Gabor 71.638.32


  • Gabor Shoes ladies boots, brown in size 38 Nr. 71.638.32  

    Gabor Shoes Gabor 71.638.32 women's boots (shoes)
    This boot is a dream. It fits exactly as it is written in size. The leather and the look are gorgeous. But unfortunately, the stem is very, very narrow. So the calves I have fallen asleep have bzw.ich noticed that the shaft is too tight. It would nev
  • Gabor Sandals  

    Gabor Shoes Comfort 6273233 womens sandals (shoes)
    The Gabor Sandal Comfort 6273233 is a very comfortable shoe. Very good workmanship and at Amazon at a reasonable price in the offer.
  • Gabor Sandal Blue Comfort  

    Gabor Shoes Gabor Comfort 86.594.26 womens sandals (shoes)
    Super, as before all shoes Fa. Gabor. Because I need an intermediate size, Gabor shoes are ideal. The size 37.5 can I buy blind.
  • Gabor Stretch Spray  

    (EUR 2.67 / 100 ml) GABOR Stretch Spray Leather Dehner, Shoe Stretch 150ml (Textiles)
    The Stretch Spray made by Gabor I can only recommend. It expands the shoes and push a thing of the past. To this effect, I find the excellent value for money.
  • Shoe size problem for Gabor  

    Gabor Shoes Comfort 5664417, Boots woman (Shoes)
    It is difficult to order shoes from Gabor, the size 36 boots is close to some of the T38 and T35 on this extremely narrow model. A shame as the smaller sizes are difficult to find in stores. This model seems all way too narrow.
  • Gabor Shoes Gr. 41  

    Gabor Shoes 4326011 ladies boots (shoes)
    I was only in doubt if it works to order shoes without trying on. But at the brand Gabor can rely on it that the size fits principle, is certainly my experience. Still have gained in a different color for a long time in front of me these shoes. It's
  • simply Gabor  

    Gabor Shoes 4448057 Ladies Pumps (Shoes)
    simply Gabor always comfortable, yet chic, good value for money. comfortable to wear, ideal heel height. Schick are the rivets in the strap.
  • Gabor Comfort ....  

    Gabor 06.139.47 Ladies Ankle Pumps (Shoes)
    This shoe is a "permanent hit" with me, I buy it every year - I have him also (bought last year) in blue - beige it also exists, I want to buy soon. The shoes from Gabor are comfortable pretty much the only shoes that fit me right away, do not p
  • Gabor Boldoczki GLORIA  

    Bach, Handel, Purcell: GLORIA (Audio CD)
    Gabor delivers again an outstanding interpretation of what a glorious trumpet, what a unique Hörgenuss.Alles in all, the overall tone is outstanding and it is not always possible to go to each concert of Gabor have to (shame) this CD have on his shel
  • Boldoczki Gabor - Gloria  

    Bach, Handel, Purcell: GLORIA (Audio CD)
    I have all the CD-s of Gabor Boldoczki, and I can only say that he has surpassed! Outstanding Interpretation, balance Trumpet / Organ + Trumpet / harpsichord / cello is very harmonious, very successful compilation of the composers! I also visit a lot
  • Gabor Quality  

    Gabor Shoes 6521067 Ladies Pumps (Shoes)
    Very nice shoe, looks elegant by patent leather and patent sales. Gabor speaks for good fit and quality. We recommend.
  • Gabor Holly 6901  

    Gabor HOLLY handbag 6901 Ladies Top handles 37x22x16 cm (W x H x D) (Shoes)
    Gabor delivers quality and good workmanship. The design and pocket layout is well thought out. It is the color scheme very nice and recommendable. Thanks.
  • Quite nice, but much smaller than other Gabor shoes  

    Gabor Shoes 4414627 Ladies sneakers (shoes)
    The shoe looks really nice. I think it will throw the leather after prolonged use wrinkles at the kinks, but I could never find out, because this Gabor shoe falls out really small. I already have 2 pairs of Gabor shoes in 38.5 that fit perfectly, but
  • Gabor shoes, super comfortable! Top!  

    Gabor Shoes Comfort 6284488 womens sandals (shoes)
    The shoes were perfectly packaged. Already the same taupe in color. In Gabor shoes "woman" runs on air. Here gets no bubbles. The color Fragola I like very much. Price is great!
  • Gabor for me perfectly!  

    Gabor Shoes Gabor 85.847.27 womens sandals (shoes)
    Gabor shoes are high quality and for me best fit. Have a little walk and be well for this size the chic, modern and classic shoes offered. Value for money at Amazon also good, would recommend it again and again.
  • very nice Gabor Shoes  

    Gabor Shoes Gabor 85.847.27 womens sandals (shoes)
    As expected, adjusts the size 5 1/2. I wear almost exclusively Gabor shoes, since they are one of the few brands that offer half sizes. The black sandal fits like a glove. The leather is soft. One point deduction there, because the zipper while runni
  • Gabor, Gr. 41  

    Gabor Shoes Comfort 6212242 Ladies Pumps (Shoes)
    Typical Gabor - comfortable, color, design etc, expresses nowhere, super pants or dress, good value for money, the loop inconspicuous
  • Gabor Comfort, Gr. 41  

    Gabor Shoes Comfort 6269247 Ladies Pumps (Shoes)
    not very convincing, for Gabor Comfort shoes are not so comfortable, a little cramped and small, more suitable for narrower feet. But otherwise look great, the loop is not very auffälig
  • Gabor, short sheepskin boots, black, Gr. 41  

    Gabor Shoes 91.660.17 ladies short boots (shoes)
    First, the color is night-black, not as pale as up forms - by the shoe is very elegant, so no worn look. The build quality is excellent, as you are used with Gabor. The shoes are very comfortable, very soft from the inside. Suited also for wider feet
  • Gabor Short boots red  

    Gabor Shoes 96.615.38 ladies short boots (shoes)
    The shoe by Gabor is really great. He looks at the foot very well. Fine leather and good runnability. Unfortunately, he was something great, because I have very narrow feet. Had it therefore send them back.