explained what it takes to get started.

The operation itself is intuitive and logically - not "hermetically", as it is known, for example, by bicycle computers or external thermometers (where switches are overcrowded). After a few minutes you can put the manual aside. Here gathered a few facts:
* There are 80 (briefly described) presets, with 40 seats can assign custom setups.
* For these "Custom Presets" one uses a preset as a starting point and then change the following parameters (virtual amplifier) ​​at will: Preset Level, Pickup / Wah, Compressor, Amp / Cabinet Modeling, EQ, Noise Gate, Chorus / Mod, Delay and Reverb.
* Presets are selected using the two footswitches.
* In addition, there is a bypass mode
* And a voting function (automatically muted)
* And a drum machine with 30 patterns, their speed and volume you can adjust

In my view, a classic plus-minus list is unnecessary because the device - especially because of the price - really can have only advantages. Of course I'm far away from professional users, but I think that it just is not a better starting material in the world to effect messing around and dipping!

The whole thing is as hereinbefore with a ukulele, thanks to RP-55 now that sounds like "a big one" ;-)

Less is sometimes more ... Rank: 5/5
October 13
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