Destiny gives an unfinished impression

Destiny gives an unfinished impression

Destiny - Standard Edition - [PlayStation 4] (Video Game)

Customer Review

I advance nor played the Alpha Beta and me only relatively coarse employs in advance with the game, but well enough to know what to expect today. Because the game gives a very good impression, I have also bought today and am now level 12 hunter.

The strengths were already often enumerated and make a positive impact quickly, so I want to list here even know what currently but very bother me at Destiny and leads to the devaluation of my opinion:

- The game was announced as though shooter but should nevertheless already be a kind of shooter MMO. Since there is virtually no interaction from a few emotes and no chat, never comes really the MMO feeling that other players could also simply be good bots.

- The mission design is, at least as far as I know it to the moon, very unimaginative and repeated constantly. I baller me purely in any area. At some point on the game at the instance mode and it becomes harder. At the end of the mind wants to examine / analyze / repair / download and you have to defend it against waves of enemies something. Quasi each mission is structured.

- The world is very sterile, there except for a few cases actually nothing to be found. Even the few materials, which can first suspect crafting, simply needs to be collected only plump to be eventually converted later into a currency from which you then masses need to buy an item.

- The Itemstats are unfortunately quite unimaginative. Although this is a shooter, but the players of the world have quite a few more stats with other functions can be expected. All Stats only reduce the cooldown of various damage skills.

- The Grimoire is not in game. Constantly reading about cards that you received containing information on all kinds of content. This would be sorely needed, as the game keeps its story very behind the mountain. Needs to find out more here to go to the homepage and read Bungie everything in the browser. Had no more time to program the game to the end?

- Even the novelty is not actually given. The presentation is 1A, but who knows Defiance and Warframe, which does all the very familiar, just kind of in total poor in terms of MMO.

Now that I have seen half the game and looked me right in the capital several traders, I get the feeling that Destiny is an obtuse Grinder is in endgame content, in which it takes days for an item. One has the feeling Bungie has not really given some thought to the long-term motivation and just style reingebaut quickly in the worst WoW 3-4 Ruffraktionen. Let's see what the second week, but for a long-term success is needed in my opinion very soon a very big content patch, particularly in the solo section.

If you just play the game as usual multiplayer shooter will certainly get their money. However, no piece is it better than any Battlefield X. Who had somehow "more" expected from the game, which will probably be a bit disappointed. Bungie can do shooter, but to round out the matter would have to be 3-4 people to borrow at BioWare for a few weeks.

Complement Strikes:
Yesterday I had nothing written about the strikes after I played yesterday the Earth and the Moon today, even these are not very convincing. Again, the Sagittarius and waiting repeated mechanics a few times and the challenging boss battles it is only because you will be overwhelmed by waves of adds and hardly comes to damage to the almost always very simple knitted Boss to make. The authorities themselves are also not have their own areas, but recycle again the story areas, like the patrols already. The Strikes fun, but if they also make even after 4 weeks, the run on endless repeat addition.

Supplement Level 20
After I'm level 20 now and wanted to revise the text if necessary, I can not save me. Venus and Mars look good, but that's about it. The Trott continues as input continuously described. Now came the Instanzgrinding, let's see how many days / weeks I can stand it. 10 years certainly not, Bungie ...

Now that I have spent several hours with Strikes and farms I would like to add something. The game has the last days even made a surprising amount of fun and I want to sign caught me again and again to this and that to do yet. I am now level 24 and have played several strikes on Level 24. Unfortunately, I am now come to a point where the game I only very little advances without a huge time commitment. It can not be but that a 45 minute strike from which alone the boss battle takes 20 minutes, bringing ridiculous 14 reputation for the vanguard and it is once again rewarded with a level 16 item. Rare Drops times a blue or even less frequently a legendary datagram, only to again a blue level to obtain 18 Item. The loot is completely arbitrary and bears no relation to the application. With luck, more reputation and items obtained at farms in the world of Level 6 enemies ...

It's fun, but who do not invest 10+ hours will be with Gear might not or minimally improve throwing in PvE soon back.

Class reception Rank: 4/5
November 27
October 26
Very good good product Rank: 5/5
April 26
A life sentence Rank: 3/5
July 9
very practical 9 Rank: 5/5
August 20

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