EINHELL Pond Pond Pump Bg-PP 1750


  • Solar pond pump  

    Esotec 101701 Solar Pump System "Rimini S" (garden products)
    Bought in mini pond pump to feed a small bubbling stone. The pump itself doing its job properly, handling and installation is simple. However, I have attached a short time the pump via a suitable power supply, since the solar module, which although w
  • pond pump  

    ATP-4600 Jebao Eco Pond Pump 4600L / h 35W
    Very fast delivery for a pond pump to replace the one that was broken. various possible connection adaptable to what already exists. Very good power for less energy consumption. Very good product
  • Good filter to my TOP 3300 Pond Pump  

    Juwel Aquarium Filter Sponge fine Bioflow 3.0 (garden products)
    Video at Amazon.com: hello, enclosed my review. I imagine a still photos and a video will follow. I had bought the filter for my TIP 3300 pond pump. She has built a mini-filter and sits down always after 3-4 days. You have to make this short clean th
  • For small applications suitable pond pump  

    Solar fountain pond pump for garden, height: 0.70 m, 2 Watt (garden products)
    The pond pump with a solar module has been purchased for the operation of a small water feature in the garden. It is operated pump with a delivery height of about 40 cm and not reduced initial diameter. The return into the reservoir via a rough dirt
  • Pond pump for bath  

    Esotec 101701 Solar Pump System "Rimini S" (garden products)
    I bought this pond pump for a mini-garden pond - he is well, so small then not: a galvanized tub with about 100 liters, which I occupied with various aquatic plants. Thus, the water is a little circulated, I wanted to have a pump that runs independen
  • Good and cheap Pond Pump  

    Pontec filter and watercourse pump PondoMax Eco 2500 (garden products)
    I bought the pond pump for replacement of a pump of Tetra. She has a good performance and for low power consumption. The pump is about 50 cm deep on a pedestal in the water and can not be heard. I put it in a pond with 5500 liters - with a relatively
  • Pond Pump klein aber fein  

    Pontec fountain pump PondoVario 1500 (garden products)
    This pond pump is for our small pond (about 500 liters) just right. Let's see how long will be the lifetime. Makes a good impression compact and works until now einwanfrei.
  • Solar pond pump Oasis 500-1  

    SOLAR POND PUMP Oasis 500-1 Solar Pond Pump Set 5 Watt f garden pond, max. 500l / h, Solar Fountain Fountain with sturdy aluminum frame NEW: IMMEDIATE-start system! OPTIMAL for ponds up to approx 4-5qm
    Solar pond pump is working properly, in full sunlight, on the solar module. It should be bemängel, the junction box on the module for the pump connector, is just stuck and has become detached during commissioning immediately.
  • Super pond pump  

    NEW! SOLAR pond pump garden fountain OASIS 250-1 performance-optimized solar fountain pond pump 2.5 watts max. 250L / h max. 0.9m-Fontaenenhoehe for garden pond Solar Fountain Fountain with sturdy aluminum frame with instant-start system!
    Super pond pump for the pond. She also works with not so strong sunlight. Class, this pump is highly recommended.
  • Pond pump without long life  

    Ubbink 1600 Xtra pond pump fountain (garden products)
    This is my third pond pump in 7 years. What bothers me about the scope of supply is the many accessories. I now have three Teichpumen accessories on the shelf, because the pump pumps the water directly through 3 balls.
  • For pond pump 1600 Xtra  

    Ubbink 1600 Xtra pond pump fountain (garden products)
    The pond pump is working with me all year in the garden pond. Unfortunately, their ability to function is finished after almost two years and a new same pump was purchased. Disassembly of the pump revealed: The bore of the hollow shaft rotor is due t
  • The best pond pump that I bought for a long time  

    Jebao FTP10000 Eco Pond Pump 10000L / h 115W
    Every few years breaks my pond pump. You have to pump the water to an approximately 7 meters from Cairns (= source). I have so far bought normal drainage pumps with about 7000-10000 liters. Flow rate per hour. These cost between 40 and 70 euros, if y
  • Ecomax pond pump  

    Ecomax O 6500 Pond Pump (Garden & Outdoors)
    Ordinary processing, robust housing; a really great alternative to expensive Oase pumps. Very good pump capacity, small ponds, the device is, however, too strong. Fast Delivery; Sorry, no operator's manual here.
  • pond pump 1 1  

    Jebao FTP 6500 Eco Pond Pump 6200L / h 65W
    first test with this type of pump after my OASE is dropped me. It works in combination 24/24 for my pond. From here we'll see next year if the latter holding up. 4½ months after the pump has fallen down. After thorough cleaning the "rotor" gentl
  • Pontec 57123 pond pump  

    Pontec fountain pump PondoVario 1500 (garden products)
    This pump has kept all winter reliably in continuous use, even under extreme low temperatures, a garden pond at least for a small area free of ice.
  • OASE pond pump  

    Pontec fountain pump PondoVario 1500 (garden products)
    It is actually more intended for operating a watercourse or smaller water features. I use it as a low-speed filter pump in my ca.5000 ltr. Turtle pond. For coarser dirt it is unsuitable due to the limited capacity and the small holes in the filter ba
  • Good pond pump for a small price!  

    Gardena 7838-20 Zimmerbrunnen Pump Set RP 600 (Garden & Outdoors)
    The pump runs very well. It runs very smoothly and quietly. You can adjust the pressure continuously, which also works very well. Too bad I find the (in 150l and a pool on a herb pinto) the cable is quite short, so which one with an extension cord is
  • Pond pump 1  

    SunSun CHJ-1500 ECO pond Pond Pump up to 1500 l / h 25W
    Excellent pump, great performance, efficient, takes up little space Used instead of a previous order to reuse the filter tray
  • Garden lighting and the pond pump  

    CSL - Funksteckdosen Set (2 + 1) for outdoor use (Outdoor) | including 1x remote control for max. 4 sockets | IP44 standard for outdoor | LED function display | Parental Control | Maximum wireless range: |: (Misc.) Approx 25m black
    For a long time we had always outside running around the pump to turn on. Now it is also from there! Even 20m not a problem were the fairy lights at the far end of the garden on. + Battery is equal to this + Cover against water ingress into the wall
  • Pond pump Pondo Max Eco pump 2500  

    Pontec filter and watercourse pump PondoMax Eco 2500 (garden products)
    very good performance going, the product A very good and powerful for the price, Pumpe.Außerdem is easy to clean the pump