f10sc vs dettol disinfectant


  • Practical disinfectant ToGo  

    Dettol Hand disinfecting gel chamomile, 3-pack (3 x 50 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    Some are not very convinced of the disinfectants for the "everyday", and keeps them even harmful. I think in some measure they are right, because not everything should be continuously and constantly disinfected. It is different but after visitin
  • Disinfected very well, but is hard to measure out  

    Heitmann Impresan hand disinfection, 3-pack (3 x 150 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    The effectiveness, there are certainly nothing to complain about. The disinfectant of Heitmann Impresan smells just like the agents which are known from the hospitals. It draws very well into the skin and smells quite pleasant. The white bottle is co
  • Perfect solution for disinfection and storage of contact lenses  

    Eyelike combined solution 360 ml (Personal Care)
    This combined solution enables the proper storage, cleaning and disinfection of contact lenses. You can place the lens on the washed hands, add 10 drops of the solution, they rub 30 seconds and then put the lenses in the eyes or the lenses 4 hours (p
  • but has only disinfecting effect  

    Braun Cleaning Spray for razor-shaving parts (100 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    What a cleansing effect to have this spray? The only thing it does, it acts as a disinfectant and sterilizing. fixed hanging beard will therefore certainly not be removed! For 7 euros? That was the first and last purchase, but there are cheaper alter
  • High spray starch for perfect cleaning, disinfecting and has a very pleasant odor * For all razor recommended  

    Braun Cleaning Spray for razor-shaving parts (100 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    The Braun Cleaning Spray has a very pleasant scent (lemon). The Wrong has a very high starch spray, so that no additional accessories such as a brush or similar is required. It can be used in my opinion for all razors from other manufacturers. Disinf
  • Cleaning and disinfection  

    Braun Cleaning Spray for razor-shaving parts (100 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    Every two weeks the cutter block and the shaving foil Spray briefly and then rinse under warm water and the razor is "like new" (Braun Series 5). A cleaning station there is no need because wirlich. The spray seems the smell (not unpleasant) to
  • good disinfection  

    Sanytol - 33636010 - Disinfectant of linen - 500 ml - 3 Pack (Health and Beauty)
    Criticism made by my girlfriend: I tried this by chance and I do not regret my choice! a plug in the machine or by hand and hop more viruses and fungi microbes! it works perfectly at 30 ° 40 ° 60 ° 90 °! useful for disinfecting the machine in case of
  • I love Sanytol disinfectant  

    Sanytol - 33631205 - Disinfecting Multi-Purpose Spray Refill - 500 ml - 2 Pack (Health and Beauty)
    I am delighted with the range Sanytol general rule. Efficiency, excellent value for money. Replaces perfectly bleach to disinfect everything and much less aggressive. Note that I've sometimes had in the past few fixing problems charging / spray. Be s
  • A healthy and effective disinfectant  

    Sanytol - 33636010 - Disinfectant of linen - 500 ml - 3 Pack (Health and Beauty)
    Exit bleach or aggressive disinfectants for the body or clothing. Sanytol is for me the ideal compromise, efficient even at low temperatures and which generates no unpleasant odor or allergy. I use without restraint.
  • Good disinfectant!  

    Very powerful, both in its active agent disinfectant by its smell is very strong even diluted in water!
  • good disinfectant 1  

    Gel Hydroalcoholic Aniosgel 1 liter (Health and Beauty)
    pro right product for disinfecting hands known brand design of the bottle convenient even for children especially in gel
  • Sanytol lesssive disinfectant  

    Sanytol - 33638000 - Laundry Disinfectant - 1250 ml (Personal Care)
    When we have the chance to receive the filled cans (the caps are the trunk during the trip !!! and if they have the chance to stay there, the bottles leak a little) this leaves a fresh laundry smell on linen provided has to pay a little more directed
  • Super disinfection  

    KODAN tincture forte colorless, 250 ml (Misc.)
    Before we opted for Kodan tincture, we had a number of other products tested, primarily without alcohol additions - because that would be more compatible supposedly gentler and especially for children. Made nothing, disinfection degree low, a waste o
  • Kodan tincture forte colorless skin disinfectant  

    KODAN tincture forte colorless, 250 ml (Misc.)
    The tincture is suitable not only for skin disinfection but also for disinfecting objects such as toilet seats and containers of wet toilet paper can be additionally disinfected after normal cleaning it.
  • Wound disinfection  

    OCTENISEPT solution, 50 ml, wound disinfection disinfection (Personal Care)
    A high quality product which is suitable for disinfection of dilators with channel is very well suited. Irritated bodies heal very quickly.
  • Dettol Antiseptic.  

    Dettol antiseptic disinfectant 750ml (Pack of 2) (Kitchen)
    I have always used this product and found that it is the best disinfectant. Its smell reminds hospital but personally I do not find it unpleasant.
  • DETTOL Soap Refill Citrus No Touch ...  

    DETTOL Soap Refill 250 ml Citrus No Touch - 3 Pack (Health and Beauty)
    DETTOL Soap Refill Citrus No Touch ... Excellent soap DETTOL our competitors but I prefer these products out quality ....................
  • Smells very strongly of disinfectant  

    Sterillium, 100 ml - hand sanitizer - 1 Bottle (Health and Beauty)
    Sorry that I say it, but smells of disinfectant. Unsuitable for Restaurant (restaurant). Otherwise not bad for me not to use
  • practical disinfectant wipes with pleasant scent  

    Dettol 2in1 disinfectant wipes, 7 pack (7 x 15 pieces) (Health and Beauty)
    These wipes are ideal for travel. The package is with 15cm x 8cm not too big and fits into a purse or jacket pocket. Overall, 15 towels are in the reclosable packaging. The cloths are very soft and pleasant odor; not this typical hospital disinfectan
  • A good disinfectant  

    Dettol Hygiene Pump Spray 250 ml, 1-pack (1 x 250 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    This product is a very good disinfectant when to use it sparingly. For doorknobs and kitchen table, when one considers the base.