Still damn good!

Still damn good!

2112 (Audio CD)

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This is a classic in the truest sense. 2112 is the third album with drummer and main lyricist Neil Peart. The album is the first commercial success of the band and at the same time the famous Rush album which carried the band to the top.

The lyrics of the title Opus 2112, consisting of 7 parts, based on science fiction and are a kind of socio-political story about a fictional Republic on a planet somewhere in space. The title track with thundering keyboards, killer drumming, exceptional bass and guitar and his immaculate concept is an epic, progressive rock masterpiece. The whole piece is about twenty minutes. Unfortunately, the individual parts only as a continuous track on the CD, so that it is impossible to only certain parts of it to be heard. It's not really clear where the individual parts ends and the next begins.

The whole album is very energetic, dynamic and memorable except for a few soft ballads parts. Most impressed me the technical skills of the band members. Especially Alex Lifeson with his solos is fantastic. The riffs in all the songs are very fresh and, together with the excellent bass playing of Geddy Lee a powerful combination. All this is based on heavy and fast but technically great drums. The music and lyrics create a dramatic atmosphere and offer the ballads additional space for other emotions.

A Passage to Bangkok has some very good guitar Riffs.Something For Nothing has a very worthy progressive style while Tear is a totally softes song.

However, the strongest point of the release is the songwriting. Rush have matured to musicians with good technical and songwriting skills. There is not a moment of boredom. It's fascinating how the instruments alternate in the lead. The guitar is always present, but their role is sometimes taken over by Geddys bass and drum solos and there are many instrumental parts, where you can hear the great technique.

Geddy Lee Vocal Performance is on this album damn good, his voice fills the space between drums and guitar. The overall sound is very dynamic, for each instrument, there is enough space. Especially the guitar is hot and powerful.

The album is full of excellent, new, fresh ideas. There is no single weak point.

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