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  • Well, it gets even better  

    Constantine Season 1 [OV] (Amazon Instant Video)
    The story is quite well so far. However, I find the implementation and special effects rather poor. Disappointing. I have only seen the first episodes. Who knows, maybe it is better afterwards. But for me it was nothing.
  • Monk / Elementary meets Twighlight  

    Constantine Season 1 [OV] (Amazon Instant Video)
    I assumed that the series is based more on film. Maybe something like Grimm. Story and effects can not cut an order. Can you look if you have nothing else to do. Unexciting.
  • to the lovers of supernatural movie, this is a must see  

    Constantine Season 1 [OV] (Amazon Instant Video)
    This is a great show, very cool effects and it has a bit of everything. If the core has very well built, it's making you have some time and goose bumps moments with full comedy. To put it better is a mix That has a very good and result. This is like
  • #SaveConstantine  

    Constantine Season 1 [OV] (Amazon Instant Video)
    Excellent series! Will definitely do justice what makes John Constantine! Matt Ryan plays the role perfectly and is in its performance the character from the comics to perfect! If I am reading the Hellblazer comics or other about John Constantine, I
  • Very good but why German Subtitles?  

    Constantine Season 1 [OV] (Amazon Instant Video)
    Really well done and absolutely worth seeing. This is offered in the OV, the series is also perfectly fine but why with English subtitles? And the worst part is, they can not even be switched off. I am forced to look with German subtitles. Also in th
  • John Constantine - Exorcist, Demonologist and Petty Dabler in the Dark Arts.  

    Constantine Season 1 [OV] (Amazon Instant Video)
    I enjoyed the show loved it! I very much hope to continue, even though I liked the 2005 film, which is much closer to the real Constantine tuned. Cynical, charismatic and plagued by inner (and outer) Damönen is this John, in my view interesting than