Very quietly noble business keyboard for a low price!  + Compared with Cherry EASYHUB

Very quietly noble business keyboard for a low price! + Compared with Cherry EASYHUB

LOGITECH K280e Corded Keyboard USB black for Business, QWERTZ, german layout (Accessories)

Customer Review

Attention: My review focuses heavily on the volume of this keyboard!

The jack of all trades among keyboards in the price range Or so would the subtitle of this keyboard be - and rightly so!
I've never had a keyboard that is as quiet as this one and I am for years in search of soft keyboards.

My applications are:
- Skype calls with friends (keyboard must not annoy others!)
- TeamViewer with gamblers (keyboard may drown in no way matches Sound / concentration of the other influence)
- Let's Plays (keyboard should be audible ideally not at all!)
- Long Novels / Stories on PC tap (Lute keyboards cause because after hours quite a headache!)
- Programming at amateur level (keyboard should all keypads have full size and the usual layout)

This one is perfect for all my applications!
It has no additional features, but I do not need absolutely. I had a lot of keyboards with macro keys and other bells and whistles - and I have ever used intensively? NO! I had made up my mind countless times, but just could not find a need for it. This keyboard is full size with all keypads. Although it has at the place where usually the right-click, the FN key for the nice little function keys, which is attached to the F-key row, but does not interfere with the next. Finally, there is the right-click button, a feature that the Ctrl. Key has been assigned next to the FN key.
I love this keyboard. It's perfect for me, has a great value for money and looks at that good. What more do you want?
Of course keystrokes are still slightly audible, but they are well damped I find and compared with mechanical keyboards or other keyboards in this price range is the Logitech already almost be called silent. The stop of all keys is excellent for me.

I have to get a little used to the key size, because I had a Cherry EASYHUB with much larger, more similar notebook keys. If I had to draw a comparison between the two keyboards:
# The EASYHUB has a USB port - nice to have
# It has additional function keys, which can be reached quickly and easily, but can never be accidentally pressed
# The stop of Cherry is indeed "similar quietly" but much brighter, which is felt for me personally as disturbing, while Logitech has a duller Anschlagston that I perceive as more smooth, quiet and unobtrusive as the light touch when EASYHUB
# The Cherry buttons are slightly larger and directly to each other without any gap. Feels more like a good laptop keyboard
# The stop at the Cherry is a little smoother. When Logitech a little more effort is needed to put the key in movement. This may initially be a little tiring, but I am confident that you become accustomed quickly, if you type a lot on it.
# The Logitech is about a 1cm higher when drawing up the feet. This can be enjoyable if you feel the cherry too low than anything. For me, both heights are fine, though I präferiere a lower level as at Cherry little more, because it is gentler on the wrists.

I will definitely bring me another copy of this keyboard, because for the price and I would like this service in the next 10 years no longer use keyboard to completely new revolutionary keyboards come out!

Easy to process Rank: 4/5
February 15
Omatauglich Rank: 4/5
December 27
As perfect as the textbook Rank: 5/5
December 3
Small Perfectly Reliable! Rank: 5/5
December 24
Do not buy 52 Rank: 1/5
February 2

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