A touching and exciting love story!

A touching and exciting love story!

An Island (Paperback)

Customer Review

I must admit that I dreaded reading this because of the love story. Although I am very open minded, at least I like to think, I was scared to feel discomfort.

I can tell you that it has absolutely never been the case!
There's nothing creepy or disturbing, it is rather beautiful and touching love story.

Anna is a couple for years with a man who does not want to commit or start a family. When TJ's parents asked him to spend the summer in the Maldives to give remedial courses to their son, she sees this as an opportunity to get away a little of his life that no longer suits him, and this can be done item.
TJ 16, he has just emerged from a long battle against cancer. He is a young man weakened by illness.
But nothing will happen as planned. Their plane crashed in the ocean and Anna and TJ will find themselves on a deserted island, having to face hunger, thirst and nature. A wild and ruthlessness.
The days will unfortunately quickly turn into weeks, then months and years.
TJ will be a man under the eyes of Anna who will naturally start to see it differently.

But what a story! I devoured it, I was plagued with curiosity to know what would happen to them if they were finally rescued. At the same time, when their love story begins, I asked myself constantly what chance this story would survive elsewhere than on this island, they were so justly rescued. How would react family TJ? That of Anna? Would she stop this love story once back?

The views are alternated between Anna and TJ, which makes us appreciate them even more. We see TJ become a man and fall in love with Anna, and melted completely for him. He is a young brave and strong man who does not give up.
Anna is seen fighting against itself, against the attraction she thinks not having to feel. She's an adult after all, and soon the roles will be reversed.
TJ knows what he wants, and proves once again that no matter how old you get, the feelings are not less intense and sincere.

No cougar here, far from it. It is a true and touching story of love between a man and a woman. Simply.

I really enjoyed reading this, I trembled, I cried, I laughed, and I felt empty when I turned the last page. So of course, I found that some things seemed a little too easy, and sometimes the style lacked a little depth, but I was too deeply in it for me really worry.

In short, a beautiful love story, terribly touching, I strongly recommend!

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February 9
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