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  • Dependence Day  

    Dependence day (Paperback)
    The book that marks you, one that will remain in sight, I read it in two days without leaving ..... the author puts us early in the question that often arises is older either because before us, either because there are early Alzheimer ..... ... the s
  • A novel shock  

    Dependence day (Paperback)
    Day says old age dependency that plagues men and women. An old age that catches us, that old age catches up with us. Reading the novel reminds us how the struggle "dependence / independence" can be uneven between individuals. Throughout the page
  • works two days  

    30 RGB LED strip light 5050 SMD per meter length 2 meters, waterproof + IR remote control 44 keys LD84 (Electronics)
    it has run very well cétait two days and after that nothing amazon happily resumed his dependents and refund of my purchase, I am very unhappy and disappointed with the product
  • Without using for one day instructive  

    QUMOX @ Battery for Canon EOS 700D 550D LP-E8 EOS 600D 650D 700D T2i T3i T4i LPE8 (Electronics)
    The battery was fully charged the next day he was without the use of teaching and try to mehhreren he was teaching again.
  • Aluminium free and keeps the day fresh!  

    Nivea Deo Spray Fresh Ocean 150 ml, 4-pack (4 x 12:15 l) (Health and Beauty)
    Also Nivea relies on a deodorant without the addition of aluminum (salt). I find that very gratifying and shows so that you can easy create a deodorant that even without aluminum has a good effect against perspiration and underarm wetness. The effect
  • Day care with sunscreen (combination product)  

    Nivea Q10 day care LF 30 50ml, 2-pack (2 x 50 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    Who likes to admit to have a mature skin. What the heck, at some point, each (r) off. To address the signs of the times in time, there is now a huge industry. Also Beiersdorf has been successfully active on the market with Nivea here. In our househol
  • 8 days in use and now is defective (DSP memory card 8GB for Canon IXUS 145)  

    8GB Memory Card for Canon IXUS 145 (Electronics)
    have the memory card for a new Canon IXUS bought 145 camera, after 8 days, the camera displays "Memory card error" and nothing works ... very very annoying, good that I at home still had a memory card, however, which has much less storage c
  • Results after 10 days test  

    Pro Plan Dog Adult Dog Food Duo Delice rich in chicken and rice 2.5kg 1er Pack (1 x 2.5 kg) (Misc.)
    I got a test product for my dog ​​and samples to share and we started the next day with a little dry food. Our 9 1/2 year old dog would not eat first, then took the food out of your hand. In the next few days, we have gradually replaced the old dry f
  • Two days with Sims 4  

    The Sims 4 (Limited Edition) (computer game)
    Conclusion: The Sims 4 as it lives and breathes! Funny graphics, funny sounds, exciting new features and a well designed character soooo Editor and Build Mode! The expectations were met. The game runs flawlessly, little bugs and no crashes. The perfo
  • Pedometer day and also at night  

    Medisana Vifit Connect Activity Tracker (equipment)
    The tracker can be worn by a bracelet on your wrist comfortably - plus there is even changing bracelets in various modern colors. I think he's totally awesome in terms of size - it fits great in your pocket. Another great feature is that you can perf
  • Day Eight - Deluxe Box?  

    Day Eight (Limited Deluxe Box) (Audio CD)
    First thing first: the album itself I really like, well known to the Karuzo raps again mega stark beats by Sikk. Alone it gets Eighth Day 5 Stars. The problem lies in the pits. As Genetikk-fan from the start I wanted to support the guys really time w
  • Résumé after 5 days - Purchase no regrets so far with EDIT 28.04.  

    Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone (5-inch display, 16GB of memory, Android 5) charcoal-black (Wireless Phone)
    Advance for info: I have purchased the product 5 days ago at Media Markt. In parallel with the S5 runs a Grade 3 via T-Mobile Multisim. Before that, I owned several other devices, such as the HTC M7, SXZ and LG G2 etc. I've made since the MWC conside
  • Durability exactly 5 days, which is great!  

    Bouquet "cornucopia" with orange roses and mini gerberas (garden products)
    I was just very skeptical to order a bouquet on Amazon. But I must say that the quality and the delivery have disabused me. Here are my pros and cons list: per: - Very long life (full five days!) - Very fast shipping - Good quality of individual flow
  • Delivery unfortunately a day early ...  

    Bouquet Allerliebst - SHIP AT 02/14/2015 (garden products)
    Well, Amazon lured me with a flash deal and the promise that this Strauss on 14/02. reaches its recipient. Unfortunately the delivery was on time, so that the Strauss arrived today. The Strauss himself is shown and compared the quality is nothing to
  • Unfortunately, a day early  

    Bouquet Allerliebst - SHIP AT 02/14/2015 (garden products)
    Am extremely disappointed because the bouquet has been delivered a day early. Thus it could not be accepted because no one was at home, and later could not pick him because I traveling on business (which is why the flower delivery service) and you pa
  • 825 MB Datenübwertragung in 6 days in the background!  

    Weather Live - Detailed forecasts and live weather conditions (app)
    The program has a nice interface, the weather comes from Accuweather. Unfortunately, the program made only within 6 days for 825 MB data transfer in the background, after which it was of course immediately removed from the device. I do not know what
  • The surprise of the day.  

    Threes! (App)
    I mostly play on the phone when my old friend Insomnia again gently knocks on the door and I'm to read or to stand up and throw the console too lazy or tired. "Threes!" had to meet low expectations for me, I had simply not, but it has manag
  • Ideal for traveling, very stressful for several times a day  

    Philips Avent SCF330 / 20 Comfort breast pump with Naturnah bottle Polypropylene, 125 ml (Baby Product)
    I had bought this breast pump as a secondary device to an electrical device. The difference is that you have to only create the pump at the electrical equipment, while in this manual just to pump itself. The Avent Breast Pump is so very convenient if
  • Just the right thing for cold winter days  

    Odlo Mens Pants 3/4 Evolution Warm (equipment)
    Have the underpants worn on a long, cold day of skiing in the Aplen and always had a pleasant feel and I was never cold. This product certainly like each winter athletes of it like warm.
  • Just the right thing for cold winter sports days!  

    Odlo Mens Shirt Long Sleeve Crew Neck Evolution Warm (equipment)
    Have the undershirt worn with the matching pants with a long, cold day of skiing in the Aplen and always had a pleasant feel and I was never cold. This product certainly like each winter athletes of it like warm.