DeLOCK 61796


  • good solution for using large capacity  

    DeLOCK 61796 (Accessory)
    Hello, This is a good solution to use SD cards instead of found compact flash / expensive on the market. Only constraint: respect the capabilities offered by the device at the time of purchase: I explain: for a model made in the year Y put a Sd card
  • ATTENTION: size CF "Microdrive" / INCONSISTENT with NIKON  

    DeLOCK 61796 (Accessory)
    Poorly specified or unspecified .... too thick to fit in a D700 or D800. Attempted disassembly / reassembly in a CF Type I ... always too thick!
  • Incompatible with certain EOS  

    DeLOCK 61796 (Accessory)
    The card is compatible with the Canon EOS 300D and 350D: error code 9, Err CF. Too bad. Not easy to find also a list of compatible devices ... So, easy to be fooled :)
  • incompatibility SLR NIKON  

    DeLOCK 61796 (Accessory)
    This article is not compatible with a lot of digital cameras photos, it had not been said about the announcement and that is unfortunate.
  • Its extraction requires to access the SD card  

    DeLOCK 61796 (Accessory)
    Certainly because of the size of the cards, extract the CF adapter housing to insert the SD card. It's a bit painful when you have several cards to play. We must not forget that the card is Type II ie it is thicker than a standard CF card. Some type