decorative window films


  • Glass Decor Window Film Sticker privacy Kitchen Gourmet Vegetable Tomato (size = 81x57cm)  

    Glass Decor Window Film Sticker privacy Kitchen Gourmet Vegetable Tomato (size = 81x57cm) (household goods)
    Have our kitchen door (glass door leaf) stuck with it and have to say it was a real eye-catcher. looks awesome! The film is tailored quality and the same high quality. Sticking was very easy with the appropriate doctor. I know about the film and will
  • Simple protective case with decorative windows!  

    Samsung Galaxy S View s5 PU Leather Flip Cover Case hull flap Mobile Phone Folio Case Pouch for Samsung Galaxy s4 i9600 Smartphone iG900f box flip cover (PU leather, Pink) (Electronics)
    At first after opening the package cover is very pretty with a beautiful color (pink) and fits very well on the phone (SG S5). Thinking he had made a great bargain I quickly became disillusioned that I closed the flap in finding that the clock is not
  • Window Film - rather not because Kuli-line  

    Artefact® decoration film / window film roses | Static-Cling (without adhesive) | different sizes
    Unfortunately, not satisfied with the window film. Was the pattern still nice to look at, zigte over the entire length de folie a blue ballpoint pen stroke. The fixing by water film went off after a few days. Overall, not recommended.
  • Beautiful decorative opaque window film  

    Artefact® decoration film / foil window ornament | Static-Cling (without adhesive) | different sizes
    Yes it's not easy to get these films to the window, but it's not impossible. Taken Fenstermaß tailored foil carefully. (But I have the hardware store a 1cm strong Styropurplatte 1m x 0.5m worried me as an underlay, after, the film can safe cut.) Then
  • Window Film  

    Artefact® decoration film / foil window ornament | Static-Cling (without adhesive) | different sizes
    The film is great, keeps all its promises, top privacy very decorative, top service fast delivery. We will be back order if the new window is installed in the bedroom.
  • Beautiful window film  

    Artefact® decoration film / foil window ornament | Static-Cling (without adhesive) | different sizes
    I made this ornament foil attached to a rather large window and up to a few air bubbles that have formed (with a pinprick they can be easily removed), the screen looks really great - like cut glass. Highly recommended for doors and windows where ligh
  • Window film opaque 45x200 cm  

    Window Film 45x200cm "real" milk glass film with matierter optics (Misc.)
    To make the bathroom window opaque before the curtain, the film is optimally, can be cut easily and apply. The disc does not have to be moistened and if a wrinkle or bubble has emerged, pull back slightly and re-roll, this recoating with cloth.
  • Absolutely perfect screen protection window film for Samsung Galaxy S5  

    Best 4sale Tempered Glass for Samsung Galaxy S5 i9600 screen protector glass protector G900 hardness 9H (Electronics)
    The film was super on time the next day of the order. After unpacking from the very safe packing and cleaning the screen it was to apply no problem at this very carefully crafted protective film on the smartphone. The film is very precisely and also
  • For me, the best window film!  

    Nillkin 9H Hardness Tempered Glass Front Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000 / N9002 / N9005 - Retail Packaging (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    First glass protector which fits perfectly and is hardly noticed on the music !! Have a lot of attempts, this was the best and finally I'm happy. Without dust I have not got there, but far better than any other ... they 've now for 2 months, so far n
  • Good, recommended window film.  

    Mirror foil window 100 x 152cm Silver Tint Film blinds Window film spy film (household goods)
    The film served its purpose. Attaching is only a matter of practice, and very important, you have to be very careful not to scratch the! Otherwise everything was great, service & delivery.
  • window film 1  

    Virtual Private Theater Video Glasses 52 inches wide display screen (Electronics)
    about the product, I did not like this type of viewing 4: 3, for the seller no problem for repayment by cons postage (back) were in my care!
  • 3D glass film - super well suited for smaller windows by small sample  

    Artefact® decoration film / glass film 3D Oval | Static-Cling (without adhesive) | different sizes
    Beautifully, this film looks at the window, through the 3D look is the disc like real thick patterned glass, which particularly reflected in the sunlight. The seller has not promised too much and the delivery came immediately, what has me very excite
  • Window decorations  

    7 piece glass ball ornaments / Glaskugelgehänge Red electrically illuminated window balls 8cm Erzgebirge
    Very nice decorative element, which is a real highlight in the festively decorated window. By lighting it comes in the dark very good effect.
  • Beautiful "curtain", but rather for decoration  

    Thread curtain, drawstring, 250x140, Turquoise, 20303 (Housewares)
    The curtain is held one a beautiful strong turquoise. The color is very, very nice! The curtain is not opaque! For that I gave him but ;-) not bought. The threads are sewn relatively regularly and I could not detect any striking large gaps. He hangs
  • Send film, but ...  

    Artefact® decoration film / window foil squares Small | Static-Cling (without adhesive) | different sizes
    The film looks modern, fresh, pretty and completely fulfilled its purpose. The delivery took place quickly and in a good, reasonable packaging. The problem was the process. After me, the film was dropped twice after each 30 hours from the window, I w
  • Felts erasable windows and paintings, brightly colored and clear  

    Chalk Markers Stationery Island W60 - 8 assorted colors - Felt Chalk Ink in liquid - Pointe bevel 6mm - 60 DAYS WARRANTY: SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK 100% (Body Grey - erasing WITH DAMP) (Kitchen)
    I wanted a product to write on smooth surfaces such as glass, glass tables, white boards or jam jars. These markers to the beveled edge can create pretty "tags" temporary, logos and illustrations (for Christmas or for decorating windows) on smoo
  • plastic film 3  

    6x Screen Protector Films - Apple iPhone 5S Rear (entire surface) - Transparent Protection Film, Ultra-Claire (Electronics)
    Really poor remain stuck labels has especially not buy it profits nothing you throw your money out the window films are cast in two days why sell products like that, well it is only to earn money and nothing else only the consumer can stop the sale t
  • For a PET film exceptionally well, but still not perfect  

    Spigen protector Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Protector: Crystal CR Galaxy with LCD film, protective film grade 4 [SGP11105] (optional)
    A friend of mine has this 3-pack ordered from Amazon for himself and his wife. Since he had a film over and ordered my glass sheet has not yet arrived with me, he has kindly given his third film and I did this film mounted on a transitional basis on
  • not bad !!! 10 1  

    LED Head Up Display GPS HUD digital speedometer with alarm rate
    Except for the non-functioning Helligkeitseinstellmöglichkeit the device is working properly. The several times enclosed window film I have not needed because the input reflection even without this is well visible in the front window. .... I can stil
  • Pass accessible and hard!  

    JETech® iPhone 6 4.7 tempered glass Protector Screen Protector Screen Protector Screen Protector for iPhone retail packaging 6 4.7 inches publication in 2014 (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    The film (actually it is paper-thin glass) fits perfectly on my iPhone. 6 It is slightly thicker than the conventional thin films. But that does not affect the touch screen operation, nor does it allow the iPhone thus appear "bulky". When a