Great game for three players, good material

Great game for three players, good material

Huch & friends 877,468 - Talat (Toys)

Customer Review

The fact that a tripartite strategy game is balanced, there must be something special. And I was surprised at how well this has been achieved with Talat. The classic and often adverse "Two against one" situation here is not beneficial for the two but mostly for individuals, since only two of the three boards are played to the end. And only one active board are points.

The possible combinations in the inventory are almost innumerable and hence the change in the game gradients. So long-term fun is guaranteed.
It often happened with us before know that putting up took longer than the actual games (pulling and hitting) thereafter. Those who like to think through many possible moves in advance, will have his joy here.

The stones are heavy and stable, and the packaging is appropriate. The instructions are easy to understand and provided with helpful illustrations. The simplicity of the rules says nothing about the complexity and depth of the game.

Only the variant for two players I find not so successful. That does not for me but for the devaluation, because it's very easy to second place other suitable games also.

Who would like to play chess in threes, which was Talat highly recommended!

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