Ball pump MOLTEN DHP21-BL


  • Molten Ball Pump HP18  

    Molten Ball Pump HP18 (equipment)
    Together with the Molten Basketball I ordered the ball pump, unfortunately missing in the delivery, the needle, so the ball pump is not to be used. I was disappointed, the return shipping cost would be higher than the actual ball pump.
  • good handy ball pump  

    Uhlsport Ballpumpe small, black / white, 1001187 (equipment)
    the Uhlsport Ball Pump is small and easy to carry anywhere, thanks to the flexible attachment. It works flawlessly and is pumping properly. I am fully satisfied with the ball pump and would buy me any time!
  • Very good and handy ball pump  

    Uhlsport Ballpumpe small, black / white, 1001187 (equipment)
    Did I ordered this pump and am really happy a few days ago. The pump is very well made, easy to handle and fits into any pocket. Have been a few balls (a few footballs, a football and several basketballs) inflated so and went really quickly. The flex
  • handy ball pump  

    Molten Ball Pump HP18 (equipment)
    This ball pump acts at first glance a little "plastic-cheap" - but looks can be deceiving. This pump is stable, has real power and pumping soon each ball tightly. The needle Garage under control is a great idea. Due to the small dimensions, this
  • Very good ball - pump in need of improvement.  

    ScSPORTS Gym Ball 65 cm (equipment)
    For the ball, there is a perfect score in the price. A star deduction is only available for the pump that does not block the valve, you can hit the ball so therefore never fully inflate, some air is lost in addition to the moment in which one takes t
  • Sunflex Sports Needles NEEDLES for Ball pumps  

    Sunflex Sports Needles NEEDLES for Ball pumps (equipment)
    The delivery was prompt and fast unfortunately only break the needles too quickly. It would also be useful if would have been seen if the needles have an internal or external thread
  • Very good ball pump at an affordable price  

    Uhlsport Ballpumpe big, black / white, 1001188 (equipment)
    This Ballpumpe we already own and are very satisfied. This is the second that we buy, because we want to give them away. So we can highly recommend. It is stable, works fine and is cheap.
  • 3x ball pump needle valve needle ball needle hollow needle for Ball pump Football  

    3x ball pump needle valve needle ball needle hollow needle for Ball pump Football (Misc.)
    Fits great for my cordless Aufblaspistole. Is simply brilliant as a replacement for broken needles. Fits functional, very good design. Highly recommended.
  • Have a universal, cost-effective PUKY Go-Cart-balls-bike-all-in-one alternative found :-)  

    Puky 9472 - hand pump (equipment)
    Hello everybody, what Puky was thinking, with his go-carts / "Kettcars" such dam ... Eiden valves installed so that you need a separate pump for only as customers rip off (financially) or "Satisfied customers are our care" setting
  • take good pump for  

    Uhlsport Ballpumpe small, black / white, 1001187 (equipment)
    The ball pump like it better than me. Is stable and through the flexible hose no tip can break off longer. I also find the optimal size because it fits in your pocket or backpack. I can recommend so. =)
  • Uhlsport-pump top  

    Uhlsport Ballpumpe small, black / white, 1001187 (equipment)
    This ball pump is the best that I have ever owned. In particular, the intermediate piece is very good. I would always attach the needle to the adapter and never directly at the pump. I had the pump for many years as a youth soccer coach in use: it ha
  • good pump 1  

    Uhlsport Ballpumpe small, black / white, 1001187 (equipment)
    I bought the ball pump, because I oriented myself to the reviews of other buyers. There was only good reviews, I thought, the pump can not be that wrong. And it has paid off so far. I immediately all the balls (and there are quite a few) of my childr
  • Test - Ballpumpe against bicycle pump  

    TOGU Powerball pump hand pump exercise ball fitness ball ball pump Doppelub (equipment)
    I have taken a lot of time inflated (over 30 minutes) with a really good floor bike pump my first Togu 75cm ball. In between, always. With breaks, even though I am very well trained, so now I had to make the second ball not feel like the same thing a
  • Attention not suitable for all pumps  

    5 TRIXES pump needles football, rugby, volleyball (Miscellaneous)
    I called universal control these needles trying to adapt to a pump molten basketball not incompatible needles! ditto on two other pumps! Universal qu'appellez you? return and refund request
  • Class Ball, Super Price  

    Spalding basketballs NBA Silver Outdoor (equipment)
    Works great for the game in the outdoor area. The ball has a good rubber compound with enough grip and yet very durable. Can be easily super with dribble and fits perfectly in your hand while throwing. The seams are nicely formed, thereby you can ste
  • Class outdoor ball!  

    Spalding basketballs NBA Silver Outdoor (equipment)
    This outdoor basketball Spalding won me over. Even with wet surfaces can be wonderfully play with him. It would be important to mention that the ball (contrary to my expectations), not inflated arrives at home and thus the acquisition of a ball pump
  • Ball needles as they should be  

    Uhlsport needle valves 10p. (Equipment)
    Got the ball pump by Uhlsport bought and ordered these needles easy to replace it. Adjust the pump and work quite well. If the thread would be a little longer you could even put the needles on a bicycle pump. But that's probably not want nobody else
  • But good pump ATTENTION when buying replacement needles  

    Uhlsport Ballpumpe big, black / white, 1001188 (equipment)
    The pump seems to be very good, properly processed, reduces the risk of hose break the needle, and the. At a very reasonable price But be careful when buying replacement needles: The standard ball pump replacement needles of Hudora any case do not fi
  • good Leisure Ball  

    PUMA Ball King (equipment)
    I bought this ball of my daughter because she wanted to have a "real" football to play. positive: - Good processing (sewn) - Stable - Suitable for leisure footballers and the "Bolt" in the yard / garden negative: - In the description d
  • Needle for pump  

    Valve needle hollow needle Replacement needle for Ball pump (Misc.)
    After the long journey, the replacement needle for Ball pump are well preserved arrived and we are satisfied. Until next time.