best modern prog rock


  • Modern prog rock meets Classics  

    Synaesthesia (Audio CD)
    Adam Warne is just 19 years old ...... and, accordingly, he dusted the 70's prog rock thoroughly. As Multiintrumentalist he served almost all instruments except the guitar and the bass. This is played by IQ mastermind Mike Holmes, and this has also p
  • Very finest prog rock  

    Game of Ouroboros (Audio CD)
    "Theo" sounds like the name of a buddy, but is Hammer. Beautiful melodic, sometimes spectacular prog rock of completely Frickelfrei comes. Experiments without end are but 1,000% fit. Everything is very well thought out. Both the musical part, wi
  • The master of prog rock is back - better than ever!  

    The Human Equation (Special Edition / double CD + DVD) (Audio CD)
    Ayreon is one of many projects by Dutch musician Arjen Lucassen. For this double CD, he has once again rounded up more or less well-known guest stars, with Arjen plays almost all the instruments himself and mainly relies on singers. "The Human Equati
  • One of the special panels from 1970 - PROG-ROCK-JAZZ  

    Just a Poke / Darkness to Light (Audio CD)
    Know the album JUST A POKE since 70 'and own it now in 4 versions. 2 x 2 x as vinyl and CD. JUST A POKE is definitely one of the 200 best prog rock records of all time, the drum solo is definitely IN-A-GADDA DA VIDA ebenbürdig and is due to the then
  • Top-made modern prog metal  

    Juggernaut: Omega (Special Edition CD + DVD) (Audio CD)
    On the whole, one has already done everything right here, if you stand on modern prog metal. - The music is versatile, but still does not lose the thread - The sound is amazing, an incredible wall of sound (the transparency including naturally suffer
  • Best Photo Prog.  

    Photo Studio PRO (App)
    for me on the S3, the process for quick and tinker photos but best photo Prog. isAMAZON this app on the Galaxy S3 Compatible even if you say that it is not so I want to buy this app but I can not because the Amazon shop So my S3 blockaded only when t
  • Crazy Polish prog rock group  

    A street entre sunrise and sunset (CD)
    This album sounds a lot with old Genesis songs. Prog-rock addict, start with this album and follow with INTO THE LIGHT and continues with NOSTALGIA. You will rediscover CAMEL KING CRIMSON and atmosphere. So Their Own Satellite music sounds. Continue,
  • compelling prog rock  

    Signify (Audio CD)
    Porcupine Tree are having their 1996 published by Delerium Records "Signify" on the road, away from the psychedelic-atmospheric sound mists of its predecessor, "The Sky Moves Sideways", towards songorientierteren albums like "Ligh
  • "Prog rock masterpiece by MAGNUM"  

    Kingdom of Madness (Audio CD)
    It's the year 1978 as the British cult rockers "Magnum" to release their long-awaited prog rock debut album. Every now and then comes to me with a disc that simply blows me away because of clenched art and creativity from the socks. People here
  • A must for lovers of prog rock  

    The Fading Ghosts of Twilight (MP3 Download)
    Who loves the Flower Kings, will not be disappointed with this album. Genesis of the Gabriel era says hello! The Swedes are in terms of prog rock just at the front !!
  • Giving free rein: Prog Rock in French!  

    Est (Audio CD)
    "Chantez-vous français?" Yes, in Direction is actually sung French - and it does not come just often that a Francophone prog rock band is distributed internationally! It was French but once considered extremely chic. In this day and age is more
  • Great new prog rock album of Rishloo. Very good and worth listening to  

    Living With Ghosts as Buildings as Teeth (MP3 Download)
    Prog-rock at its finest. Another great album from Rishloo. If you go to albums by Tool or Perfect Circle waiting> Alternative
  • (Neo) prog rock at its finest  

    English Electric Part 2 (Audio CD)
    Big Big Train seem to have finally found their way. Since the album "Under case Yard" (then came yet the EP "Far Skies Deep Time" and the first part of "English Electric") Play on constant very high level and stick with their
  • One of the best modern rock albums of all time!  

    For Those Who Wait (Audio CD)
    I did not think that it create Fireflight, to beat her debut album "The Healing of Harms" again, but since I was mistaken powerful! "For Those Who Wait" it is now 3rd studio album and definitely the best. When the total run time I had
  • Prog Rock at its best ....  

    The Raven That Refused to Sing (And Other Stories) (MP3 Download)
    Quite yeasty prog or jazz-rock chunks, the SW bangs around our ears! It really seems that SW and Porcupine Tree are unable to publish a really bad album. Also this album is a journey of discovery into the world of diverse sound masters Steven Wilson.
  • Not badly done - Commercial prog rock  

    90125 (Expanded & Remastered) (Audio CD)
    Having already Tormato and drama switched to radio and hittauglichen structures to new ways in the broadest sense went with 90125 definitively commercially, as can be demonstrated in the compositions of the album. The British acted now without Geoff

    The Road-Live (Audio CD)
    The best thing that lately has been released in this sector !!! Blues-rock of the finest. The 3 guys who's it !!! Highly Recommended !! Small disadvantage is the price policy of Amazon. Every day a new price ... times 17.99 Euro 22.99 Euro next day.
  • So must prog rock sound anno 2013  

    Shrine of New Generation Slaves (MP3 Download)
    This album is my first encounter with Riverside and it really blew me - for me a terrific mix of hard, melodic and long pieces. As with all good ProgRock discs you have to already get involved in the music and hear several times, then left a music bu
  • Best female German rock voice!  

    Sleepless (Audio CD)
    I am glad that the band JR some time leaves to become quiet as the überwiegede of the songs absolutely rocks and the guitars the sound determine. But the quiet pieces convince! Jennifer's voice is dirty, roars and now and then gently - for me current
  • Great prog rock!  

    Octavarium (Audio CD)
    After the last, certainly not bad album 'Train of Thought' I had, the new album on, especially one wish: More Jordan Rudess! Because this exception keyboardist came with Train of Thought a bit too short, also my keyboard sounds liked not always. This