dahle 230 electric pencil sharpener


  • Electric pencil sharpener very "low end"  

    Bind trimmer "Duo-Electric" blue pencil 6-8 and 9-12 mm 4 batteries (Office Supplies)
    I was looking for an electric pencil sharpener not too expensive but powerful enough to be used in class, so at a steady pace, but I am very disappointed by the effectiveness of it. I tested upon receipt (commissioned Saturday, received the following
  • Electric pencil sharpener  

    Bind trimmer "Duo-Electric" blue pencil 6-8 and 9-12 mm 4 batteries (Office Supplies)
    Simply practical, efficient and fast. 2 diameter sizes are also very useful when you have pencils of different calibers. Also tested without problems with pastels. The only catch: at the beginning we want to cut everything all the time ...
  • Very good pencil sharpener  

    Bind trimmer "Duo-Electric" blue pencil 6-8 and 9-12 mm 4 batteries (Office Supplies)
    An electric -Pencil size, it is convenient ... This one works fine. In addition, batteries are included :) It has two different diameter holes, it is a benefit of the product.
  • Think Big - cherry wood pencil sharpener  

    Think Big - cherry wood pencil sharpener (Office Supplies)
    Warning! This is a sharpener, not a sharpener. Length: ± 3.8 cm Circumference: ± 8.6 cm Weight: 16 g ± I was looking for a sharpener to sharpen those chalk for sewing, with a diameter of about 0.4 cm. The object is in a dense wood, matt, polished, sm
  • A bit noisy, but otherwise a great battery-operated pencil sharpener  

    Derwent battery operated pencil sharpener, black / red, with variable focus (Office supplies & stationery)
    The Derwent sharpener comes in a small box. It is powered by batteries that are installed already in sharpener. With a height of about 11cm and a width of about 10.5 cm of sharpener looks much bigger than I thought it would. There are currently only
  • Dahle Spitzmaschine electrically 74-00.08.00230  

    Dahle 230 pencil sharpener electric Dahle 230 for pins to 8.0 mm, gray (Office supplies & stationery)
    Already the first sharpener was not working. It was a gift for my son who is studying the design and must frequently characterized with well sharpened pencils. Almost at every sharpening operation the tip broke off. Even if you put the pen in differe
  • 1 pencil sharpener  

    1 Metal pencil sharpener 2 holes (Office Supplies)
    This is what I wanted: good old metal pencil size, basic and indestructible. no need to tank or other fancy. .
  • A pencil sharpener, just  

    1 Metal pencil sharpener 2 holes (Office Supplies)
    He filled his role well but I still take off a star because it's marked size metal pencil, gold is a cheap plastic "effect" metal, I would remove more stars if it had costs more.
  • nice pencil  

    Stabilo Woody 8806 Case of 6 pencils Assorted Colours (Office Supplies)
    these pencils are fine. but how little trimming ?? it's a shame that there is not a pencil sharpener adapt or submit your solution on the box.
  • Kit pencils  

    Derwent kit (UK Import) (Office Supplies)
    Handy kit to carry some of his drawing materials: pencils primarily (about thirty), but also an eraser, a pencil sharpener, eraser bread ... The material is canvas, it seems very solid, the quality is good, the color may be a little messy. It takes u
  • As pencil extension unusable  

    Faber-Castell 119037 - Perfect pencil Castell 9000, grade B, stem color: green (Office supplies & stationery)
    Its purpose as a pencil sharpener and cap for the pencil meets the part quite well, as a pencil extension, it is relative, however useless, since the pencil has too much freedom and so yields noticeably during writing. There is not a way to adjust th
  • Pencil could have been there  

    Splash Brands 8034-2 pencil sharpener meowing cat with sounds, white (Office supplies & stationery)
    The cat as a pencil sharpener is a fun Geschenk.Der Sound is good.I would have placed as a seller nor a pencil to do so because if one reads Anspitzr he expects automatically a pencil with dabei.Ich had a pencil I've packed them.
  • Size 2 Pencil  

    1 Metal pencil sharpener 2 holes (Office Supplies)
    Finally an unbreakable pencil sharpener! Thank you, O industrious scheming to have ignored the die-size metal Cryon for your projects with a planned obsolescence extended to all consumer products. This time you will not mistake me: p.
  • The perfect pencil case  

    Children pencil case / pencil case Beach Leach Schlamperbox (Misc.)
    as a teacher I've seen a lot of pencil cases. This is simply the best - for a 11-Lährigen. Why? It is a fitting good entertaining space for the protractor available. There are loops for pens and paint a stylus compartment for pens. The space is also
  • practical sharpener for circular mines  

    Faber pointed device for Fineline 184100 (office supplies & stationery)
    Most compasses mines are indeed quite short and very fine. In order to obtain an accurate work, it is necessary to get the mine pointed. This is quite possible with this pencil sharpener, so recommended!
  • Best sharpener I've ever had!  

    Staedtler 512 001 Double sharpener Double sharpener 512 001 (office supplies & stationery)
    Very good sharpener, even my cheap pens are always broke in the old pencil sharpener sharpened perfectly. The caked-on lid prevents small pencil crumbs unintentionally leave the collection container. When sharpening it is easy to open and can engage
  • Perfect for signatories  

    Dahle 230 pencil sharpener electric Dahle 230 for pins to 8.0 mm, gray (Office supplies & stationery)
    As an art student and avid cartoonist who holds not a lot of mechanical pencils and therefore must always pointed much, I can only recommend this device. First, I had to crank sharpener Dahle (155), which is in itself already very good. If you, howev
  • TOP quality 56  

    Staedtler 157 SB12 ergosoft crayon, 3 mm, deployable box with 12 colors (individually, different sets and austerity packages can be selected) (Office supplies & stationery)
    These are the best crayons we had so far. Beautiful colors, impress without solid or paint 20 times on the same spot. Do not (not even at my young daughter 4 years) break off. And by the very practical box is each pin in its place with us. By quite s
  • At the beginning of super, then quickly made limp  

    Spitzer for pastels, Derwent (Office supplies & stationery)
    In the first 10 pins I was extremely excited. The result was brilliant. Then the timber was always shelled unclean, and the result unfortunately pin for pin rapidly worse. The tips of the mines then cracked gone too. I do not know what it was, but th
  • Well presented, practical, comprehensive  

    KOH-I-NOOR Porte mines (Set of 6) (Office Supplies)
    Quality metal box (without hinge, contrary to what the photos might suggest) Pencils MECHANICAL (mining door, mine "falling") excellent Pencil sharpener integrated in the push button (not strong practice, however, but it can be used) Supplied wi