• Replacement remote control for KENDO LC11S32HD  

    Replacement remote control for KENDO LC11S32HD (Electronics)
    I now do not know how this replacement remote control differently: to assess functioning properly. Responds to touch ;-)) what bask?
  • very zufiriedenstellend  

    AGPtek CD slot car car mobile holder for Smart Phone Iphone 6 Plus, Galaxy S5 NOTE 4/3, GPS NAVI, PSP, MP3 Players (range 45-110mm, Universal 360 ° slot CD holder) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Actually, this support is not intended for the iPhone 5, But I use it nevertheless for it and it will not budge. It can be longitudinally and transversely mount and tilt angle. The mobile phone is fastened securely in it, and with the attachment to t
  • Protection is good. Are recommended.  

    6x screen protector Garmin Vivofit - Screen Protector Ultra-Transparent (Electronics)
    The sheets fit on the display and protect it well. However, the liability is not so good in the border area by the increases in display of vivofit2. The protection is not as good were the films, however small. Therefore, a clear recommendation.
  • Price and performance TOP  

    COM PAD Power Bank 3000 Portable Battery USB Charger Smartphone - Pink (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    We are always a lot and when the weather can sometimes be from morning to night, we are there. Unfortunately, cell phone batteries do not last as long and you steal constantly with an empty battery and there is then no longer accessible. But that's w
  • Great way to use your smartphone as a voice recorder  

    Walimex Pro lavalier microphone (lapel length 120cm, incl. Clip) for smartphones (Accessories)
    The lavalier microphone from Walimex kommit with a RD. 120cm long cable and can be plugged inconspicuously to clothing thanks to clip and its small dimensions. The recording quality is significantly better than the direct use of the integrated smart
  • BL-5J Battery for Nokia Lumia 530  

    New !! BL5J / BL-5J battery / battery for Nokia Asha 200, Lumia 530, Lumia 520, C3-00, C3, 5228, 5230, 5235 Comes With Music, 5235 Ovi Music Unlimited, 5800 Comes with Music, 5800 Navigation Edition, 5800 XpressMusic , N900, X1, X1-00, X1-01, X6, X6 16GB, X6 32GB (Electronics)
    Fits fine. Since I have given away this phone, I have also passed on the battery. Therefore, I can not say anything, since it is intended to replace the battery over the term. Become ggfls. later supplemented again. Fast Delivery.
  • Basically no protection for the telephone  

    Samsung Phone Case Cover Protective Case Cover with Clearview transparent cover for Galaxy S6 - Black (Accessories)
    The shell looks chic, is practically (display lit up when you open or transparent). That's it for me already with the positive properties. Unfortunately, the cover is extremely scratch sensitive. Although I very carefully deal with it it looks now as
  • For my application, sufficient but if I ....  

    2 Channel 5V Relay Module Relay module for Arduino Sensor Shield V4.0 Special (Electronics)
    would thus turn mains voltage? Rather not. The optocouplers are used to control the transistors then drive the widerum the relay. For the relays, you can choose its own supply voltage. However, since the GND of relay Supply and GND opto-input is conn
  • Led lights are hardly'm really disappointed!  

    10X 1W White 5050 3 SMD LED 36mm 12V festoon lamp license plate light light (Electronics)
    Have these LED lamps bought for my polo 6n2. As my lamp had been broken in the trunk, I thought to myself I buy a fuel-efficient LED lamp. Delivery took a long time because it comes from China. Thought the product to me has a good rating and I'll buy
  • Schick and well  

    Philips M110W / 38 SCALA corded phone white design (electronics)
    I bought the phones (3) as extensions for my practice. They look really chic on the wall of work well. Wall mounting is not worth talking about-there are two holes and are hung on two screws. Sits well and nothing wobbles. Since the phones hang on an
  • Good haptics, valuable, but difficult and unnecessarily intrusive lettering  

    Spigen ® protective sleeve Samsung Galaxy S6 Case NEO HYBRID METAL [Bumper Case with aluminum frame] - Case Samsung Galaxy S6 / SVI, double protective layer - dark gray [Gunmetal - SGP11324] (optional)
    The aluminum frame looks very classy and is great processed. That one feels well. The Case-own buttons are also integrated into the frame, as the frame itself are made of aluminum and have a great pressure point. They do not wobble and not solve with
  • Important !! The tape head in the car radio must be clean !!!  

