BESTEK 10-15 Laptop Notebook Cooling Pad


  • Manhattan Notebook Cooling Pad - Model 703 406  

    Notebook Cooling Pad, USB, a fan, 200 mm (Office supplies & stationery)
    Due to its size, it fits really under all customary notebook sizes. Installation is extremely easy - connect to USB port and you're done. Advantages that I would turn out compared to other models: (skew etc. should be mentioned in almost all) x extre
  • AVANTEK 17 inch Laptop Notebook Cooler Cooling Pad Cooler Stand  

    AVANTEK CP172 17 inch Laptop Notebook Cooler Cooler cooling pad cooling pad stand with 160mm dual fan (Electronics)
    The fans are quiet, understated without dazzling lighting. The air flow is too low for my application, should cool the base plate under the PS4. Sorry to go back.
  • Notebook Cooling Pad USB Fan 200 mm  

    Notebook Cooling Pad, USB, a fan, 200 mm (Office supplies & stationery)
    Waited at Amazon on this device a little longer than usual, but this was already specified in the order. Bin have pleasantly surprised by the quality, as it indeed is a device made of plastic (plastic) and I was very disappointed by another fan of Am
  • Not only cooling pad, but for all of sofas and bed surfers ...  

    Belkin CushDesk Kniekissen for notebooks up to 46.7 cm (18.4 inches) espresso / fuchsia (Personal Computers)
    I would recommend this product denote not only as cooling pad - for those who like to work with a laptop on your lap, this product adds to the comfort. The surface is made of hard plastic, and the bottom is like a soft pillow, the slightly rounded ed
  • Perfect cord to connect to laptop cooling pad  

    Connector USB Cable Type A Male / Male 1 Meter 53100 (Accessory)
    Small price, even a bit long but perfect to connect my laptop and my cooling pad. The cable is thicker than the original and therefore wants to beefier and resistant. No worries on my side after more than a month.
  • MacBook Pro Retina 15 (2014): noticeably cooler, fit mediocre cooling pad noble - fan not.  

    Cooler Master Plus U3 Notebook Cooler (R9-NBC-U3PK-GP) (Personal Computers)
    I was looking for a cooling pad for my MacBook Pro Retina 15 (2014). Requirements: Games on Windows. In fact, the cooling capacity of the full-aluminum device (MacBook) is very neat. However, put 2 graphics cards in the housing, of which only the ded
  • The thing is NOT a cooling pad !!!  

    Belkin Laptop Cooling Pad Cushdesk espresso darksky (Accessories)
    The thing is described as cooling pad, but has no cooler installed. That was me though Iwo clear, but I at least expected a cooling pad Ausschartung that can dissipate the hot air untetm laptop. But basically it is only for ergonomic work. From my ow
  • Good Notebook Cooler  

    Thermaltake Massive 23 LX Notebook Cooler CLN0015 200mm Black (Personal Computers)
    After a long search, I came across this notebook cooler. His flawless look, ergonomics, combined with a huge fan of 23 cm immediately seduced me! And I must say I am not disappointed! For laptops featuring a ventilation concentrated towards the cente
  • A cooler notebook cooler  

    Ergonomic Design Notebook Cooler / Cooler with blue illumination / Laptop Cooler (Electronics)
    As I unpacked the cooling pad, it seemed very small, almost too small. Now the test was with my laptop. Even though my laptop survives on both sides, ie is greater than the cooler, he has a perfect and firm stand, not wobble and the cooler does its j
  • excellent cooling pad  

    Logitech N200 Notebook Cooling Pad (accessory)
    After the heat that produced my notebook (2x2 GHz Dual Core), was regularly feel very strongly through a provided with an upholstered wooden knee Tablet, I decided on this cooling pad. This Cooling Pad Logitech has delivered the usual high quality. T
  • Top Cooling Pad  

    Logitech Cooling Pad N120 notebook cooling pads light gray (Accessories)
    Due to the very different reviews on different Cooling Pads, I was at first inspection table, if they ever get that and also not too loud. My fears were also reflected in the ratings of the previous model of Logitch Cooling Pads. That's why I decided
  • Great notebook cooler - Recommendation  

    Notebook laptop cooler heatsink stand | 5 x Fans | 2 x USB | 10 Next - 17 "inch [White] (Electronics)
    The notebook cooler from SK-Games is a recommendation. In three stages adjustable it served its purpose and cools the notebook good. The fan works quietly and does not interfere. Although the notebook has to work times under full load, it is no longe
  • Notebook cooler ... 2  

    Cooler Laptop Notebook Cooler Stand | 5 x Fans | 2 x USB | 10-17 "INCHES | Black (Electronics)
    Notebook cooler cooled superb ... well my computer I recommend it to all I do not regraite my purchase
  • Intermediate notebook cooler with SATA hard drive bay  

    Zalman ZM-NC2500 Plus Notebook fan (1 port USB hub) Black (Personal Computers)
    Appearance: In matt black and big enough for 15- to 17-inch notebooks Zalmann Notebook Cooler comes along. What directly strikes the light weight of the device is - in the mobile space indeed quite desirable in a stationary solution for the desktop t
  • Cooling Pad  

    Notebook Cooling Pad, USB, a fan, 200 mm (Office supplies & stationery)
    The cooling pad is doing what it should. Unfortunately, the rubber feet constantly going off. At some point they will no longer hold. That's not good, because the sharp plastic feet then rub on the backing. In this respect, a slight bad design.
  • Enermax - Cooling Pad - Cooler Notebook 12 "-17" - 25 cm silent fan - Titanium (Personal Computers)  

    Enermax Cooling Pad Notebook Cooler 12 "-17" Fan 25cm silent Titanium (Personal Computers)
    I'm too happy with my purchase cools his superbly well and is quiet, there is a button to increase or reduce the speed of the fan or arréter.Le pc is super stable dessus.J'en have recommeded a suite for my slim because it'll play 3 nickel and prevent
  • Support laptop cooler pad  

    I bought this because my computer medium warming. It is called chiller, but does not have forced ventilation, there are only the mixing of the air which is located below. I was disappointed by this detail, I would say abused by the expression cooler!
  • Notebook Cooler Avantek  

    AVANTEK CP172 17 inch Laptop Notebook Cooler Cooler cooling pad cooling pad stand with 160mm dual fan (Electronics)
    So I'm excited about the cooler, because it is - Very quiet, you hardly hear him, even my partner was amazed. I got it presented really loud somehow :) - The notebook is very well cooled and I can finally play the Games where my laptop is crashed aft
  • Cooler Master R9-NBC-8PCK-GP Notebook Cooler 19 "16/9  

    Cooler Master R9-NBC-GP NotePal U3-8PCK Cooler Laptop up to 19 "8 cm 3 interchangeable Fans Black (Accessory)
    Perfect width for a portable 19 "16/9, but a little too deep, especially lacking repositionable rubber flu to prevent the laptop from slipping (his only real flaw I remedied by gluing rubber pads the right places according to the size of my netbook -
  • RNC Notebook Cooler  

    Revoltec RNC-2100 notebook cooler 30.5 cm (12 inch) aluminum black (Accessories)
    Have a good piece now 5 weeks in operation and have to say that I did not regret the purchase. The cooler consists of a solid housing and the 2 fans are also well positioned and quiet reserved. Notebooks up to 15 inches are relatively stable and non-