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  • Einhell Impact Wrench vs. Black & Decker Digger  

    Einhell cordless impact wrench TE CI 18 Li Kit 3.0 Power-X-Change, 18 V, 3.0 Ah, 140 Nm, charging time 1 hour, 3 Power LEDs, in case (tool)
    More and more companies for DIY bring in recently out tools, which form a so-called product line. Just as, for example, Black & Decker, the Multievo series offers, in the various working attachments can be attached to a device, and so from a dril
  • Black & Decker Lawn EMAX32S 32 cm 1200 W universal motor Edrive  

    Black & Decker Lawn EMAX32S 32 cm 1200 W universal motor Edrive (Tools & Accessories)
    Black & Decker Lawn EMAX32S 32 cm 1200 W universal motor Edrive small device properly doing its job, this mower is super light and very easy to clean, we avos bought this machine for mild autumn when we do not mow the lawn, but that must not have the
  • BLACK & DECKER vacuum blower 2200 w  

    Black & Decker GW2200 Blower Vacuum crusher 2200 W (Tools & Accessories)
    The mill blower vacuum cleaner BLACK & DECKER works very well in the wind tunnel, it is very powerful suction but this is less good.
  • Battery type Black & Decker a9252 - 12.0V - 2000mAh,  

    BLACK AND DECKER Battery type A9252, 12.0V, 2000mAh, Ni-MH
    Battery type Black & Decker a9252 - 12.0V - 2000mAh, very happy with this product, delivered on time. It gives me satisfaction and corresponds all in fact my expectations
  • Black & Decker still SUPER  

    Black & Decker KS900SK electronic jigsaw 600W (tool)
    2. If the Black & Decker in the house. Had been the previous model with which we have built our entire wooden house. Walls, hardwood floors, etc. For an amateur device super performance and comfort. Hence my choice for this new B & D. Would I do i
  • Review Black & Decker battery operated vacuum cleaner  

    Black & Decker NV2400N cordless vacuum (household goods)
    + Very reasonable price + Shipping very fast (further as Amazon) + Design nice + Processing excellent + Cleaning easy + Suction absolutely sufficient + Loading time very quickly Conclusion: An absolute buy recommendation! Keep up the Black & Decker!
  • Black & Decker DV1810EL  

    Black & Decker DV1810EL, 18V Lithium Eco cordless vacuum (household goods)
    - High suction power; - Easy to clean; - Negative is the very high volume, this should be reworked by Black & Decker!
  • Eben original accessories for steam cleaners from Black & Decker.  

    Black & Decker FSMP20 microfibre pad, 2 pieces (household goods)
    The microfiber pad FSMP20 by Black & Decker is langleblig and can be easily cleaned in the washing machine and is thus used several times. One of the pad's I have at least 25 times and washed it cleans still satisfactory.
  • Black & Decker A7152 drill set in suitcase  

    Black & Decker A7152 drill set in a case, 35-piece (tool)
    This set is excellent and versatile. You have everything together in certain Tätigkeiten..Qualitätsfehler how few other customers have complained, I can not determine. I set this range with a cordless drill also of Black & Decker. A wonderful sensibl
  • Black & Decker Battery  

    BLACK AND DECKER Battery type A9252, 12.0V, 2000mAh, Ni-MH
    It's the second battery of the same model that I buy. Good charging capacity and excellent durability. The comment I made for the first battery is good but proved incomplete. These batteries are initially planned for Black and Decker drills, logicall
  • reel reflex black & decker  

    Black & Decker A6481 Spool reflex 10m (Tools & Accessories)
    corresponds quite what I expected I no longer found this article from DIY stores to my home
  • Black & Decker ASI200  

    Black & Decker ASI200 Compressor 8.27 bar / 120 PSI (Tools & Accessories)
    Good product, relatively compact, it does what is expected of him. The automatic stop next to the correct pressure is welcome. Two criticisms though, it only works on 12V, so no possibility of it plugged into a 220v. I knew it by buying it, but the u
  • Car Vacuum Cleaner Black & Decker  

    Black & Decker ACV1205 car 12V Cyclonic Vacuum Black (Kitchen)
    Product aspiring well, good quality. The cable from the cigarette lighter socket is long enough to suck the trunk, if you connect the plug to the front of the car. Many accessories and resistant protective bag. Useful purchase.
  • black & decker 1630  

    Black & Decker Steam Mop Cleaner Fsm1630 1600 W (Housewares)
    Down after 3 months of use This is the second steam mop of this brand I have and after use I can say that this brand is not reliable. The first (ref: 1600) has broken at the handle and seal the tank cap was no longer its sealing function therefore ga
  • Black & Decker GT 6060  

    Black & Decker GT6060 Size Hurdles 60cm 600W (Tools & Accessories)
    Very light, the connection system to an electrical outlet or extension cord is handy, for against it is far from cut branches announced in diameter, 25 mm. It pains to cut a diameter of 10 mm. Aletellier.
  • Black & Decker Quality  

    Black & Decker CD601 Circular Saw 1100 W (Tools & Accessories)
    5/5: perfect for the handyman. (I just cut more boards of 50m2, battens, paneling) good grip, sour and small nozzle vacuum cleaner really helps to suck up sawdust when cutting. Only downside: a shame not to have a lot of different blade (eg precision
  • Black & Decker KX3300 wallpaper stripper 2300 W  

    Black & Decker KX3300 wallpaper stripper 2400 W (Tools & Accessories)
    value for money !!! nothing to say !!! is the top !!! yet I had a fairly strong paper to remove and I had tried everything but with this stripper, a lot of time saved !!!
  • Black & Decker vacuum cleaner  

    Black & Decker Dustbuster Hand DV1210ECN Dustbuster Cyclonic 12V Champagne Beige (Tools & Accessories)
    A bit noisy but extremely effective, especially to pick up cat hair. This vacuum, very well designed, is very powerful and works perfectly in all household uses. Moreover, and this is not nothing, the price announced by Amazon is a real deal as we fo
  • Portable vacuum cleaner Black & Decker  

    Black & Decker Dustbuster Hand DV1210ECN Dustbuster Cyclonic 12V Champagne Beige (Tools & Accessories)
    Super vacuum, very powerful and easy maintenance; it hangs on the wall, in charge, and is often picks to remove this or that floor, on furniture, on a chair, on the carpet of the car, etc. Irreplaceable!
  • Cassette for Black & Decker trimmer  

    Black & Decker A6442 Cassette Reflex Plus 2 x 6 m (Tools & Accessories)
    Perfect product for a small price, the only downside the small "clip" (inside the cassette) that scrolls down the wire is very fragile and sensitive.