• Perfect for the "old" cars !!  

    iClever® Himbox HB01 Bluetooth 4.0 receiver kit hands-free car to car with 3.5 mm input jack compatible phone and ipad with bluetooth-activation siri / the voice-enables you to connect two phones at once [Dual USB Car Charger and included magnetic base] -black (Electronics)
    Here is a kit that has immediately found its use in my "old" car that does not have as new integrated radio with Bluetooth and the whole shebang. Very simple. Installation and intuitive operation that the user guide is provided! Holds well in pl
  • it's perfect 99  

    Avizar - Hull Protection Shockproof Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime - Bimaterial Black (Electronics)
    super protective case. My husband and tinker much this case protects very well possible shocks. to complete we also purchased a protective tile. I recommend this product.
  • High capacity, 2 USB ports, ideal size for travel  

    RAVPower 10400 mAh Portable Charger with technology iSmart Element RP-PB07 (emergency external battery, 3.5A Output, Dual USB ports) Black (Electronics)
    Complete product comes with a manual (including French), a USB cable for charging and a handy pouch mesh net to protect the battery from scratches. The battery itself is protected by a hard shell. It is pre-loaded with 3/4 transmission output. Of app
  • Severe Price  

    CANON VISOR EW-65B aim 24 and 28 IS (Accessory)
    64 euros for this little piece of plastic, it is really making fun of people. I'm not the type to write this kind of comment, but it turns out that it is so exaggerated that I can not resist.
  • Problem of glue  

    Skinomi TechSkin - screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (protects the screen in its entirety) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Film to size. I unpacked the film and I have observed strange scratches on there glued to surface. Installation is simple and the bubbles go with the product. It take good curves without coming off. Only the film reveals these funny scratches and sli
  • Complex 1 1  

    Sony VCT-SCM1.SYH suction cup car mount for Action Cam Black (Accessory)
    This fixation suction cup is mounted complex, heavy, this lack of finesse and agility. The finish is basic.
  • 1880 504 Super  

    Xperia Z3 hull - Ringke FUSION Hull [Free HD Film / Cache Anti-Dust & Fall Protection] [CRYSTAL VIEW Crystal] Absorption of shocks Bumper hard Premium e Shell Case Protective Skin Protector Case for Sony Xperia Z3 (No to Z3 Compact / Z3 Dual) - Eco / DIY Paquete (Electronics)
    That's exactly the product I wanted and I did well to buy it, the first fall Z3 tomorrow ... It is also rather nice to put images or other between the cover and the phone, we personalize.
  • error produces 2  

    Silver color Camera Film Fujicolor - FUJI C200 - 24x36 Film - 200 ISO - 36 exposures (Bipack) (Accessory)
    Fortunately I have a silver 24x36! in fact I expect to receive my APS film for IXUS Z70 Canon hence my relative disappointment from that, quickly received and well packaged
  • Useful and discreet  

    Airframe Support Neuftech® grid universal auto car For Smartphone mobile phone / GPS / PDA / PSP / iPod / iPhone / MP3 / MP4 (Black) (Electronics)
    Easy to apply, remove, discreet, well wishes on the grids. No complaints properly fulfilled its function. Recommend
  • Full 45  

    LuxeBell® 9in1 Kit Combo Kit GoPro accessories GoPro Hero 4 Hero Hero Hero 3 3+ SJ4000 SJ5000 2 of the digital camera, pocket telescopic extendable black Pole / Stick Pod Manfrotto Tripod Adapter + orange Floaty with Bobber floating strap Scuba buoyancy camera screw handlebar Bike + Bar Mount Max Roll Diameter 4cm 3-way center seatpost + articulated arm with suction cup car with 7CM-diameter base of the empty windshield + Headband Mount + Mont harness with belt hook J (Miscellaneous)
    Comprehensive as possible for all uses little space and lovely pool and super long pole For the price there is no photo
  • My MacBook Pro invigorated.  

    Ram memory upgrades 8GB kit (4GBx2) 1333Mhz DDR3 PC3 10600 for your Apple iMac and Macbook Pro computer
    The package arrived quickly and the bars are both functional (2x4GB). My MacBook Pro Early 2011 now knows a new youth and turns without slowing the latest version of Mac OS X 10.10.3 (Yosemite). Thank you for these quality RAMs.
  • Excellent product, practical and effective.  

    TaoTronics Handsfree Car Bluetooth Receiver with USB 4.0 Car Charger 2.1A, APT-X, Microphone, Built 10 Meters Range - Black, TT-BR03 (Electronics)
    Very good product, good quality. With a compatible smartphone aptX Bluetooth, sound quality is really excellent. Simply connect the receiver to the auxiliary input of the car radio, and in-car charger. The in-car charger supplied has an additional US
  • Does exactly what is says!  

    Neuftech® Stereo USB 2.0 Virtual 7.1 Channel Sound Card Adapter, USB powered / highly flexible audio interface (Black) (Electronics)
    Finally After Trying to fix my --other adapt single harbor on my laptop this is the only one that worked and what it Said About did with simple plug n play install! All fine we win 8.1! Highly recommended!
  • Alles Perfekt 30  

    Microsoft Lumia 640 Unlocked Smartphone XL 4G (Screen: 5.7 inch - 8 GB - Dual SIM - Windows Phone 8.1) Blue (Electronics)
    Top Verkäufer und absolut zuverlässig. Ein super Handy, das voll meinen Vorstellungen entspricht. Ich kann das Handy nur weiter empfehlen.
  • I expected better ... 10  

    Pure - One Flow Series II - Internet Radio - White (Electronics)
    The radio works well, it easily connects to the internet and there is little listen to online radios or terrestrial radio (digital or analog). The menu navigation is fairly intuitive. I was expecting better in sound that I find "a little deaf" (
  • Perfect Product 112  

    Sony SBH20 Bluetooth Stereo Headset Black (Accessory)
    Hello, so for me it is just great, powerful sound quality is good! Compatible with my Iphone4s I meter What has co 5sec, BATERIE level for me is I would say largely suffice 8h 7m is running away! Sony really good job!
  • 3 like a glove  

    Spigen Alpha Galaxy Neo Hybrid Case Gunmetal SGP11095 (Accessory)
    Perfectly adapted to Alpha Galaxy. Perfect finish. Very good quality in relation to that of the phone. The gunmetal color is the same as that of the front face of my Galaxy Alpha. It really is that we must have the shell on this phone.
  • Practical and consistent 2  

    CSL - Print server (printserver) C190 (new model) Fast Ethernet | Windows 7 + Windows 8 Windows 8.1 + | PC and MAC | 10 USB 2.0 / 100MB / LPR 1x | Print Server (Electronics)
    Product installs on canon ip 3600 printer with 1 PC and 1 cable XP Mac 10.9 + wifi livebox I could never make my Mac 10.9 and printer cable livebox and saw the reviews on some forums I am not alone This is what motivated my purchase for this print se
  • Correct entry  

    Canon Ixus 160 Compact digital camera 20 megapixel LCD Monitor 2.7 "8X Optical Zoom Red (Electronics)
    The Canon IXUS 160 has been designed to be very easy to use, within the reach of a child. This compact fits easily in a pocket. Damage to the external battery charger, so you have to remove it for charging. To refit the battery in an index unit allow
  • A good case, robust  

    Thule Legend Case rigid for 2 x GoPro Cameras / Accessories Black (Electronics)
    This semi-rigid case is very sturdy yet lightweight. It is ideal for storing 2GB-pro and various accessories. Everything is well protected and well cushioned with padded compartments. Finally, I find this rather nice and elegant case. In short, a goo