karcher window streaks angle technique


  • Karcher window cleaner  

    Kärcher Window cleaner WV 50+ ref 1.633-101.0 (Tools & Accessories)
    Before buying, we tested a model lent by friends and the result is correct. This product allows especially to save time without having to wait for the rags dry before continuing with the windows ...
  • Once you get the technique, tip!  

    Kärcher Window cleaner WV 2 plus, 1.633-301.0 (tool)
    As someone who has reviewed many articles here, of course, I am relying on the reviews of others. So my next personal recommendations especially the many positive comments have here encouraged to get me the window sucker. The few negative interjectio
  • Window cleaning is the new Hobby ;-)  

    Kärcher Window cleaner WV 2 plus, 1.633-301.0 (tool)
    Describe this Kärcher in a word! "Fantastic" I have a very bright apartment, say, lots of windows. When the sun shines, you can see the dirt on the windows accordingly. Have already tried several methods to my window "grazing" to clean
  • Simply a "cool" part!  

    Kärcher Window cleaner WV 2 plus, 1.633-301.0 (tool)
    A dear Hello all have windows and they must also brushing, brush One thing ... window makes (at least for me) not fun whether with without Kärcher window cleaner! BUT The Karcher Window cleaning I felt much easier by hand. We have previously lived in
  • Putz zeal is rewarded!  

    ALCLEAR 950002 Ultra-microfibre cloth 60x45 cm window cloth washer white (known as "The Miracle cloth") (Automotive)
    It is indeed amazing how one can thus clean larger windows streak-free (!). The document provides the evening sun that casts its light on two 2.25-square-foot disks. The previous use of various cleaning agents yielded only unsightly results. Now it i
  • Removes dirt quickly  

    Kärcher Window Cleaner Concentrate 4 x 20 ml for the window cleaner ref 6.295-302.0 WV (Tools & Accessories)
    Specially adapted to the cleaner Karcher windows, this concentrate is highly effective ... Once diluted in the spray and applied to the glass, it takes off the dirt without effort !! and actually did shine the windows !!! To give FOR GUIDANCE PURPOSE
  • Rubber Broom.  

    Kärcher 2.633-005.0 Replacement rubber lips 280 mm for window cleaners WV (Garden)
    Well received, although model corresponding to my expectations on this hardware karcher window cleaner. I'll change now.
  • futile  

    Kärcher steam squeegee attachment windows to steam cleaner ref 4.130-115.0 (Tools & Accessories)
    There is a lot of water coule.Le cloth is essential (even predict more) .l'efficacité of cleaning is still là.Probleme, nozzle + handle take up much space, so difficult to go in coins.Je use it only for paroies the shower. For better buy windows clea
  • trace  

    Kärcher steam squeegee attachment windows to steam cleaner ref 4.130-115.0 (Tools & Accessories)
    I bought this product + returned, it had traces of water on the windows, or I did not have good shot of "dough" ... by cons I bought the special karcher windows and c is top ..
  • Perfect 1 4419  

    KÄRCHER Battery Charger WV 50 + (Tools & Accessories)
    S 'adapts well to cleaner karcher windows, I had lost mine and could no longer make use of the camera ... and it's settled for a reasonable price.
  • effectiveness 7  

    Kärcher WV 50 Glass Cleaner Yellow / Black (Kitchen)
    I already knew the product KARCHER "WINDOWS WASHER" which was already good, but the cleaner WV50 glass is lighter and easier to use. It lacks a manual. I found a very simple trick, finished glass products, use of cleaner for floors, pour a cork
  • Karcher spray windows  

    Kärcher 2.633-114.0 Spray 2 in 1 WV (Garden)
    The concentrate for cleaning windows is very effective. However, I prefer not to use the synthetic fiber sleeve, I am more clever to go into the corners with a microfiber cloth and hand. The Karcher draws well water and there is a very small stroke o
  • cleans windows without streaks  

    Kärcher window vacuum cleaner WV 50 plus + 2 mops and cleaner RM 500 ML (Misc.)
    Accessories: In the product carton not only the window sucker, but also a spray bottle, a charger, a fixing ring, a cleaner concentrate, an instruction manual, a tower with Abziehlippen and a wiping article was included. Design of the device: The des
  • Clean windows without streaks  

    Kärcher WV 50 plus window sucker (tool)
    The device is easy to use. You can see the windows really clean without streaks. But the water tank is not very big.
  • Endless streaks instead of clear window!  

    Sidolin citrus spray, window cleaner, 2-pack (2 x 500 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    I bought because of the good reviews the product. I come not so clear. The agent forms streaks and it takes a lot of effort to get the disc back clear. Rather take another product, such as the Kärcher window cleaner!
  • Streak-free windows in no time  

    Leifheit Window cleaner with handle, 51114 (tool)
    At first I was a little skeptical, despite many positive reports from acquaintances. But I have the equipment then ordered it and am thrilled. Window cleaning is thus properly easy! Simply wipe the window with a damp cloth and some detergents and cle
  • finally streak-free window!  

    Unger S-wiper, 35 cm (household goods)
    First of all: I hate cleaning windows. I can not. You are never clean and never streaks. I've tried everything already. With newspaper, with Zewa with Glasrein with water and washing up liquid and sponge, with chamois leather, with "Hara", with
  • Window cleaner karcher w50  

    Kärcher Window cleaner WV 50+ ref 1.633-101.0 (Tools & Accessories)
    purchased after a trial with that of the neighboring, a true pleasure and a perfect finish, window cleaning has become a real pleasure
  • Karcher spray cleans windows  

    Kärcher 2.633-114.0 Spray 2 in 1 WV (Garden)
    Very good accessory that perfectly cleans the windows; very easy to use and saves valuable time, which is not negligible.
  • Windows Cleaner Karcher  

    Kärcher 821,314 WV2 More Windows Cleaner (Tools & Accessories)
    It is very convenient for the windows. The product is very effective. Less drudgery of doing now.