A great device!  Ideal for the advanced home / craftsmen with high demands.

A great device! Ideal for the advanced home / craftsmen with high demands.

DeWalt Cordless Hammer-Set BL, 18 V, 2 Ah, DCD795D2KX-QW (tool)

Customer Review

For some time I have flirted with a new cordless screwdriver. The selection is known to be very large. The price range extends from a few euros to the hundreds. The device, however, differ not only by their price but also by their application. So So imagine at the outset a number of questions:

Which manufacturer I want?
How many volts it should be?
Which battery technology I prefer?
How much I want to spend?
How hard the device be?
How much I am attached to accessories?
and much more ...

When asked by the manufacturer, I was sure to start: Clearly Makita! The devices are known to me and have so far always convinced me. The manufacturer DeWalt was me indeed a concept, however, known only largely from American videos, because the manufacturer is often chosen there appears to. After a long search on the internet was clear to me: DeWalt is also in the race. What looked out with Bosch? If then Bosch blue. Okay Bosch is also in the race.

For me were really only an option 18V, since I do not in terms of power and versatility therefore wanted to make any compromises. Also lithium ion batteries should be. Here already the first Makita and Bosch screwdriver flew out of the race.

My price was initially at a maximum 200 euros. This was then quickly discarded. So I'm inconsistent, when I have to say that you get a lot more for the same a little more money. This is of course the decision of each individual. My limit was therefore now at "It depends on what I get for the money and what it's all there ..."

The electric screwdriver should of course be as light as possible. Since there is not a particularly large differences in the 18V segment, however, was clear to me that I must come to terms with something more. The DeWalt is with its approx 1.6kg in midfield. When unpacking I also realized why. More on that later.

When it comes to accessories, I was uncertain. What is good for such included with your accessories, anyway? In addition, for me was quite clearly a top priority: If accessory is, it must be stowed neatly in cordless screwdriver. Possibly even with additional storage space to complete.

The DeWalt in conjunction with the set was so actually exactly what I was looking for. Now you just need the courage to act. Because to be honest I've never had a tool in the hands of DeWalt. And the many negative reviews regarding the strong wobbly chuck have not really excited me. On the other hand I had except a little of my time with nothing to lose, because I just had the tool can send them back if something does not fit.

So on and ordered. The service from Amazon was as usual top. The screwdriver was within two days with me. As a small child I threw myself on the package. For me, good tools like Christmas. Because nothing goes over it! Nevertheless, I took my objective and approach with a critical eye on the matter to proceed.

The case makes an excellent impression. Very solid plastic, the modular system very practical and solid metal buckle immediately convey a quality impression. Everyone knows those plastic tabs on Werkzuegkoffern that sometime either no longer work properly, or completely cancel.

When you open I noticed immediately how well the individual components of the set are stowed. Each part has its own place in a custom-made, thick foam mat. My first handle went to the electric screwdriver. I immediately clamped a long dowel pin to check the concentricity. Wrapped like a cross-bows, I pressed the button: It works. And it runs smoothly. I have found no runout on chuck.
The set includes next to the wrench even a second battery, quick charger, warranty card and manual, as well as the accessory. Why DeWalt these Maxi Packs of three different bits do with this is beyond me. The accessories box enthällt wood, metal and masonry drill bits, and nuts with a bit head. All in various sizes.

Now to the device itself.
The DeWalt DCD795D2 is processed extremely solid. The focus is almost right on the "disengagement". The light has inspired me. It illuminates a large area. The chuck is but the center of the light cone. A nice feature is that the light by pressing the wrench stays on for some time. Here, someone thought made. A function which is so small, but makes it easier to work in the dark insane.
Many complain about also the wobbling battery. Just as some have complained here I was expecting the worst. However, not quite. The battery sits relatively loose. However, you will notice this only when it wobbles. The work is thus not affected. I am therefore really quite happy because the battery so very simple and easy can change. The food is amazing. A full metal lining is not seen often in cordless screwdrivers. It packs to tidy and can be opened with one hand and close. One notices immediately that the technically relevant parts are all made of metal. For example, the inclusion of the auxiliary handle or the whole backbone of the device. Here I'm capable with the above-mentioned weight of 1.6kg, as this is a reason.
The buttons for selecting the direction of rotation can easily be reached. Only the adjustment for preselection of basic function (screws, drilling, percussion) and torque is slightly hakelig.
The batteries are charged quickly and can be checked on the back by pushing a button on their remaining capacity.
The handle is rubberized and provides a good grip.
The screwing of thick hexagonal wood screws (8x120mm) without pre-drilling into a piece of beech presented for the DeWalt not a big deal. Even drilling with a 30mm Forstner bit in beech he copes just place like this. I opted for the version with percussion, as this was only unwestentlich expensive than without me and additionally allows the use of an auxiliary handle. I thought that is certainly very handy, even when drilling in wood. Because if the drill times a hook schlägts the wrench often run out of hand. The torque is really enormous. Unfortunately, the grip was not included. The percussion mechanism itself? What should I think? Normally I use the same hammer. My expectations of a cordless drill with percussion were therefore relatively low. Nevertheless, I have of course tested the function.
As a test object had to serve an old composite concrete paving stone. This was really so hard that my hammer was struggling. Here is the miesten carved out the socks me the DeWalt. The 10er masonry bit abolished the 8cm composite stone in about 30 sec. The percussion is perhaps nothing to use for continuous use, but quite!

Here again the advantages and disadvantages of the DeWalt DCD795D2 at a glance:

+ Very strong
+ Great suitcase
+ Good, useful accessories
+ The weight is quite acceptable
+ Fast loading times of the batteries (15-30min)
+ Permanent battery monitoring
+ Overload protection
+ Full metal chuck up to 13mm
+ Long battery life
+ Lighting
+ Large and highly visible status indicator on the charger
+ Good haptics
+ Possibility of additional handle

- Unfortunately, no additional handle in delivery
- Setting torque and mode of application something hakelig

Spontaneously I no longer think of to the device. I would buy it again at any time. For me, a serious competitor to Makita, if not a little better?
I hope in any case where one or other interested person to have helped a bit in making its decision. Cheer for sale.

Greeting Dominik

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