foxnovo projection clock


  • TFA 98.1085 Radio Projection Clock with Temperature  

    TFA Dostmann Radio Projection Clock with Temperature 98.1085 (garden products)
    The lack of information in the manual about the position and function of the light sensor meant that I judged the clock as faulty and sent them back to Amazon. The replacement watch showed the same characteristics and I thought again that he had rece
  • This is really a projection clock  

    Oregon Scientific RM 308p projection clock with alarm function (Garden & Outdoors)
    This is really a projection clock. They projected at night time on the wall or ceiling, as it was described. Man has but one outlet near have, otherwise you will not find in the dark time, because the projection clock no longer proiiziert in battery
  • TFA Dostmann 60.5008 Projection Clock  

    TFA Dostmann 60.5008 Projection Clock (household goods)
    Extremely narrow projection clock which immediately met as usual their service. The contrast is great. Even in bright light can read the time. Absolutely recommendable.
  • An ordinary alarm clock with projection clock - but not tiny on the table  

    TFA Dostmann Radio Projection Clock with Temperature 98.1085 (garden products)
    I have the alarm now very happy for several months in use and am. It is well made, the time is large and easy to read on the screen, the projection is clearly legible and (at least for me) not too bright and not too dark. Especially nice the sensor:
  • Oregon Scientific RM 308p projection clock  

    Oregon Scientific RM 308p projection clock with alarm function (Garden & Outdoors)
    Good device for that price. Was looking for a radio alarm clock with radio clock, dual alarm, projection, not the buzzing. These expectations, the unit has fully met. Also the sound is entirely satisfactory.
  • Very ordinary projection clock, which does exactly what it should.  

    Oregon Scientific RM 308p projection clock with alarm function (Garden & Outdoors)
    After our old Medion clock lost one bar after another in the projection and the radio signal also could not find, should a new forth. The most important criteria were a proper projection on the ceiling and a fast Find the radio signal for time settin
  • AEG MRC 4119 Projection Clock Radio  

    AEG MRC 4119 Projection Clock Radio (Electronics)
    I wanted a clock radio, which projects the time onto the ceiling, good reception has, the display is not too bright and good looks also by design. Exactly this I got: - Display illumination can be weak and strong points or off completely, which is qu
  • Untested Radio, Projection Clock as expected  

    AEG MRC clock radio with projector (11 cm (4.3 inch) LED display, AM / FM tuner) (Electronics)
    The radio and alarm function is not relevant for me because I do not use the radio, but only the projector-clock and is doing what it should. The focus has to be set depending on the distance by helical gear, the display brightness can be dimmed in 2
  • Very good projection alarm clock at a great price  

    Oregon Scientific RM 308p projection clock with alarm function (Garden & Outdoors)
    For this device, I decided, since it has a very good price and the reviews were consistently good. The time adjusts automatically (which is not the case with many other manufacturers - for me but a decisive reason to buy), the projection can be tilte
  • Time projection problem  

    Wesco - GIFSTW009 - Furniture and Decoration - Star Wars - Reveil Projection - Darth Vader (Kitchen)
    My son was a joy to have the time projection clock Dark wador small problem ... the time is only displayed if you press the button! what is the point! it is a bunk bed and can not get up to support ... shame!
  • Good product but average projection  

    Oregon RRM320P clock radio with projector schedule FM Tuner Black - RRM320PN - Oregon Scientific (Electronics)
    The product itself is no problem. But the projection may be on the ceiling and in 2 directions (only 2 projection angles). It's stupid because before I had Projection clock (without FM radio) Oregon and I could sprayed under the ceiling or on the wal
  • Shelf life: 2 months.  

    Oregon - CMA 329 P - Alarm clock with projector and weather schedule (Kitchen)
    I bought this product because it suited me perfectly. Blue lighting, projection clock and outside temperature ... After a few days of use, the projected display began to malfunction sorted 88:88:88 impossible to redo the work properly. So I sent my p
  • great awakening 9  

    Tokai LRE152N Radio Projection Clock LED Display Tuner MW / FM Multi Jog Rotary Black (Electronics)
    I think it's fine Projection Clock: easy to adjust (including alarm) if correctly read the instructions, correct radio, low ringing sound and gradually strong if we do not wake up, light projector on the ceiling etc .. . only problem at night, I find
  • Satisfied but not closed 1  

    Projection Clock with Indoor temperature (Silver) - TW223 - Oregon Scientific (Kitchen)
    I wanted a Projection Clock and I naturally turned to the Oregon brand that is a reference in the matter. This model did everything we asked, we appreciate the internal temperature and automatic adjustment of the atomic clock. At that price, I recomm
  • Perfect! 1 9529  

    Oregon Scientific - Design Projection Clock with Temperature PRYSMA - Red - RMR221P (Electronics)
    I already had a Projection Clock that mark but he had more than ten years. The numbers are significantly larger and ceiling projection is much more readable than before. Too bad there are no batteries in case of power cuts. I am very satisfied of thi
  • Luminous Times  

    TFA Dostmann Radio Projection Clock with Temperature 98.1085 (garden products)
    You wake up at night. It can not be helped. More often with age. Is not so bad. But you want then what time it is now scientific fact? Reach out and look for the clock radio, may turn on the light, then strain the eyes, something fall to the ground,
  • Schlafbrille excludes from the scope of delivery  

    Technoline WT 480 radio alarm clock white (Electronics)
    The radio alarm WT 480 offers an attractive design, has a good sound for its size and has a cool display along with projection clock, ensure that work together for a bright room lighting so that a good night's sleep is impossible. This may also be tr
  • Dimmer with Dämmerunssensor  

    Hama Dimmer with twilight sensor (electronics)
    I use for projection clock in the sleeping room the past perfect exactly what I Wolte so I save life period of the clock
  • Perfect and energy efficient replacement  

    Reflection CLR2645P clock radio with projection (Electronics)
    My old alarm clock had a similar design and the same operation, but was already 7 years old and no longer worked properly. After much reading had us looking for it definitely again be a projection clock radios. The picture is not quite right, the clo
  • Good value, the Anprüche met really good  

    Soundmaster UR922 Uhrenradio me Projection and IR sensor (electronics)
    For the purchase of this equipment was requested and condition: -Funkwecker -Radio -Zeitanzeige On the ceiling The alternatives were -Elta 4518 SI Projection Clock Radio (LED indicator, thermometer, infrared snooze sensor, AUX input, FM / AM tuner) s