    CSL HQ Car Stereo Cassette Adapter AUX | Cars Auto Radio / Car Adapter cash | Car audio cassette adapter | 3.5mm jack plug | for iPod, iPhone, Discman, MP3, CD, MD or DAT players, cell phones, smart phones, Tablet PCs | Black (matte) (Electronics)
    I plugged an MP3 player to the cassette part of my car and it all works perfectly. Only the head of my car radio was apparently contaminated (long not in use), after a short cleaning it works as it should be. Shipping was as always impeccable. 5 Star
  • Class part, more is needed for most people not sure (who has battery problems, see at the bottom)  

    Moto G 2nd generation Smartphone (12.7 cm (5 inches) HD touchscreen display, 8 megapixel camera, quad-core processor, dual SIM, WiFi, 8GB of internal memory, Android 4.4 KitKat) (Electronics)
    After more than 2.5 years with my Samsung Nexus i9250 Google (AMOLED), I have long wondered how much I need Smartphone ever. Recently bought my partner the LG L90 and I was so surprised that it everything necessary was good for relatively little mone
  • Displaychutzfolie for open mobile phones.  

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Screen Protector - 5 pieces - Premium Films crystal clear with instructions for Samsung S4 Mini (Electronics)
    Which are openly carried in the pocket for mobile phones, is the screen protector and this silicone case is a good solution. The film can be well apply in a quiet and very clean environment and without hassle. The last dust should blow through be rem
  • Seems to be an original  

    Battery internal - LG BL-T9 - Google Nexus 5 / D821 LG (Electronics)
    Have the battery purchased from fischkaonlineshop and receive instant. Compared to the original verbautem battery differs the new only in the production date, there seems to be a fact (hopefully) to be an original. PS: the terminal lug of the spare b
  • Nikon also fits Canon  

    Yongnuo YN560-TX Wireless Flash Controller and commander for YN-560 III YN-560 TX YN560TX Speedlite Nikon DSLR cameras (Camera)
    Hello zussamenn, have the the YN560-XT received with full joy yesterday. I then noticed the disappointment as I that I prosper ordered by mistake for the Nikon. Did it actually already want to return almost again, but first tried my luck. Lo and beho
  • Notches on the glass correspond to the S5 Mini  

    delightable24 tempered glass screen film protective glass made of tempered glass for Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini - Crystal Clear (Electronics)
    I give only 3 stars because although the glass comes with protective film on the "adhesive side" but not on the glass side. This in turn triggers unnecessary lint removed from. Thus you already annoyed when attaching, through constantly new crum
  • Bracket with minimal Purpose  

    Wicked Chili Car mount holder for Samsung mobile phone / smartphone (Made in Germany, Ball joint, compatible with Bumper / Case / sheath) black (accessories)
    Although the holder may certainly serve their purpose. However, I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 with an S-view Cover. The cover is actually quite thin. But due to the cover do I get my smartphone partly by force in this holder inside. A 100% setting I can
  • In the price range a very good choice.  

    Sony MDR-1AB High Resolution headphones (40 mm high definition driver units) (Electronics)
    So, here's my review was for about 135 hours of play, tested primarily on PC, but partly also to portable devices. Packaging: I find on Sony always great, whether in this headphones or MDR-Z7. Always nice to look at. Comfort and processing: comfort I
  • Also in the car Top  

    PortaPow special 20AWG 2m Quick charging cable Micro-USB for Android / Blackberry / HTC One / Google Nexus / OnePlus One (accessories)
    I've been using my Nexus 7 2012 at the car and the tablet has discharged despite adequate charger. Despite that I use the 2m variant what a USB cable already is very long, the Tablet invites (brightest Navi, music and video) even at maximum load.